Saltus Celebrates Student Achievements

October 18, 2019

Students need to be prepared to fail in order to learn, according to the Head of School at Saltus.

Deryn Lavell was speaking at the school’s recent celebration of student achievements and accomplishments which recognized exam successes as well as achievements in areas such as athletics and music.

“Learning is failing. Yes I said that. We’re not expanding our limits if we’re not prepared to be wrong. The real test, however, is having the resilience and the self-confidence to go back, rebuild and bring new understanding to the solution.”

She told the audience at the Anglican Cathedral: “Resilience is one of many key factors for success.

R. Gil Tucker, Chairman, Board of Trustees and Ritz Wong, current SGY 2 student graduating in 2020

R Gil Tucker and Ritz Wong Bermuda Oct 2019

“Educators talk a lot about so-called ‘hard skills’, but the difference between success and failure often lies among an individual’s ability to withstand the ups and down they will face; to be self-possessed and assertive, confidant that their voice is valid and they have the right to be heard, to work collaboratively and respectfully with people who bring different gifts and perspectives to a problem, to be open to difference and recognize the value of an expansive worldview.”

Ms Lavell said learning was about conceptual understanding – seeing not just the ‘what’ of a problem, but also the ‘why’ of it, she said learning was also about developing critical thinking, having the ability to think differently and to break down problems.

“Learning is about taking risks, throwing a solution out there for examination, conjuring a hypothesis.”

She added: If we are doing our job to inspire you to lead us to a more just, fair and sustainable world, as our vision says, then learning will continue to look different and be valued in ways that go far beyond a final grade.

“What you have shown us is that Saltus is on the right track. We are only as good as the strengths of our students and the group in front of me tonight is the best report card on my colleagues that I could imagine.”

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