Top 10 Most Viewed Videos For January 2017

February 5, 2017

Bernews posted more than 100 videos during January 2017, and the top ten most viewed on Youtube included a tow truck removing a car that was in the water in St David’s, the effect of rain at Bermuda’s airport, videos from the Most Fascinating People of Bermuda series, Reverend Nicholas Tweed entering the People’s Campaign meeting, the rescued Ninah boat crew returning home, the Bermuda Heroes Weekend Band launch, the Royal Air Force military aircraft landing in Bermuda and more.

As far as Facebook videos, the top one for the month was the live video of BIU President Chris Furbert’s statement with over 11,000 views, the second was the “10 Most Fascinating People of Bermuda” spotlight on Michael Frith with over 10,000 views.

As far as live Periscope videos, the top one for the month was the one outside BIU as meeting is about to get underway with almost 2,000 views, and the second was the Royal Bermuda Regiment Recruit Camp passing out parade.

#1 – Tow Truck Removes Car From St David’s Waters, January 7

#2 – Rain Affects Bermuda’s Airport, January 5

#3 – Most Fascinating People Of Bermuda: Michael Frith, January 24

#4 – Police Statement On Fatal Shooting, January 29

#5 – Rev Tweed Enters People’s Campaign Meeting, January 3

#6 – Rescued Ninah Crew Return Home, January 20

#7 – Bermuda’s Football Team vs Canada, January 20

#8 – Most Fascinating People Of Bermuda: Kristin White, January 26

#9 – Bermuda Heroes Weekend Band Launch, January 8

#10 – RAF Military Aircraft Landing In Bermuda, January 13

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