Diverted Azur Air Flight Lands At Bermuda Airport

December 18, 2016

Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service vehicles were positioned near the airport runway at approximately 10.00pm tonight [Dec 18] when Azur Air Flight 7778 landed at LF Wade International Airport.

Fire service vehicles followed the plane until it arrived and parked at the main terminal ramp. The flight which Bernews unofficially understands departed from Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic was north of the island when the pilot diverted for what is believed to be a technical problem.

Shortly after landing an ambulance responded to the plane’s location but after some time, left without its services being needed. Passengers were later seen disembarking the plane and entering the terminal. Details are limited at this time, however we will update as able.

Azur Air KTK7778 Bermuda, December 18 2016-1

Azur Air KTK7778 Bermuda, December 18 2016-2

Azur Air KTK7778 Bermuda, December 18 2016-3

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  1. Micro says:


  2. swing voter says:

    another full flight drops in for a visit…..I remember the days when planes this size were landing here up to 12 flights jammed packed …. now we have planes a little bigger that private jets that are half full if we’re lucky

  3. yes I says:

    Bermuda registered plane headed back to Russia. Nice to see it stop by! Registration VP-BUX

  4. Kevin says:

    And your point is ???????? if we didn’t take our concentration off Tourism 25 years ago and then decided that we should just buy ads in magazines and sponsor the NY Mets 15 years ago we would be in a little better position

  5. High Road says:

    Nice looking aircraft, even in front of that crappy building

  6. Terry says:

    Typical a..howls.
    Plane diverts.

    Look at what you spout.

    Bermuda is another world.

    Ps. Hope a ship does not flounder near the shore………………….

  7. 32NTXKF says:

    D plane is a 25 year old Boeing 767-300ER delivered to the airline in August of this year, dropped in with 347 souls to our broken down airport.

  8. Joe Bloggs says:

    I wish to thank Azure Air on behalf of Bermuda for 300 unexpected bed nights