Primary Food & Beverage Suppliers For AC

April 10, 2017

Five local companies have been announced as the primary vendors of food and beverage in the America’s Cup Village.

Rosa’s Cantina will provide traditional event food including their Bermuda fish sandwich and burgers, Bermuda Pie Company will serve an array of pies and healthy salads and side dishes, JB’s Woodfired Pizza will have their specialty pizzas on offer and Smokin Barrel will serve their BBQ and specialty burgers.

Docksiders Pub has been awarded the public bar concession for the event and will provide a general bar and a separate grandstand bar.

Fish sandwich Bermuda April 2017

Chris Garland, America’s Cup Public Food & Beverage Concessions Manager explained, “These businesses bid on a tender for this opportunity and were chosen on their business strength and their ability to provide continuous quality service to a high volume of people daily, for a 5-week period.

“This will be a demanding time on their business and their staff and they have demonstrated that they are up for the task. It was important for us to also provide a wide selection of food choices for fans attending the America’s Cup Village, and even more variety will be available, with the snack and festival food vendors to be announced soon.

“These vendors will do us proud, rising to the challenge and ramping up from Bermuda’s local daily demand to an international standard, serving thousands of ticket holders on any given day at peak times.”

America’s Cup Village ticket holders will enjoy a range of varied activities and interesting interactive things to do, before and after racing. To book your tickets online, go here.

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Comments (29)

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  1. RRR says:

    congratulations ‘certain’ bermuda!

    • ?? says:


      • Onion Juice says:

        So will they have Fish caught in Bermuda for Bermuda Fish sandwiches, or Tilapia will be de catch of de day.
        Just asking because de fishermen can feel de trickle down effect.

        • The Wouble You says:

          Onion Juoce. I trust you say the same to the owners of Art Mels? and many others that uae Suai or Tilapia in tgeir fish samwiches

  2. VJ says:

    Rosa’s fish sandwiches are out of this world, but as much as I love them I’m not up to spending $20 too often.

  3. Smarter441 says:

    JB’s Woodfired Pizza? Never heard of them. Where are located?

  4. Onion Juice says:

    Will be getting my Bermuda fish sandwich from Woody’s, the best on de Island by de Peoples Choice.

    • drunken ursula says:

      yup woodys is the best…sorry Rosa’s

      • PBanks says:

        Wonder if Woody’s should try some rogue marketing and have a big ol’ sign on the way to Dockyard saying they’re home of the unofficial official Best Fish Sandwich

  5. ImJustSayin says:

    How many are Bermudian owned?

    • Smile says:

      All of them are Bermudian owned

    • Family Man says:

      Every single one of them.

    • Rick Olson says:

      By law all business ‘s must be locally owned or at least 60 %

    • The Wouble You says:

      Why does it fn matter but two that I know are 100% Bermudian owned. you all had the same opportunity to present ans bid. if you chose to do nothing…well too bad. Like my teacher uaed to say. you snooze you lose.

  6. wahoo says:

    I hope the warehouse are stocked to the ceiling because demand is gonna be huge. All these vendors do a great job and deserve to be part of this I am sure they are up to the task. So looking forward to being there.

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      Oh don’t worry…Butt n Val…BGA…and Dunkleys…prepared their companies well before hand.

      • Justin says:

        Hey, they deserve a little reward for bringing Bermuda back from the brink… Thank God we have people in leadership positions who actually care about the future of this island.

        • john says:

          lets not go overboard and forget everything else thats going on in this island from this leadership.

          • Onion Juice says:

            We still have to make at LEAST One Hundred Million to break even.

            • Justin says:

              How are you going to quantify that? A $100m could be a new hotel development alone… Now duck and weave… lol

            • The Wouble You says:

              OnioN juice and his creative math. where were you and you abacus during tge 14 years that PlP were in power when $800 mil was listed as unaccounted for?

            • serengeti says:

              A hundred million. The amount that the PLP spent on foreign consultants in a year.

        • Transparency not = ubp/OBA says:

          Just ask you’re so called leader to call the election after the ACUP or DEC. The people will vote.

          • The Wouble You says:

            Thats kinda how it work. The people vote during an election.

      • wahoo says:

        You sound a little bitter, why?

  7. Make a new plan Stan says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve been in a sports bar etc. Are their TVs now tuned to sailing, getting everybody amped up for America’s Cup?

    • PBanks says:

      Fair question but I think the clientele for sports bars remains supporters of football/hockey/rugby for the time being.

  8. Janice says:

    At the end of the day it’s all about getting outta bed and working that includes fishing to if you ain’t willing to do it someone else will and there will always be hungry mouths to pay for it