Mirrors Hosting Quantum Learning SuperCamp

October 27, 2016

mirrors generic 2we2143The Minister of Social Development and Sports, Sylvan Richards announced the expansion of the Mirrors Programme to deliver a six day Quantum Learning SuperCamp for cohort 12 on November 14 to 19, 2016.

“Quantum Learning is known worldwide for fostering improved academics, increased confidence and leadership development among participants. It began 34 years ago as the first teen summer programme of its kind and today is a respected worldwide leader with camps in 13 countries,” the announcement said.

“The overall programme structure will remain the same. There will be a 9-week enrolment process, open to students 15 years to 19 years through November 4, 2016, the 6-day workshop [9am to 5 pm] and a 9-month follow through component.

“The focus of the 6-day course will be to make participants better learners by showing them how to learn more effectively in every subject, as well as how to live their best lives. Participants will be introduced to the ’8 Keys of Excellence’ and engage in academic rotations, trust activities and a ropes course.

“The programme overview indicates that SuperCamp is a place of non-stop activity, where students experience a shift in learning through academic enrichment classes, exciting outdoor challenges, personal growth and character building exercises.

“Mirrors will use the success of the current structure for sustained results by offering group coaching to continue the teamwork perspective and Saturday sessions focused on pro-social activities using our local resources like Spirit of Bermuda, Windreach, museums, interactive budgeting workshops and the arts to further enrich our youth in the 8 Keys of Excellence. Participants will also execute a community service project.

Joe Chapon, Vice President and co-founder of Quantum Learning Network said, “You can expect your son or daughter to increase grades, confidence, and motivation after attending SuperCamp.

“Independent studies show that 98% of SuperCamp graduates continue to use our academic and personal growth skills years after graduating. We are pleased that the programme will be launched in Bermuda in November 2016.”

Kimberley Jackson, Mirrors’ Programme Manager stated, “We are pleased to bring this highly respected curriculum to our shores at this time as it will support the vision we, as a community, have for our young people, to succeed in school.

“The programme was offered previously in Bermuda through CedarBridge Academy and is still used as a staff development tool. I have met with both public high school principals and received positive feedback on launching the curriculum in Bermuda initially for senior school students. We expect to expand the offering to middle school students next year.”

“Since inception, Mirrors has sought to be innovative and operate from the perspective of meeting the needs of its clients. Of the 1300 clients we have served, almost all of them have set an educational goal to accomplish during their participation in the Mirrors programme.

“In alignment with the data, Mirrors has decided to utilize the SuperCamp curriculum to meet the needs of the current environment within the transformation methodology but with a different approach to impact our clients’ development to attain improved academic results.”

“We have the opportunity to transform our island using the 8 Keys of Excellence,” said Ms Jackson. “We also intend to offer parent and teacher workshops next year.”

To find out more about the November 2016 SuperCamp, visit the Mirrors office or contact Vernelda Perinchief at 294-9291 or via email at veperinchief@gov.bm.

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