‘Release 2016 Crime Statistics Without Delay’

April 25, 2017

[Updated] “We call on the OBA to do the right thing and release the 2016 Crime Statistics without delay,” Shadow Minister of National Security Walter Roban said.

Mr Roban said, “The OBA government has failed to release the 2016 Annual Crime Statistics. Historically, these figures were released by February, yet in an election year when many, particularly East End residents are becoming more and more concerned about crime, these figures have not been provided.

“The Minister of National Security, who has administrative responsibility for the Police, should release these figures without further delay. When it comes to public safety, Bermudians have a right to know what is happening in our own country.

“The OBA’s record of broken promises on crime is staggering and the combination of poor leadership and inability to keep their word, has undermined confidence in our Police Service and led to the steady growth of more brazen and aggressive criminality.

“In fact, the current Minister is the same individual that championed real-time geo-mapping of crime in which web users could view crime trends in their neighbourhood. Like so many OBA promises, that hasn’t happened.

“It is important that up to date crime statistics are dealt with openly and in a transparent manner. Concealing them for short term political gain doesn’t benefit anyone but the OBA. Furthermore, public policy makers and helping agencies require this information to be more effective in their jobs.

“We call on the OBA to do the right thing and release the 2016 Crime Statistics without delay,” added Mr Roban.

In response, a spokesperson for the Ministry of National Security said, “The Ministry of National Security notes the Opposition’s interest regarding the Police Crime Statistics.

“However to ensure clarity, the release of the data is solely a matter for the Bermuda Police Service.”

Update April 26, 9.34am: Shadow Minister of National Security Walter Roban said, “The response from the Ministry of National Security, placing the responsibility of releasing the crime statistics at the feet of the BPS, is both misguided and incorrect. The Ministry clearly has delegated authority for administration, community relations, and general organisation of the BPS.

“The release of Crime Statistics is an administrative and community relations exercise, and the Minister would do well to stop fielding excuses, and get on with the business of ensuring the Crime Statistics from 2016 are released. These Crime Statistics used to be released every three months. None at all have been released since mid-2016. This is yet another case of the government that championed accountability and transparency governing in a totally opposite manner.”

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  1. Wassup says:

    Funny how the minister is everywhere telling anyone who will listen about how he increased the police budget but is nowhere to be seen when it really matters

  2. Good, P.L.P.
    Hold those _____ accountable. They are horrible as it relates to BORN BERMUDIANS. From the commencement of their “reign of terror”., they have feverishly conspired to destroy Bermudians while Bermudians are in their midst – a two-edged sword!!

    • wondering says:

      BORN Bermudians?????????? do we all forget where our forefathers came from and how short ago (a play on words)they actually set foot in Bermuda

      name one family that is strictly been in Bermuda for at least 150 years with NO persons who either fathered or mothered a child with no non-Bermudian born spouse or co-parent

      the results will disprove this BORN BERMUDIAN comment

      • Just the facts says:

        Thank you! Betty-No-Backbone is so annoying with this “Born Bermudian” nonsense. She is clearly uneducated and ignorant.

    • Zevon says:

      You are such a sucker. He does this every year a couple of weeks before stats are issued to make it look like he “did something”. The stats are coming, and it is nothing to do with Woban.

  3. aceboy says:

    This gibberish is what we are getting from the party that thinks it can do a better job of running this country than the OBA? Electioneering nonsense like this is exactly why you lot should not be in power.

    I well remember the explosion in gang violence we witnessed during the PLP rein. Are you suggesting the PLP are to blame for that?

  4. Onion Juice says:

    Um I thought crime , homelessness and shootings would deminish, oh that was de election campaign.

  5. E an says:

    Strange comment from Roban? I assume he has been told by someome in the civil service that they are about to be released. Kinda makes his followers think that government is reacting to his requests. What are ypu hoping to do with these numbers…compare the murders today against the best and worst of the PLP years? People know better now. We know the tricks just to show the people that ypu are sincere and unbiased, I trust that you will demand thay your dear friends at the BIU will sumbit their financials as required by law. Afterall, they are holding the people money. But we know the game. Spare us from the press releases unless you have something to offer , other than the same old , they are bad I can do better , but cant tell you how , routine.

    • wondering says:

      you must know how the game works…..smoake and mirrors as usual and if true – the civil servant who is leaking the info isn’t doing the country any favurs by pandering to Roban

  6. Janice says:

    Where did the millions go under the PLP

  7. wahoo says:

    I call on the OBA to prosecute to the fullest anyone who breaks or has broken the law period and I am going to call on the OBA to continue moving Bermuda forward for another five years.

    I call on the PLP to apologize for the poor quality of candidates that they have offered us and to apologize for financial disaster that they left my people in.

  8. wondering says:

    i am really getting tired of the nursery school politics in this country from both sides but PLP it is your turn to be chastised today!!

  9. Julien says:

    Don’t forget the illegal workers that are taking Bermuda dollars out of the island.

  10. Starting Point says:

    “In response, a spokesperson for the Ministry of National Security said, “The Ministry of National Security notes the Opposition’s interest regarding the Police Crime Statistics.

    “However to ensure clarity, the release of the data is solely a matter for the Bermuda Police Service.”

    Something the PLP does not understand, when they were in power, ministerial interference including into the police force was rampant from arrogant PLP ministers who thought that because people elected them it meant all of a sudden they were experts at their randomly assigned ministries. Ask any one who was in government at the time, the minister and their surrogate political PS were constantly involving themselves, creating conflicts of interest and causing the civil servants to agonize over what is allowed and what they are told to do.

    If they are honest, PLP supporter or not, they will say this was so. It’s therefore not hard to understand how they think the OBA should be doing the same, Ministers deal with strategy and policy they do not and should not be involved with day to day, administration, decision making, fiscal (after the budget) management.

    In 2000-2004, review the resumes of many of the sitting minsters, they could not and would not have even gotten short listed for civil service jobs in the departments that they sat over, FACT.

  11. 4ner says:

    “Bud” is concerned, or shocked, or whatever… big surprise!

    • Onion says:

      He’s quite the “everyman” I’ll have you know.

  12. jt says:

    Relax Walter. They’re still factoring in some of the stats from early December.

  13. serengeti says:

    Probably having trouble counting all those newly discovered corrupt practices, eh Bud?

  14. Anbu says:

    Hey walter……. Release the info regarding where the 800 mill went “without delay” !!!!! Thanx. Wont hold my breath tho.

  15. Up D hill says:

    More useless noise from a useless PLP ,, how so very headache like!!!!!