Video: PLP Urge People To Register To Vote

June 6, 2017

“The OBA faces two choices: suffer a humiliating defeat in a no confidence motion or dissolve the House and move toward a general election,” and “with the latter being the more likely option,” the PLP is “calling on the youth of Bermuda – and all unregistered Bermudians – to register to vote.”

This was from Senator Renee Ming, who spoke at a PLP held a press conference this afternoon [June 6] along with PLP candidate Dr Ernest Peets and MP Jamahl Simmons.

“Young people you are our future; I implore you to take your rightful place; participate and be engaged,” Senator Ming said. “It’s time for you to sit at the table and be a part of the process to really move our island forward and put Bermudians first. To those unregistered voters; it’s time for you to let your voice be heard in your island home. We need you!”

Dr Peets said, “We are encouraging potential voters to register to vote as soon as possible, to ensure that every eligible voter is able to cast their vote regarding the key issues facing our country.

“It’s time for a government that puts Bermudians first. It’s time for a Government that has a plan to develop an Economic Diversification Unit; a Technology Hub and one that will deliver new hope to young Bermudians.”

In response, OBA Chairperson Senator Lynne Woolridge said, “The Opposition continues to try and divide Bermuda with misinformation and alternative facts. The OBA represents Bermuda; not one person or faction but everyone.

“The Opposition pushing this ‘two Bermudas’ narrative is a simplistic attempt to pit Bermudians against each other and that’s sad and pathetic. We know our history and we are moving forward with our future together, not back.

“The One Bermuda Alliance is focused on uplifting all Bermudians, continuing to progress and providing opportunity and hope.

“However, we do agree with the Opposition on one point; this is an important election and one in which people must decide if they want Bermudians to move forward together and continuing the progress we are making – or going back to the failed policies of the past that simply didn’t work for anyone but those who were in power, and that is a fact.”

PLP Candidate for Constituency 1 – Senator Renee Ming remarks

It is clear that the OBA has lost control of the House of Assembly and no longer holds the confidence of even 2 of it’s founding members.

The OBA faces two choices: suffer a humiliating defeat in a no confidence motion, or, dissolve the House and move toward a general election.

With the latter being the more likely option, today, the Progressive Labour Party is calling on the youth of Bermuda – and all unregistered Bermudians – to register to vote. We have heard you; I have heard you!

I canvass and talk to young Bermudians daily and I hear the concerns that they have with their island home. I and my PLP colleagues understand the hopelessness that you feel with employment for you and your families.

I understand your concerns about being able to afford to live in your Bermuda.

I hear your concerns with the increased amount of protest and unprecedented division and unrest in our island home.

I hear you and the PLP hears you.

Young people you are our future; I implore you to take your rightful place; participate and be engaged

It’s time for you to sit at the table and be a part of the process to really move our island forward and put Bermudians first

To those unregistered voters; it’s time for you to let your voice be heard in your island home. We need you!

You can no longer sit back and watch. We all have to work together to see and be the progress that we want.

Bermudians of all races and ages we must close our gaps and build relationships for a better Bermuda. Please register to vote and really make a difference.

“This may well be the most important election in our lifetime, because, it’s about what it means to be Bermudian. In the last four years, we’ve experienced 2,000 lost jobs and many young voters have given up hope. Health insurance rates have skyrocketed which means that Bermudians are taking home less money than they did four years ago. Our cost of living remains the highest in the world and it’s getting higher.

“Instead of investing in Bermudians and fixing our public education system so Bermudians can thrive, the OBA has neglected our schools, causing them to fall into disrepair.

The OBA has done well for one Bermuda. But they’re failing the Bermuda where you and I live.

PLP Candidate for Constituency 10 – Dr. Ernest Peets Remarks

“In a lot of ways this election is about Bermuda’s future, and what it would look like going forward. Pathways to Status legislation and other initiatives by the OBA have fundamentally redefined our society and what it means to be Bermudian.

We are encouraging potential voters to register to vote as soon as possible, to ensure that every eligible voter is able to cast their vote regarding the key issues facing our country.

Let us never forget, one of the OBA’s first moves was to break their promise on term limits, and their second move was an attempt to minimize opportunities and jobs for Bermudian children by offering the same to children of guest workers.

Bermuda can do better. It’s time for a government that puts Bermudians first. It’s time for a Government that has a plan to develop an Economic Diversification Unit; a Technology Hub and one that will deliver new hope to young Bermudians.

I urge you this week to visit and check your registration status, and if you are not registered, please register or update your voter registration information.

Alternatively, you can visit the offices of the Parliamentary Registrar at Craig Appin House on Wesley Street in Hamilton. Because our future is so important, let’s all get involved.”

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  1. Why do we have to beg people to register to vote, sad situation we are in.

    • Black Soil says:

      PLP Standing Strong: for decline

      • wahoo says:

        Just standing really, I will vote for the movers. Keep up the good work OBA.

    • Earth watch police says:

      Where is the 800 million

      • Mad dog says:

        100 million for a boat race..oba should be shame of there self spending the people money like that with no return… Airport gone for 40 years they are going to make 2 billion in revenue….so that Bermuda ‘s can walk through and then get on the air plane then after 6 pm the 200 million dollar airport will be closed…what a shame….

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          Fact check:

          - AC is expected to come in under budgeted $77m, the PLP’s $100m is an artificially inflated figure put out to mislead people (ie. they’re lying).
          In return for the money the OBA government is spending on hosting the AC, it is projected to infuse in over $240m into the local economy, so whoever told you there isn’t any return, is lying. That is the highest rate of return any government investment has ever yielded f any administration.

          - Airport deal is a 30 year commercial lease that will see the builder and financier get paid back the contracted amount plus interest (pretty much exactly like what would be done to a bank) from the airport profit stream. Anything made by the airport above the contracted payment amounts would then be profit shared between government and the builder. (The $2b figure put out by the PLP is the projected revenue of the airport over the 30 period, without removing the operational expenditure that has to be paid out to keep the airport running, ie. the PLP are telling a half truth, but in the way they are using it, they are completely lying)

        • mark says:

          Ok Mad Dog aka Trump, check your facts mate. 100million for boat race is actually 75million of which a lot is going directly back into Bermudian’s pockets. For example, 15million was paid to AC that requires AC to spend it in Bermuda. Airport “gone for 40 years” is actually the people building it for us get a share of the profits for 30 years. oh and they guarantee on time and budget and we don’t have to put up any money up front. Ever gotten a mortgage mate? “then after 6pm the 200 million airport will be closed” I don’t know what to say to that because I don’t understand what “6pm” means but if you honestly think the airport will close you are a bigger fool than I thought or just playing political games with the truth just like your gods the Pathetic Losers Party. Stay ignorant my friend.

        • It's About Time! says:

          You seriously can’t be so stupid as to believe the garbage you just wrote…

    • NO MORE WAR says:

      Onion juice you clearly aren’t a wise person by that statement you made. No one should leave things like this to chance. They are doing the right thing. Press on PLP and pay people like this no mind.

      • You dont see de other party begging their supporters to register, they automatically know what to do. Thats why when they had de Immigration reform candle light vigil, they were out in droves without public advertisment.
        Thats why I SAID, its a SAD situation we are in. I’m wiser then you think.
        Stay WOKE

        • I shall not be moved says:

          The psychological warfare is real and it has been intentional.

        • wahoo says:

          Wow you are dumb.

    • PBanks says:

      Yeah, a lot of folks either don’t care, aren’t interested, feel their vote won’t count for anything, etc. Gotta convince people that voting is in their best interest.

  2. Ringmaster says:

    If the PLP thought they had the hearts and minds of Bermudian voters, there would be weekly polls showing the PLP is far ahead of the OBA. The same with the OBA, yet there are not. The PLP loves to put forward “the two Bermuda’s”. If it exists they were part of its creation by driving away jobs and tax payers. Look around Bermuda and construction is booming, plenty of jobs there if people want to work.
    The OBA have tried to correct in 4 years what the PLP destroyed. Bermuda is rising from the ashes and Bermudians are benefiting. A change in Government will take Bermuda back to 2011, and down the path to financial chaos.

  3. John says:

    The PLP standing still for Bermudians ,unprogressive antiequality never moving forward always going back with the help of the old UBP whats in there for my young Bermudians only more talk …smh

  4. Up D hill says:

    What a bunch of BS , funny how the PLP didn’t give a damm bout you when they were Government!

  5. A Chap called V says:

    Planning on Liberation of Pension.

    More debt for less results. Vote PLP.

    • James says:

      Literally: David Burt wants to raise pensions to fund venture capital!

      • James says:

        Raid* pensions, I mean.

        • Mad dog says:

          100 million for tha Americans Cup…..remember they said they had no money and the plp spend it all up… what a lie
          Every government department has been cut to fund the American Cup for billionaires

          • aceboy says:

            Repeating lies don’t make them true. The cost was about $45M and that is less than Grand Atlantic, which was built with borrowed money.

          • Mmmmmm, good point.

            • And guess who’s occupying Grand Atlantic now.
              Now thats I call foresight.

              • aceboy says:

                So, the PLP spent $50 million for some AC people to stay in for a month? Boy, that is value. Brilliance even.

  6. Coffee says:

    The other guys are very busy making sure that EVERY resident of Westmeath is registered to vote !

    • aceboy says:

      Like the PLP Salvation Army coffee and sandwich brigade?

  7. Kevin says:

    Boy do they love the press and actually get the air time… The OBA may not be perfect and i give them a C+ rating overall a D- on public relations but an A on making the hard decisions and being proactive in getting tourism back on track and having the economy moving in a positive direction
    The PLP a A on Public relations and getting a lot of mom and pop bermuda believing in their propaganda… but a F on first admitting 14 years of mismanagement and telling us they are a different group with an eye on the public purse
    I vote OBA its for my childrens hope for a future in their own country

  8. Spit Bouy says:

    PLP Urge People To Register To Vote For The OBA. There fixed for them, again! :-)

  9. Peter says:

    The old timers UBP lecturing nonsense to us

    • Very Hot & Lonely Cow says:

      Say it how it is Brother.

  10. Swing voter says:

    Why would us young people…the future of Bermuda…want to go backwards with the plp?

    • Mad dog says:

      You better go read your history books pepper spraying seniors for a peaceful protest…that’s going back to the 50 60s…don’t no what race you are but……..

      • mark says:

        and we can now add racism to your ignorance

  11. Bullseye says:

    Registering to vote is a great idea. Taking a good look around and talking to those who work and hustle and never quit will tell you who to vote for.

  12. O.M.G says:

    You people get right on my nerves. Stop F trying to divide us with this BS of two Bermudas there will always be the rich and famous anywhere in the world. You keep talking about the foreigners working in the hotel industry the reason is because a lot of times the Bermudians don’t want the jobs or just don’t show up for work too lazy to get off the couch stop making excuses for people.
    The sad part is the PLP in the last 14 years when they were in power really did nothing for their people jobs were lost. And you’re all saying that you are different I really don’t think so when you keep dividing us you can’t keep trying to win elections by dividing the people of this country all it does is weaken the country not make it any better. The OBA is doing things for all this country and everyone. Please come out and vote all the OBA supporters you can’t let this lot get back in.

  13. Truth says:

    Renee, get the e88 outer here. You out of ur league youngster. You another one. In St G depending on family and friends. We grew up together, but sorry. PLP WILL NEVER GET MY VOTE, CHILLYDRENS VOTE OR RELATIVES VOTE. AGAIN!,,,

    • Mad dog says:

      Who cares what you think….

      • mark says:

        “who cares what you think” well that is the point of voting isn’t it? I guess you would rather that people who don’t agree with you don’t vote…like a dictatorship or something…who ran the country into the ground acting like that…hmmmm…oh yea, the pathetic party. you must have been one of the ones that benefited.

  14. Brier says:

    How ppl suffered because the country was in so much debt do the forget…

  15. Justin says:

    Jamahl makes me laugh because later on in the day he was chillin in Club AC with his wife up in Dockyard (The most exclusive spot to watch The Americas Cup). In the morning he panders to ‘working class Bermuda’ and then in the afternoon he schmoozes with ‘elite Bermuda’. What does that say?! If he cared that much he’d be out in the community helping others get back to work instead of schmoozing with people he apparently despises.

    • aceboy says:

      Yup, I have seen a bunch of PLP MPs, past and present, getting on yachts and up at Dockyard.

      • Just the facts says:

        Oopsie, no one is supposed to see that! Just like no one is supposed to know or ask where the 800 million went!
        “We had to deceive you.”

        Boggles the mind that people will actually vote to have that miserable life again. Oh well.

  16. Mad dog says:

    I will take debt over 2 BERMUDA’S any day
    Go plp plp get rid of the oba!!!!!!

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      That debt will only further the ’2 Bermuda’s’ the the PLP like to overly simplify us to. The fact is there are more than 2 Bermuda’s, there is a Bermuda for everyone here. There is the LGBT Bermuda that the PLP are majority for continued legal segregation, there is the Bermuda that has lived here all their lives and have no recourse to say how their home is governed, there is small business Bermuda, there is big business Bermuda, there is the next gen Bermuda trying to move out of the past Bermuda,…..

      The ’2 Bermuda’ PLP narrative is a nationalistic simplification designed to promote a easy to swallow negative narrative, meant entirely to elicit an emotive response rather than a logical one. The simple fact is the PLP don’t want people to think about their vote, they want voters to look at the OBA track and avoid thinking about the PLP’s.

    • rumsoak says:

      With the PLP you will still have two Bermudas and crippling debt.

  17. Zevon says:

    Can’t wait for the day Renee and Burt raid our pension funds to invest in internet offshore gambling and deep sea mining.
    Yeah, that’s something to look forward to. That’s what I want my pension money invested in.

  18. AgainstPLP says:

    Dream on PLP you will never win an election again!!

  19. wondering says:

    This call to register shows the systemic disconnect between the sleeping population and political action in this country.

    You’d think by now that registering to vote would be habitual.

  20. Mother Theresa says:

    Shut up PLP, we are not interested in your BS! You destroyed our island. The 2 Bermudas exist because you make it seem as though no other community have rich and poor! We are NO different than any other place in the world! It was the PLP’s term limit legislation Peets that drove out thousands of people along with the jobs that were held by Bermudians when business and companies folded up and left why would they want to stay. The PLP is so full of S#!%! I get off on how dumb they are!

  21. Francis says:

    PLP will take us back to the Stone Age. Let’s talk about the two Bermuda’s – a leader who went to private school, owns his own business – yes David Burt! The PLP is the politics of plunder. They are Trumpists. They really are unreal. PLP – Pathetic Loser Party.

  22. mark says:

    LoL. They are pushing for an election at the absolute worst time for them and now they are pushing for the part of the electorate least likely to vote for them to register! What are they thinking? LoL. Love it. They are going to get lambasted at this election!

  23. Silvery says:

    Should the PLP win, watch how everyone forgets how much money was borrowed and who borrowed it.

  24. .Nabajabbadingdongbabydaddy. says:

    Yes and when you vote vote OBA.

    They have better money management skills.

    No one wants to go without due to poor spending habits of another person.

    • Wise Guy says:

      Yes great money managing skills that doubled the debt in 5yrs. If the 1.3bn debt incurred by 14yrs of PLP govt is cause for concern or reason to not vote for them then the current $2.5bn debt after less then 5yrs of the present govt should be of wayyyy more importance to vote them out..
      It’s amazing what you will see when you take your blinders off.

  25. Very Hot & Lonely Cow says:

    I’ll take the OBA more seriously when the Milk Monopoly ends… Seriously, is there any valid reason whatsoever that 50% of the milk market is this powdered garbage when fresh could be imported for less. And don’t give the old UBP line that if there was some global crisis and we were suddenly isolated, at least there would be milk… Sure, along with onions, squash and fresh fish… This place would be Haiti in one week without incoming goods.

    • aceboy says:

      So you’ll be getting into the milk business then? What is your business plan?

  26. Bermudian says:

    OBA OBA OBA all the way!!!!

  27. Up D Hill says:

    The PLP have started their childish name calling by first stating there are two Bermudas. Two Bermudas! Don`t you call me any part of your two Bermudas Burt! You think you know me, you don`t so stop your noise bom-bie HUR ME!!

    • Like O.B.A. used Friends and Family?

    • Wise Guy says:

      No actually all MP David Burt did was highlight a study done by the HSBC..
      It’s like Malcolm X once said, “The media would have you chastising the oppressed while praising the oppressors.” This is a classic example of how to shoot the messengers..

  28. John Doe says:

    To vote for the PLP is like getting on the Titanic all them many years ago. It promotes that it is the best, and it may appear to the majority as the best, however ultimately it will hit an iceberg and sink. If the OBA has not won the last election what would out debt situation be at this very moment. The PLP solution to the issues was to keep sweeping them under the carpet, and pretend they did not exist.

  29. Common Sense says:

    The two Bermudas existed during the PLP’s reign. The favoured Friends and Family who became very wealthy and the rest of us who footed the bill.

  30. FUI says:

    Thank you I will be sure i and my family are registered but the vote won’t be for you losers

  31. aceboy says:

    The PLP win a *victory* and then have issues in #32. Burt wants to run a complete unknown to appeal to young voters but the branch wants their man. The PLP are clearly not ready for an election despite pushing their way to one.

  32. far from it says:

    its paid-blogger time, its in full effect I’ve not read so much venom / hate, this is the 2 bermudas that is destroying our country