Land Rover BAR Team Moving To Bermuda

December 5, 2016

In preparation for the America’s Cup next year, Land Rover BAR said they are now starting the transition of sailing operations from Portsmouth to Bermuda.

“The first two shipments of boats and equipment have left the base, an award-winning building at Camber Docks in Old Portsmouth. The new sailing and hospitality facility located in Bermuda’s Royal Navy Dockyard has been under construction since mid-summer and sailing will begin there for the team in early December,” the team said.

“About fifty per cent of the team will move to Bermuda, but many of them will be on rotation from Portsmouth, which will remain the core of the operation and the teams home.

“The team has built a ‘Virtual Chase Boat’ to allow engineers and performance analysts to monitor all the sailing in Bermuda from mission control in Portsmouth. In addition to the team members in Bermuda, 54 family members will be moving full time including 30 children.

Land Rover BAR Bermuda December 2016

“BT, the team’s Technology in Sustainability Partner has built the data channel that allows the 190 sensors and four video cameras to report in real time from the America’s Cup race course on the Great Sound, Bermuda all the way back to Portsmouth. Once there, the performance analysis is supported with tools developed with help from Title and Exclusive Innovation Partner Land Rover.”

Richard Hopkirk, Engineering Manager commented, “The next few months of sailing and development with our race boat will be some of the most important in this America’s Cup.

“And while the design and engineering teams will be split, we’ve used communications technology to our advantage to ensure that the team in Portsmouth will be an integral part of the onwards development programme.

“It’s an exciting new way of operating in the America’s Cup, and is closer to the F1 model than what’s been done in the Cup before.”

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  1. Bald & The Beauty Full says:

    Welcome to Bermuda Team BAR. The tourists that I taxi around the island have enjoyed seeing the other teams sail on the Great Sound. A few more boats on the water will be cool. To bad they didn’t come during the Summer months when the weather is better.

  2. Awesome says:

    Great news, go team BAR!!! Bring that cup home!

  3. I heart 441 says:

    What a diverse team! lol

    • Racing says:

      I’m surprised how often it goes to race…if it was a Chinese team, it’d be Chinese. If it was Nigeria, it’d be black.

      I’m pretty sure GB is more diverse than bermuda…black, white, portuguese(fyi – not a race)…real diverse aren’t we…

      • I heart 441 says:

        Your point is not valid at all. The Japanese team has one Japanese I believe on their team, The Oracle (USA team) has very few Americans on their team. I can go on. As intelligent as natives of India are, you mean to tell me, they couldn’t be a part of a the team. For the record, I wasn’t making it a race issue. I’m white myself.

    • serengeti says:

      It’s a meritocracy. Just like the Bermuda Football Team or the Miami Heat.

  4. Long Bay Trading Co. says:


    I sincerely say Thank You for taking the time to explain. All is well noted and you guys do a GREAT Job !!! BTW is “ugly” considered a bad word? I was surprised to see my comment on Friday that said “… again, PLP/BIU/PC showing their ugly side…………..” with “ugly” removed. Compared to so many other comments this was not offensive – what I saw WAS and REMAINS ‘ugly’ – no matter how you look at it…….as in ………..”the ugly underbelly of someone……”..
    Anyway. thanks you again.

  5. A Bermudian says:

    Congratulations on your win in Japan! Welcome to Bermuda!