PLP: ‘We Have Minority Government At Helm’

March 16, 2017

[Updated] The news that “yet another OBA MP has resigned“ is a “signal that the leadership of Michael Dunkley is directionless, ineffective and weak,” and it “should be jarring to all Bermudians that we now, for the first time ever, have a minority government at the helm,” the PLP said this afternoon.

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Mark Pettingill Resigns

Mark Pettingill announced today that has resigned from the OBA, and intends to sit as an Independent in Parliament until the next General Election, when he said he “will likely resign from politics.”

Mr. Pettingill said, “I find myself in a position of ongoing professional legal conflict with the Government on various existing litigation and potential matters that my law firm has been approached about having conduct over.

“Furthermore, I have unfortunately found myself diametrically and philosophically opposed to the Government’s position or approach on numerous issues in endeavoring to move Bermuda forward.

“I respect that the Premier and the Cabinet take a different view. In the interest of the country, I sincerely wish the Government every success for the remainder of their tenure in office recognizing that they have in fact accomplished many positive things for the Island.

“I have no doubt the Government will have my support on any number of pending legislative matters,” he said.

Premier Calls It “A Disappointing Development”

Premier Michael Dunkley said, “Mr. Pettingill’s resignation is a disappointing development for a Government that has been making steady progress on big problems facing the people of Bermuda.

“While he explained that he found himself in ‘ongoing professional legal conflict with the Government’ on various matters involving his law firm, I also note his statement that the Government ‘will have my support on any number of pending legislative matters.’

“I therefore look forward to continuing to work with MP Pettingill on the important matters facing Bermuda – as well as the other independent MP, Mr. Shawn Crockwell – and thank Mr. Pettingill for his service to the OBA.”

OBA Now Hold 17 Seats Of 36

The OBA won the 2012 General Election with 19 seats to the PLP’s 17, and with Mr Pettingill’s resignation from the party following after Shawn Crockwell’s, it now means the OBA holds 17 seats, with both Mr Crockwell and Mr Pettingill sitting as Independents.

PLP: “We Now, For The First Time Ever, Have A Minority Government”

The PLP said, “The news that yet another OBA MP, Mark Pettingill, has found it necessary to resign from the Party he helped found to sit as an Independent, calls into question the direction of the country and is yet another signal that the leadership of Michael Dunkley is directionless, ineffective and weak.

“It should be jarring to all Bermudians that we now, for the first time ever, have a minority government at the helm, and that the OBA cannot secure the passage of any legislation without the assistance of the Independent or Opposition members.

“On the anniversary of the day MP Shawn Crockwell resigned from Cabinet over the government’s mishandling of immigration, this is yet another sign that it is time for the Premier to either resign or go to the country and seek a mandate from the people through a general election.”

Update 9.03pm: Premier’s Response

Premier Dunkley said, “Mr. Pettingill took care in his statement this morning to say the Government will “no doubt” have his support on pending legislative matters. So while the PLP see this as a political opportunity to exploit, Mr. Pettingill recognized the need for Bermuda to continue moving forward on the big issues the OBA Government has progressed.

“His decision to sit as an Independent MP allows him to address what he described as “ongoing conflicts with the Government” on matters involving his law firm while enabling him to support Government initiatives going forward. So we will continue to work with Mr. Pettingill and his colleague Mr. Shawn Crockwell, as we have always done, for the benefit of the Bermudian people – a goal we all share.

“That’s the agenda: Governing to benefit the people. The country’s priorities are what matter most right now, not the PLP’s political priorities, which is what their statement is all about.”

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  1. watching says:

    Wow, who woulda thunk it?
    Premier Dunkley must not know his bleep from his elbow right now. His fate could very easily hang in the hands of Shawn Crockwell and Mark pettingill. Will there be a motion of no confidence? If so, and if those 2 vote with the PLP, he will be a goner. Even if not, there must be internal discussions going on as to his future as leader. he has presided over the resignations of 2 Members and also is responsible for the selection of Senator Ball who’s behavior is now in question.
    Many questions to be answered, and many decisions to be made.

    • Come Correct says:

      Why would you single out Vic Ball when he wasn’t the only player? You seriously want to talk about no confidence? I can’t wait for the PLP to get back in but you better hope those feet don’t taste like s**t when they’re in your mouth.

      • Transparency not = OBA says:

        The leader of the UBPee sorry I mean OBA and his merry mice pushed for the Commission of Inquiry. Vic Ball is OBA and was part of the investigation and so were other individuals that support the PLP. The results of the investigation have been made public.

        However Vic Ball remains a OBA Senator!!!!.

        It’s almost like the ubp/oba are saying do as I say not as I do. The Premier should have terminated Vic when the results of the investigation came back, but he refused Vic’s resignation.

        Now what is that telling the rest of Bermuda. If I recall on ZBM news he even commented that it took place years ago. What difference does it make everything in the investigation happened years ago with Dr.Brown and D.Burgess according to the investigation also.

        Jeff Baron you appear to be a good person. My advice get out while you can.

    • Encyclopedia says:

      Dunkley hanging by a thread called Speaker Horton

  2. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Licking yah chops innit!? Yah can smell those t-bones and lobsters innit!? Caviar dreams and cracked cookie jars innit!? Champagne and escargots innit!? I’ll never vote for yah after yah stabbed de lion Marc Bean inna de back!! De Mon a Legend!!!

    • Transparency not = OBA says:

      Bean is a dead issue now go away. We don’t care what you think.

  3. hmmm says:

    the PLP are absolutely trying to manipulate in this article. MP feels going forward that his business could have a conflict of interest so it stepping out of the OBA.

    What this rubbish PLP press release does is attempt to manipulate people…it is absolutely SICK and WRONG. Yet another reason not to trust the PLP. Their silence on the findings of the COI is disgusting too !

  4. Point boy says:

    Very disappointing news indeed. However. There is an election upcoming. I have no doubt that the OBA will field a winning team!

    The progress of the OBA is excellent. We won the last election (Flat Broke). We are balancing our books, correcting the errs of years of financial ‘issues’

    Bermuda is on the right track. Just takes a little time.

    • Come Correct says:

      Won’t happen. PLP will be in power, don’t believe me just watch.

      • James H says:

        I think you are correct. Never under estimate the power of ignorant voters.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Sounds like keep the band playing while the Titanic is sinking.

      • aceboy says:

        If the PLP get back in we are doomed.

        • Nanny Pat says:

          Yup. Getting my ducks in a row and making an exit plan. And I know I’m not the only Bdian that’s doing this.
          Sad but true.

      • Point boy says:

        Didn’t you say that last week?

    • Point boy says:

      I should know better. But. It always amazes me. Sheep right off a cliff.

      No matter the facts. We would rather rot in a pot of ignorance.

      Take that to church

  5. Lol says:

    I have no choice but to agree with the PLP on this. It does show no confidence in the premier or the ruiling govt. OBA are finished…

  6. Big Ruze says:

    I stand to be correctected, but did not Mr Pettingal represent Dr Brown as legal council at one point?

  7. FFF says:

    your weak Mr P and I don’t give you nor Mr C much credit. Neither of you were elected as independents and you both know the rules involved of either political party. but the only saving grace is PLP is weaker

  8. Come on now. says:

    Minority means less than majority not even not including independents. How can you ever trust a party that comes up with this drivel.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      PLP math. It never was a strong subject for them.

      • Onion Juice says:

        He was counting de sell out speaker.

      • steve says:

        i dont buy in to conspiracy theories, but i am buying in to a PLP conspicity regarding the like and dislike button.

        • Zevon says:

          It’s so obvious isn’t it. The like and dislike counts have become a joke.

    • RBEL says:

      @Come on now and @Triangle Drifter: The OBA is now a minority Government, as they only has 17 seats out of the 36 seats.

      Although the Official Opposition has 17 seats too, the Opposition, which includes the PLP and both independent MPs, has 19 seats.

      19 is greater than 17

      Simple Math!

      So how is have the math problems?

      • hmmm says:

        WRONG Minority means there is a larger group. There isn’t a larger group, there is an equal group and two independents.

        So the OBA are not a minority. the independents are minorities.

      • frank says:

        The Obama can not count the 2 independent seats as Oba seats
        Face it the milk man is done
        The governor needs to dissolve parliament

    • Mr. JlF says:

      “A minority government is one which has less than half the total number of seats.”

      Please check your own drivel at the door.

  9. UmJustSaying says:

    At least the piggy bank is secure.

  10. #DunkleyOut movement says:

    Humble Pie for the Milk Man tonight..OBA get him out now or he will sink this ship like he did in 2007. Bermuda depends on it.

  11. Rasta says:

    Good riddance! He would not get voted in again and now someone to represent the Warwick voters will get a chance. He should be made to surrender any salary forthcoming by us taxpayers.

    • Point boy says:


      You can’t be serious.

      I truly hope that Bermudas education system, gets the much needed attention it needs!

      The sooner the better!

  12. Shutthemdown says:

    Lol, it’s funny how they turn on you.

    Win the election and cancel the Canadian Airport.

    South Park said it best….

    F… Canada f… Canada

    • bdaboy says:

      “F… Canada f… Canada”

      This is why the rest of the world laughs at Bermuda, you’re childish and pathetic. All you have is pink sand.

  13. Vote for Me says:

    “I have no doubt the Government will have my support on any number of pending legislative matters”

    This statement goes against the essence of independence. How can he legitimately indicate he will be an independent if he is already promising support for the OBA?

    For the poster who indicates the MP Pettingill left only because of a potential professional conflict, please read slowly the quote below – (and listen to MP Pettingill’s comments during the airport contract debate about the UBP overtaking the OBA in terms of influence vs the original BDA).

    “Furthermore, I have unfortunately found myself diametrically and philosophically opposed to the Government’s position or approach on numerous issues in endeavoring to move Bermuda forward.”

    This sentence and previous comments from MP Crockwell speak volumes!!

    • Ouch says:

      Nothing wrong with voting with conscience than strictly party lines. I wish others in both parties would do so occasionally, or turn independent.

  14. Navin Johnson says:

    He was probably hired by someone to deliberately cause a conflict of interest….hhmmm now who could that client be?

  15. just wondering says:

    Does the PLP really think with its appalling track record of (mis)managing the county’s finances, the “we had to deceive you” and “we don’t care what you think” mentality that they could do a better job?? How??

  16. DanM says:

    A minority government and they’re STILL doing a better job than you guys did!

  17. bermie says:

    a weakened OBA is still a million times better than the strongest PLP possible, and under the OBA my tax dollars are a lot more likely to be spent on Bermuda

    • Bermudian says:

      Agree! If Bermudians REALLY want to see this place move forward and prosper they should NEVER vote the PLP back in again. They are clueless!!

  18. voltage says:

    It will be interesting to see how this unfolds -it sure will have everyone’s focus for the next while until an election is called.

    Minority Governments tend to do more for the broader community than when a party hold all the cards and ram through legislation in our ‘winner take all’ form of Governance.

    When you don’t come from wealth and other sources of an annual income, money often trumps meaning.

  19. Joe Bloggs says:

    How is 17 to 17 a “minority government”? Is that new math?

    Last time I checked 17 was equal to 17. There is a difference between being a minority and not having a majority, something all Bermudians are familiar with

    • aceboy says:

      It is PLP Fake news. Doesn’t matter what is true as long as there is a good headline.

    • Mr. JlF says:

      “A minority government is one which has less than half the total number of seats.”

      Its not logical math.

    • Up D Hill says:

      Its PLP math!

  20. Unus sed leo says:

    I like Mr.P…but he’ll still be around sooo…hey…pssst…plp…don’t worry…this one man down is temporary n’you knowit.
    But hey…Oba can work with this…it takes less Oba anyway!
    It really does one Oba one light bulb!
    One light blub n’four plp…one to hold the blub…n’three to lift him in the air and spin him….

  21. Up D Hill says:

    Now we can get rid of P finally!

  22. bluwater says:

    Aero indication that Mr P would vote against the government in a confidence vote. Do you all think that the PLP was going to vote with him on ssm and weed? Uh, no.

  23. Unus sed leo says:

    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority,it is time to pause and reflect.

    • steve says:

      I stayed quiet and observed in shock when the PLP were the government. I figure they might get elected next and I have promise myself i will not be as courteous this time.

  24. Rasta says:

    Better than the plp in charge!

  25. Barnacle says:

    For the first time ever (under the PLP) Bermuda went into debt….