Ferry ‘Bo Hengy II’ Suffers Steering Failure

June 28, 2017

The ferry ‘Bo Hengy II’ suffered steering failure this morning [June 28] in the vicinity of Elbow Buoy with 184 persons on-board and required a tow.

Bo Hengy II Bermuda May 2017 (8)

A Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre spokesperson said, “Bermuda Radio received a call from local ferry ‘Bo Hengy II’, reporting that the vessel had suffered steering failure in the vicinity of Elbow Buoy with 184 persons on-board, and was now requesting a tow.

“Crisson’s tug [operating in the vicinity], was dispatched to assist, taking ‘Bo Hengy II’ under tow back to Dockyard.”

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  1. So much for second hand ferries.

  2. QC says:

    isn’t this the dedicated charters for one of the cruise ships?

  3. Sage says:

    What’s with the lawnmowers at the rear of the top deck?

    • pureeegrance says:

      those are rhe engines for the boat.

      • wahoo says:

        He’s cuttin’ someone else’s grass down in St. Geo! Tellin’ the wife he’s been workin’ on de ferry all day.

    • John Rastafari says:

      They were converted to run as back up generators in the event of an engine failure. They can only push the boat at 5knots though.

      • CaptnoftheHengy says:

        Can’t tell if you’re bein serious or not??? They push it at 10kts!!!

    • Beez Evans says:

      Those are the doployment cradles for the life rafts.
      Back up generators for engines, that’s cute.

      • John Rastafari says:

        Nope, I can assure you those are back up generators. The blade has been removed and a connection rod has been attached that runs down to the engines alternators. It runs on mixed gas so there are less emissions. #purescience #creativity #genious

        • wahoo says:

          Ceiling fans for the deck below….chingas do I have to tell you lot everything?!

          • John Rastafari says:

            No, we went with converted electric powered weed wackers for the ceilin fans. Their high efficiency brushless motors gave them a real advantage over the two stroke lawnmower generators. Even though two stroke engines are amongst the lowest emisión engines in the world, nothing beats a good old electric wacker.

        • Cedar Berry says:

          You know you just replied to the Captain’s brother, right lol…

  4. Curious George says:

    Almost certain this is not a public commuter ferry but a dedicated ferry to take cruise ship passengers from A to B.

  5. k says:

    i am a fopdoodle

  6. smh says:

    Def not a local ferry…

  7. jokes says:

    good thing john rastafari isn’t on board. we would all be screwed. lawnmowers and back up generators. do you people think before u say things.

  8. Coxswain says:

    The ferry is a Norwegian transport.. Remember it’s man made!!! Just because it’s not local doesn’t exempt it from mechanical issues, the cruise ships even have problems from time to time etc. Some people need to be more mature about situations that occur.. It’s no joke out on the water!!!

  9. Hopeful says:

    Apart from the loss steering issue; lighten up a bit, have a sense of humor, bring out the oars.

  10. Poncho Villa says:

    When was the hydrolic fluid topped up?…if you put to much it fails and you lose steering either back pressure and blow a seal or complete loss of steering,or loss of pressure due to leak,either pin hole in hoseor fitting vibrating loose.
    One thing is sure…ship happens…sure as ship…it “WILL” happin.

  11. Poncho Villa says:

    My vessel was only 48′fourty thousand pounds with a simple single rudder system…Norwegian vessels are very good.Finland,Sweden,Norway,Iceland,
    Holland,Denmark,Germany….are very familiar with the ocean and their vessels…