‘Celebrate The Generosity Of Those Who Give’

December 19, 2016

Family Centre has thanked all of its’ major donors, whose funding in 2016 allowed the organization to work with over 120 children in their Youth Leadership Academy, Beyond Rugby, and Homework Programme, over 200 families in the Counselling and Intervention services, and significant numbers of others through its Specialized Training and Advocacy services.

Executive Director, Martha Dismont explained: “It is important for us to acknowledge those donors who have given consistently each year to ensure that vulnerable children and families receive services. We will never take this support for granted.

“The public needs to be aware that if this funding was not provided, vital services would not happen. Agencies must earn this support with good outcomes and reporting, and we work hard each day to be accountable for the dollars provided.

“Our largest and most consistent donors like HSBC, Bermuda, Bank of Bermuda Foundation, Peter Cundill Foundation, ACE Foundation, Renaissance Re, Axis, Lancashire, and Mike Collins are a few of the donors who over the years have made it a priority to support children. Next year, we will be honoring them and others for being what we are calling ‘Champions of Children’.” The ad that we have placed this week acknowledges many, many more donors, as it truly takes a village to carry out this work.”

She further explained, “Through education and various campaigns, including the work of organizations like SCARS, our community has come to have a greater awareness of the needs of vulnerable children. As we raise awareness of the importance of addressing social problems, such campaigns will also bring forward an increased number of cases of untreated emotional problems that have been hidden for many generations.

“If we want to achieve a healthier society, operating within a strong economy, it will take increased funding, focus and persistence to address the challenges that exist within families, and that have existed for many years. A community that strengthens its core asset—its people, will be a community that thrives. These companies and individuals have demonstrated their desire to support this work over time, and we have chosen to celebrate their contributions.

“I am hoping that strengthening children [and their families] becomes a greater priority for everyone in our society, and we simply wanted to publically acknowledge those who have made it a priority thus far.”

She concluded, “As we close out 2016, I also want to thank the many, many smaller donors whose support as a whole has made it possible to see so many more families this year. There are no words to express thanks to the many generous donors who have provided meals, hampers, clothing, toiletries, food and BELCO vouchers for needy families this Christmas.

“We have been overwhelmed with calls, and families in service are very grateful for this support. Bermuda must help us to celebrate the generosity of those who give. We, for one, thank you.”

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  1. Curious says:

    A warm message from a consistent essential service to Bermuda residents.

    The Family Centre has stood in the community square for decades offering direct services and support programmes for families. They have created an opportunity for so many to participate in receiving these services and through their generosity in funding this services. Everyone involved should be celebrated.

    One potential funder is not mentioned – Our Bermuda Government.

    Where is our Government’s consistent year in and year out contribution to the Family Centre in support of suffering families?

    How is the impact of the Family Centre evaluated, priced and funded by our Civil Service and our Government – be it UBP/PLP or OBA?