Premier ‘Had Robust And Productive Exchanges’

October 6, 2016

Premier Michael Dunkley said that since launching the ‘Ask Your Premier’ email in mid August, he has been “extremely encouraged” at the level of engagement and interest shared by residents on a number of issues important to them.

“The public will be aware that the ‘Ask Your Premier’ email address was created so that Premier Dunkley can connect directly with residents on governmental matters of interest to them,” a spokesperson said.

“And since last month, dozens of emails have been received, spanning a wide range of topics to do with education, public works and general maintenance, tourism, transportation, the airport development, immigration matters, small business, pension matters, vehicle testing, the Government early retirement scheme among other items.

“Through the email service, the Premier has undertaken to provide responses and in some cases remedy an issue or matter of concern.”

Premier Dunkley said, “Over the last six weeks, I’ve had some very robust and productive exchanges with members of the public. For me, this is extremely encouraging because it’s an indication that residents care very deeply and are very engaged about what is going on in their community.

“They want to know what the Government is doing on their behalf, what issues should be addressed and in some cases, based on the exchanges on a particular issue, if there is an identified problem, we have been able to enact a solution. So I think that the creation of ‘Ask Your Premier’ is having the desired result.

“The email address is fully functioning and active, and I’m renewing my invitation to all residents to continue to reach out to me on matters that are important to them so that we can continue to have frank discussions, bridge our divisions and work together to progress Bermuda forward.”

Members of the public wishing to contact the Premier can email:

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