Hustle Truck Programme Celebrates 10 Years

April 4, 2017

This Wednesday, April 5th, marks exactly 10 years since the Bermuda Housing Corporation [BHC] introduced the Hustle Truck programme.

“The programme started as a result of the BHC contracting eight young men and women in the Middletown, Pembroke area to paint over graffiti on the walls of a BHC property in that area,” a spokesperson said.

“It was very encouraging to see the young men and women take ownership of their work and to date, the graffiti has not reappeared in the neighborhood,” said BHC General Manager Major Barrett Dill.

“Since then, the Corporation, through the Hustle Truck Programme, has helped hundreds of Bermudians in need with short term, temporary employment and assisted them with finding full time jobs. In addition, the programme has provided much valued assistance to our seniors, community groups, churches, schools and neighbourhoods.”

Henry Campbell – Coordinator, Wayne Furbert – Supervisor, Styles Furbert – Supervisor, Noel Bascome – Supervisor, and BHC General Manager Major Barrett Dill

Hustle Truck Programme Bermuda April 4 2017 (1)

“The Hustle Truck Program, acronym for “Helping the Unemployed Sustain Themselves with Limited Employment” has become an acceptable temporary form of employment for many in need. The programme is available for any unemployed Bermudian,” a spokesperson said.

“Under the guidance of the BHC, through the auspices of the Ministry of Public Works, the programme continues with assistance to over 2,000 unemployed persons since inception.”

“The Hustle Truck has helped to sustain some of Bermuda’s unemployed persons with part-time employment,” said Major Dill. “Were it not for the existence of the Hustle Truck program, many of these persons would be forced to enroll in the Financial Assistance programme. At present, there are approximately 15 people on the wait list daily who are advised to return the following day for an opportunity to work.”

Wayne Furbert – Supervisor, Henry Campbell – Coordinator, Noel Bascome [in truck] – Supervisor, BHC General Manager Major Barrett Dill, and Styles Furbert – Supervisor

Hustle Truck Programme Bermuda April 4 2017 (2)

A spokesperson said, “The objective of the program is to sustain the workers – ideally for a short period of time – until they can gain full-time employment. To this end, Hustle Truck workers are guided on interview and presentation skills and, where needed, are trained in correct work ethics.

“In addition, the Hustle Truck Office keeps a data base of information on the unemployed and their skill sets for the specific purpose of making a good fit when partnering with employers.

“The Hustle Truck office regularly receives requests from employers for qualified and suitable potential employees; upon receipt of requests the data base is checked, and those persons who have the required qualifications are sent on interviews in the hopes of achieving fulltime traditional employment.

“The Hustle truck workers are taught some valuable skills while participating in the program such as painting, landscaping, masonry worker, etc. which allows them to help build a track record of successful projects and a portfolio to use to assist job opportunities and advice on how to start their own small businesses.”

The Minister of Public Works Craig Cannonier said, “The Hustle Truck has come to the aide of the Government on many occasions and for that we are grateful.

“They have assisted in the cleaning of graffiti in many neighborhoods, assisted in the moving of Government departments, cleared areas of hedges, trees, and bushes on many Government-owned land on an urgent basis as well as assisted in the cleanup of neighborhoods after hurricanes.”

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  1. D says:

    Good day,
    how can I get in contact with someone to work on the hustle truck

  2. Alvin Williams says:

    Bermuda Housing Corporation started the hustle truck program? Are you sure about that; I recall it was a program started as a PLP government initiative and like many programs started by the former PLP government since the OBA came to power it slipped below the radar.
    It was a question of reduce funding and since the OBA has farm off some of the jobs it could have done to private concerns; the question has recently been ask why they did not get the job in clearing off the railway track which could have employed some unemployed Bermudians.

  3. Kim Smith says:

    A really good programme… and thanks for the contact information. I’m sure we all know people who could benefit from this opportunity.