Christmas Message From PLP Leader David Burt

December 24, 2016

[Christmas message from Opposition Leader David Burt]

The Bermudian spirit is one of kindness, compassion and generosity. During the holiday season, we see that more strongly than ever.

As the year’s end approaches, many of us will reflect on times past and prepare for what awaits us in the new year. We take the opportunity to draw our families and friends closer and express our gratitude for what mercies we have been given. We open our hearts and homes to share our blessings and our cassava pie.

David Burt Christmas TC December 2016

As we do that, we should remember that far too many of us do not have those same gifts. There are countless people in today’s Bermuda that are struggling and suffering, financially and otherwise.

We have a responsibility to consider not only how we can improve ourselves in the year ahead, but how to improve the lives of those close to us. On our small island, that means everyone.

Let us try to carry this loving spirit through the remainder of the year. Times are tough for many and it is far too easy to let that spirit wane when the days are harder. For some, the days are always hard. For the unemployed man who is turned down for job after job that he’s qualified for.

For the senior who feels they have been left behind by a society that no longer wants them or cares for them and their health. For the child living in poverty, whose studies are left behind while his mother struggles to feed him.

We must do better for the unemployed, the those living in desperation and poverty. It has been said that a rising tide lifts all ships, but in Bermuda many do not even have a little punt to ride the rough economic waters. We cannot rise together if we are leaving Bermudians behind.

I believe that it is the responsibility of leaders to fight for those who are struggling and have lost hope. It is not enough to claim to listen, we must hear what is being said, and we must act. My colleagues in the Opposition will fight for increased opportunities, fight for greater inclusion and fight for a Bermuda that truly works for Bermudians.

But we cannot do it alone. You can help right now, today and every day ahead. You can do your part to ensure that the prosperity of some, no matter how small, can benefit all.

I encourage every Bermudian to again become your brother’s keeper, by feeding those who are without food, by helping the unemployed to find work. So many of you already do this, and we support your efforts, because no matter how little you can do, you are doing right by your neighbours, your friends, your families. Because no one is a stranger in Bermuda.

It is now the time to fully restore this aspect of Bermudian culture. With your help, the next chapter in our history will be one where our country truly grows, truly evolves and truly commits to leaving no one behind.

On behalf of the Opposition, and on behalf of my family, I wish the whole of Bermuda a Merry Christmas and a New Year that brings joy, peace and blessings to our beautiful island home.

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  1. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    Excellent Speech, well written and defined,we pray that G-D blesses us to be worthy of his blessings.Peace……………..

    • hmmm says:

      “we pray that G-D blesses us to be worthy of his blessings”

      so if we are not worthy, then it is God’s fault…I see where you left the path Takbir.

      God can only ask you to take the hate out of your heart and love all equally…God gave you free choice, you must choose to do as God wants…Do not put it upon God to change you, for to do so would insult the gift God blessed you with.

    • Barnacle says:

      Perhaps someone else wrote it?

  2. Y says:

    Excellent Message

  3. ESS ESS DEE says:

    Great message!

  4. Athena says:

    May the final sentence in the above message be carried forward into the upcoming months.

    “….peace and blessings to our beautiful island home.”