School Education Strategic Planning Update

June 1, 2017

The Board of Education said they are “pleased to provide key stakeholders and the general public with continued updates on the progress made in the development of a new strategic direction for the Bermuda Public School System.”

Board Chairperson, Mr. Curtis Dickinson stated that: “There has been on-going success in achieving the Board’s objective of developing a community-driven strategic plan.

“During the months of April and May community conversations continued and were held with business persons, church groups, charitable organizations, members of the two political parties, Parish Councils, school PTAs and government officers.

“The outreach is generating a rich database of qualitative data from the broad community providing their input on expectations regarding the future of public school education”.

“The general public is to be thanked for participating in the brief strategic planning online survey that survey went live during the week of March 27th, 2017,” a spokesperson said.

“The Board is pleased to state that a total of 1,300 persons have completed the survey. The results of the survey data are available on-line at The general public is encouraged to view the survey results.

“This website also provides detailed information about the methodology and the outcomes of the various phases of the public school strategic planning process. There are also several photos capturing participants and facilitators at work during the community sessions that were held.

“The general public should continue to check this website for new updates each month inclusive of reviewing the strategic plan prototypes that will be developed.

“On May 13th, 2017, the strategic planning Ambassador Design Team [ADT] of 30 individual spent the majority of the day developing the first prototype using the data captured from the online survey. This data was collated to reflect the thoughts of all those who responded to the survey and then used for determining the first prototype of a vision for public school education and values.

“The Board of Education is very pleased with the progress of the strategic planning session thus far. Again the public can review this first prototype of the vision and values for public school education at or at; and also provide feedback with suggestions until end of day Monday, June 5th 2017.”

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  1. PLPNA says:

    More talk – hopefully some REAL ACTION is imminent!