Tyrrell: Vital That Students Continue Their Studies

December 8, 2016

The plan to temporarily relocate T.N. Tatem students to Clearwater is “far from ideal, but getting the students back to a learning environment is the utmost priority” as “it is vital that the students continue their studies,” Neville Tyrrell said.

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Mr Tyrrell — the PLP candidate for the by-election in Constituency 26 Warwick South Central — said, “I was pleased to accept the invitation to attend the meeting of the TN Tatem Middle School PTSA, to hear firsthand the plan presented by the Department of Education regarding relocating the students and teachers to Clearwater Middle School.

“I am conscious of and understand the concerns of parents of the Clearwater Middle School due to the possibility of overcrowding and a strain on their facilities.

“However, having heard the full plan that spoke to classroom instruction and the transportation plan for both students and teachers, I cautiously accept this move as the best available option.

“It is far from ideal, but getting the students back to a learning environment is the utmost priority. We must realize that it is vital that the students continue their studies and get back into their daily routine and this plan should allow for that.

“I will stress that the Government will be held accountable for their promise of ensuring that the sick TN Tatem Middle School building be given the best clean-up in a timely manner so that all can be restored to its normal role as a Middle School.”

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  1. hmmm says:

    I don’t understand how the civil service and people at W&E didn’t get the important item fixed when presented with the list.

    Why aren’t they doing their jobs Jason Hayward and Furbert?

  2. mj says:

    maybe because they are not the supervisors, try asking them and the directors who are in charge