Post Office Addressing Backlog Of Mail In Flatts

May 17, 2016

In providing an update regarding the Flatt’s post office, a Ministry of National Security spokesperson said, ‎”The Bermuda Post Office [BPO] is pleased to report that we are addressing the previous backlog of mail on post codes FL01 and FL02 and residents in those areas can now collect their mail from the Flatts Post Office.

“The BPO continues to work through its challenges and thanks the public for its patience, support and understanding. Further customer service advisories will be forthcoming.‎”

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  1. boston baked bean says:

    I’m not really sure about the “patience, support and understanding” part. I was informed yesterday by a Flatts post office employee that the previous mail carrier for the FL 01 and FL 02 areas had been “reassigned” and due to the Government hiring freeze there would be no one hired to replace that person in the foreseeable future. Really? Now why would someone be reassigned if everyone knew that a new hire would not be put in place for these areas? Telling us that we can all pick up our mail is an unacceptable. Hard to believe that the mail service could ever have gotten any worse — unbelievably, it has.

  2. Rockfish #1 and #2 says:

    Is this a joke? The people in FL01 and FL02 have been collecting their mail from Flatts Post Office for 4 weeks already!
    What is required is someone to DELIVER THE MAIL.
    Residents have been told by the staff that the Postmaster General Wayne Smith transferred the regular postlady to work in his neighbourhood where there was a vacancy.