Farmers Market To Get Underway This Saturday

November 17, 2016

With the support of the Department of Parks, the Bermuda Farmers’ Market will open for the season on Saturday, 19 November, in the Jack King Building at the Botanical Gardens from 8:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon.

It will be held each Saturday going forward until 1 July, 2017, except during the Annual Exhibition.

The Farmers’ Market offers local farmers, fishermen, gardeners, cooks and artisans a venue from which to sell produce, farm-related items, plants and locally made or designed crafts directly to residents and visitors alike.

Slideshow of a Farmers Market held last year:


The Farmers’ Market has increased both its clientele and the number and variety of vendors at the market.

The Farmers’ Market Committee believes that a combination of factors including strategic marketing, a café/relaxation area, child-centred activities and the inclusion of a variety of community artists and special interest groups will make the Farmers’ Market the place to frequent on a Saturday.

Minister of the Environment Cole Simons said, “This is a wonderful way for individuals who fish, farm, cook or craft various products to make them available to the public. The produce and baked goods displayed are at their peak of freshness. My advice is to get there early.”

Secretary of the Farmers’ Market, Mrs. Debrarh Swan, said, “We are opening with a wonderful variety of items for sale. I wish to remind the public that due to the hurricane, fresh produce will be more limited than usual.

“Many farmers’ crops were newly planted when Hurricane Nicole arrived and there was significant damage. We are working hard to make this up, and in the meantime there are many other vendors that would be very glad to see you there.”

The Ministry said the “objective of the liaison between the Farmers’ Market and the Bermuda Botanical Gardens is to ensure the steady growth of the vendors and patrons and to facilitate an increase in community awareness of the Botanical Gardens by:

  • 1. Providing an economical market place at a centralized location where local producers can sell their goods and services along with other products approved by the Farmers’ Market Executive Committee;
  • 2. Providing a centre of activity and a place where the community can gather, socialize and interact with each other;
  • 3. Increasing the visibility, utility and versatility of the Gardens, showcasing plants found island-wide and natural beauty that can be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike; and
  • 4. Marrying two entities which complement each other both functionally and aesthetically.

For more information please contact the secretary of the Farmers’ Market, Mrs. Debrarh Swan at 535-7973 or Mrs. Ann Marie DeGraff at 333-6198.

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