Video: Interview With MP Mark Pettingill

March 17, 2017

MP Mark Pettingill sat down with Bernews today for a live interview on our Facebook page, discussing the reasons behind his decision to resign from the OBA and sit as an Independent in Parliament.

Speaking with guest interviewer Jeremy Deacon, Mr. Pettingill also touched on the Government’s lawsuit against Lahey Clinic, same sex marriage, casino gaming and more.

Live Interview podcast TC Mark Pettingill

He spoke about how the OBA was formed by a merger between the UBP and BDA, and said that, as far as the OBA, “you can’t fault people” for the “perception that it looks like the UBP again.”

When asked if he was offered a chance to go back into Cabinet, he told Bernews “the option was there” and he “respectfully declined that.”

The Warwick North East MP announced yesterday that he would resign, saying, “I intend to sit as an Independent Member in Parliament until the next General Election, at which time I will likely resign from politics.

“I find myself in a position of ongoing professional legal conflict with the Government on various existing litigation and potential matters that my law firm has been approached about having conduct over.

“Furthermore, I have unfortunately found myself diametrically and philosophically opposed to the Government’s position or approach on numerous issues in endeavoring to move Bermuda forward.”

If you want to listen ‘on the go’, you can also access the audio from the interview in the podcast section of the Bernews app.

The 25-minute live video replay is below:

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Comments (19)

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  1. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Thirty pieces of silver does’t go far in Bermuda.

    • swing voter says:

      But the UBP is back.

      Now will your leader call the election August after America’s Cup or December for my early Christmas present?

      • Low Tide says:

        LOL , swing voter LMAO Ya right

      • wahoo says:

        You act as though this some major win for the plp when the truth is that it is, at best, their dumb luck that Petty cannot get along with others and is not accustomed to being part of a team. He is no doubt trying to avoid conflict presumably over some legal stuff coming down the line. At least the OBA can put their internal politics out in the open whilst the plp fight tooth and nail among themselves but are condemned if they ever go public – deception is the model for their political style.

        PLP have no track record that would make them a logically better choice to run my country.

        You are not a swing voter only another cog in the wheel of a deceptive group of self serving, inapt wanna bes.

  2. Monarch says:

    A Man of integrity…OBA lost their second top star in a year…they must be crying!

    • Navin Johnson says:

      I doubt it….he has been played

      • Onion Juice says:


        • VJ says:

          If someone had said a few days ago that Mr. Pettingill didn’t have integrity, you would have attacked them with everything in you. Now that he’s resigned from the OBA, suddenly he has none.

      • Monarch says:

        I think he is far bigger player than played…get the pop corn and watch!

    • Jacob says:

      They still have Senator Vic Ball. He will do wonders for the ubp$OBA.

  3. steve says:

    Crockwell and Pettingel now broker all
    decisions in bermuda. interesting

    • wondering says:

      this is the absolute truth – two men of (inevitable) power and reasonable intelligence. i hope that their individual moral compasses have no magnetic interference as the integrity card will be used (both for and against)

  4. Hey says:

    For Pettingell to leave at this time, knowing full well the position it leaves the party in, can only mean one thing, “Sour grapes”

  5. Miss. Ede says:

    Rather pretentious but why am I not surprised?

  6. Vote for Me says:

    Smart move???
    Premier Dunkley is now dependent on former colleagues Crockwell and Pettingill even more. He is between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

    He needs their votes to get anything done!! The irony is that Crockwell and Pettingill are friends, partners co founders of the BDA and sit together as Independents. Pettingill can probably get now what he could not get as an OBA MP.

    We must all still be disappointed about the perceived manipulation by Pettingill however. He spoke vehemently about the OBA approach to the new airport contract but still voted for it…

  7. Rocky5 says:

    These moves by Pettingill & Crockell have long been predicted by those who really know the size of their massive egos and greed which have always been more important than Party or Country. Where was their integrity when they made that private jet trip without a Civil Servant? They should have been sanctioned by the Bar Association at the very least for unethical and unprofessional behaviour.

    • Monarch says:

      Good point! About what though? Human Rights, race issues, disparity in wealth…all the things he has spoken passionately on and event the PLP were applading his speech on the airport two weeks ago! Sour Grapes? Sounds to me like the OBA die hands have sour groups at losing another one of their stand out performers!

  8. Stinky D. says:

    The independents now control the house

  9. cpm says:

    Pettingill has stabbed his party in the back and lost all respect
    Do us all a favour and just shut up