Saltus Students Discuss Migration At Conference

March 8, 2017

Students from Saltus Grammar School got a taste of life at the United Nations when they took part in a conference about migration.

Head of Geography, Briley Habib said: “I and Head of Design and Technology, Phillip Heap, attended the UNIS-UN conference programme with 11 SGY1 students.

Saltus UN Bermuda March 8 2017

“The theme was ‘Migration, Crossing the Line’ and students from across the world took part. There were opportunities for our students to participate in a question and answer sessions with visiting professors, journalists and policy fellows from the European Policy Institute.”

Ms. Habib added: “It is important that our students get to see, hear and learn about the big issues affecting our society so that they can make good, informed decisions, and this trip was extremely beneficial in that regard.”

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