Ministry Concerned: Attacks On Bus Drivers

November 16, 2016

The Ministry of Tourism, Transport and Municipalities is expressing concern about attacks on bus operators after an incident this week which involved a passenger spitting on a driver.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Tourism, Transport and Municipalities has again raised concern about attacks on bus operators. An incident this week has led to enquiries by the Bermuda Police Service into a report of a passenger spitting on a driver.

“This summer, complaints surfaced when bus drivers faced physical attacks. The Department of Public Transportation said that it will take steps to seek prosecution of those parties responsible.

“Just this August, Tourism, Transport and Municipalities Minister Senator the Hon. Michael M. Fahy JP said steps would have to be taken to protect Bus Operators from such attacks, including prosecution to the fullest extent of the law, under the Omnibus [Conduct] Regulations 2012.”

The latest incident happened Sunday, prompting the Minister to say, “Such behavior is totally unacceptable as it relates to safety, but also in terms of common decency. The bus operators should be appreciated for the job they do, day-in, day-out.

“I urge the public to please respect the role they play in our community.”

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  1. PBanks says:

    It’s gotta be done. Get all buses fitted with cameras, and ensure that anybody that abuses a bus operator (or the vehicle) gets prosecuted accordingly.

  2. wahoo says:

    Bus drivers have a stressful enough job as it is with Bermuda roads and the reckless driving now they have another issue to deal with. My hat is off to the drivers for continuing to smile under such conditions.

  3. Opinionated says:

    Ministry is concerned about attacks on bus drivers. Ministry needs to be concerned about the bus drivers being disrespectful to the passengers.

    • Cathy says:

      You can’t paint everyone with the same brush. You do have some respectful drivers out there.

    • Not suprised says:

      I totally agree

    • PBanks says:

      Certainly that’s true and a big part of ensuring the customer experience isn’t tarnished by drivers with a beef. Maybe the cameras will be able to record that as well.

  4. Terry says:

    Is the Ministry serious.
    This carp happens everyday.
    On Buses, ferry’s, in the street.

    Government called the media to get this out?

    I need a a dose……………………..

  5. Wow! says:

    Ban them from all public transportation

  6. mmm says:

    I witnessesed an attack on a bus driver back in August, I called PTB a few hours after the driver said that he would, the office said they know about the matter. I asked them if they wanted my phone number, they said they already knew about this assault. I read the newspapers daily. Um shocked that PTB did not contact me. The attack consisted of the passenger slappping the driver once across the head, when the driver spoke to the passenger a few times about her placing an incorrect fare in the box. If police officers rode the bus a few times a week, early evenings a message would be sent, are the authorities waiting for blood to be spilt.

    • Islander says:

      the Reserve Constabulary can be security for the bus drivers, this is their role to assist the police, isn’t it.

  7. Really says:

    Disgusting behavior, let me guess it’s because they can’t find a job, I wish we’d get real here and acknowledge we have a huge problem with behavorial issues, and the only way to deal is to get tough, sick of the thugs that ruin our Island!

    • Real Deal says:

      Well i don’t have the money to catch the bus every time i need to go somewhere. lucky for me my body is very fit. if it is not an emergency or a job interview i run to every where i need to go. or if there is a time limit i will take the bus and run back home. not every one can do what i can. i am sure this is a part of the problem.

    • Its me again says:

      Ok so I dont see anywhere in the article about how the people involved are unemployed.

      Youre making a generalization based on the way you perceive unemployed people, which is sad. Your ideology that says unemployed people are thugs ruining this island is infact what is ruining this island.

      • bee says:

        no. what she’s saying is that certain people on these threads use the “well they’re unemployed what do you expect” excuse to bash the OBA

    • Really says:

      Every time something happens on this Island, it’s what is always screamed instead of just acknowledging we have huge behavioral issues because nothing is ever done! What I don’t understand is people have video of every aspect of their life on their phone when some injustice supposedly happened to them, why is there never anyone having anything when a real crime is committed? Somebody knows who spat, but for some reason we don’t do the right thing why?

  8. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Spit on me would you…man or woman…you be getting dealt with severely…no police needed!!

  9. Y-Gurl says:

    Just get rid of the busses and use alternative transport, one good thing would be breathable air in town and we wouldn’t have to run the gauntlet of these drivers blocking the sidewalk on Washington Street while smoking and cursing, the whole street is a filthy mess 100% attributable to busses and the drivers, one good thing, mini busses are squeezing them out

  10. Zevon says:

    I would be interested in a description of the passenger that spat at the driver. What does he or she look like?

  11. mmm says:

    There has been a gradual decline in reasonable conduct in the City parks with consumption of alcohol, foul language, it has made its way to the city hall parking lot and on the front steps of City Hall, and it is slowly making its way around the corner to the passenger waiting areas of the bus terminal. Stay away from the city for about three months, and then come back, or even sit still for 3 or 4 hours, you will soon realise that a change in standards has happen…gradual and certain. Today,s economy dictate,s how our resources are used. The above listed situations have existed for years . it takes an act of violence .. to say we do have a problem, oh how sad! when some steps can reduce that possibility. Remember, I said reduce the possibility, an act of violence can last 2 or 3 minutes or less and the culprit flees the scene: whereas drinking alcohol and foul language is a regular all day thing.

  12. Cynical says:

    Not condoning this action, but I would willingly have punched the two drivers who ran a red light last week.

  13. mmm says:

    These passengers are usually known by sight, one of the questions is how quickly can the operator summon help and how soon can the police get to the bus. Retaliation is also a concern of the bus driver. If the offender is a student, will other students become verbally abusive and present a threatening situation. It must also be noted, that the offender can use their cell phones and call who-ever. Usually 7 out of ten situations, the driver is able to handle. The authorities need to listen to the drivers and respond now, don,t keep treating these as nuisance situations. When people hop on the bus, and don,t have the right fare, and don,t explain to the driver abc …and wanna,s time for the police to ride these buses … be at these stops where known offenders get on and get off…Its not an easy fix . an officer can get on at East Broadway and be collected at Warwick Post Office by his colleague or ride from the terminal to Ice Queen. If we don,t seriously attempt to minimize these situations, then I can see no buses running certain routes at certain times of the day.

  14. Swing Voter says:

    you’re slow Government are gonna wait until a Driver is seriously injured. This nonsense has gone on for years, no one ever prosecuted. Some drivers have given up, just let these fools pay what they want, and ignore their disgusting loud iphone music, and everyone overhears their profanity laced phone conversations. Some of the school children (boys) are just as bad as the unruly grown-ups, and they don’t pay a dime to ride a bus.

    • Real Deal says:

      well that’s how we doing things in Bermuda. example traffic upgrades require death to get done. but who know it might be the bus driver that has to do something to someone. i am sure not all the driver are soft. they may mess with someone who is “NOT THE ONE”

  15. CIndy Pace says:

    You want to create jobs, protect the bus drivers and passengers?
    Place security guards on the buses like i’ve seen in some countries.
    If someone attacks a bus driver, you have a credible witness and someone who is authorized to handle the person by any means necessary.
    A win, win for all. A proactive approach is better than a reactive or a non existing one!

    • bee says:

      where’s the money for that gonna come from? still missing the 800 million! you are right though. and might be needed for AC

  16. Islander says:

    Reading an article earlier today where Minibuses may serve certain routes – where in the Island are all of those pink minibuses the Government of past ordered and were not used. I have been told two of our seniors homes have one each. Why aren’t these vehicles being used on routes like 3, 6, 4 after 10am until 3pm when the schools come out and workers are preparing to return home.

  17. Not suprised says:

    SOME not ALL bus drivers need to give respect to get respect. THEY ARE RUDE!

  18. Kathy says:

    If someone spat on me, his/her ass would be knocked to the floor and then the bus would run over him/her! Disgusting! What is Bermuda coming to?