Ocean Tech Initiative Receives Local Support

July 13, 2016

Only one week after launching Ocean Tech – a global marine research project to help save the world’s oceans – the team of scientists, conservationists and media specialists who are leading this ambitious endeavour have received their first local donations.

Ocean Tech Bermuda July 13 2016

Henrik Schröder, an early investor in Ocean Vet, who is a partner at Seacrest Capital Group Limited, was the first to pledge financial support.

Schröder said, “For us it is a natural extension of what we started with Ocean Vet, and we are offering our full support to the Ocean Tech project and their mission to justify marine protected areas in Bermuda and around the planet.

“I am impressed by the speed and scale of their data acquisition objectives and I believe that Ocean Tech is a platform that can help to achieve the UN’s sustainable development target of conserving at least 10% of coastal and marine areas by 2020. Currently only 2% of our oceans are protected globally so we have a long way to go.”

The Atlantic Conservation Partnership, who are dedicated to promoting the collaborative study of the shared US, Bermuda, and Caribbean environment through support of regional research and education programs, have also pledged their financial support.

ACP’s president, Richard J. Winchell said, “Ocean Tech’s research and education objectives fall inline with our core mission at ACP. We’re proud to be supporting Ocean Tech’s first mission in Bermuda.’

Andrew Smith, Ocean Tech’s executive director, said: “We’re thrilled to have received our first donations from a local Bermudian company and ACP.

“This week, Ocean Tech has also officially partnered with The World Bank’s Connect4Climate Program that takes on climate change by promoting solutions and empowering people to act. Conscious individuals and corporations understand the need to protect our marine environment for our climate, coastal protection, tourism, fisheries and poverty alleviation.”

Andrew Smith and Catherine Capon, Ocean Tech’s communications director, will be in Bermuda from 18th July to continue their fundraising effort.

Capon said, “We welcome the opportunity to meet with others who care about the sustainability of our future.”

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  1. Clarity says:

    So, are they a registered charity?

    Ocean Vet was a for-profit venture and it seems Ocean Tech might be too.