PLP On The OBA ‘Leaving Bermudians Behind’

July 2, 2017

“Tourism can’t go forward leaving Bermudians behind”, this according to the Progressive Labour Party tonight [July 2] after Junior Minister for Tourism, Transport and Municipalities Kenneth Bascome spoke of joint efforts between the Ministry, the BTA and Skyport “to secure new routes to Bermuda including Europe and the US”.

A PLP spokesperson said, “With the OBA’s lengthy record of broken promises, it is difficult to take news of “potential” anything seriously. At this stage, it is clear that they will say anything or do anything to erase or distract from an overall record of failure and neglect of the island’s unemployed, our youth and our seniors.

“Mr. Bascome’s statement is vague and promises much but where is the substance?

“What new air routes?

“What new airlines?

“What, if any, concessions will be required to make these a reality?

“The biggest question for the OBA however is this: Where are the jobs? Under the OBA Bermuda lost over 2000 jobs, experienced two of the worst years of air arrivals in half a century and the only job category that saw growth was held by non-Bermudians.

“The OBA has benefited one Bermuda, but, they’ve left the rest of us behind. Bermuda can do better. It’s time for a government that puts Bermudians first.”

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  1. Longtail says:

    “A PLP spokesperson said, “With the OBA’s lengthy record of broken promises, it is difficult to take news of “potential” anything seriously.”
    Really? Like the PLP’s repeated broken promises on hotel developments that the OBA have made good on? Like POTUS the PLP will say anything to get elected…….

  2. ralph says:


    • Zevon says:

      The PLP want to slam the car into reverse and then drive it into a ditch. Again.

  3. Joe Bloggs says:

    ” it is clear that they will say anything or do anything to erase or distract from an overall record of failure and neglect of the island’s unemployed, our youth and our seniors”

    Here, here!

    Oh, wait, which party are we talking about?

  4. Imagine that says:

    More hot air from the PLP. Its to bad there singing the same song. And did all of the PLP think this up. Or is the genius scared to use there name.

  5. Kevin says:

    its amazing how shallow the plp have become , lets see what platform they will run on …oh yeah can’t run on record it was atrocious and nearly sunk us. They can’t run ideas and solutions as they have none and can’t run on experience as half of those running are newcomers. So that would leave only one Yup you got it lets divide the country. Now thats a solid platform to ask the people to support them. I will have to say the BTA have done more in 3 years than tourism under the plp did in 14 and they are to be congratulated.

  6. aceboy says:


    Where is any substance for ANYTHING the PLP have claimed?

    Vision 2025?? Please…

  7. Comfortably numb says:

    Any Bermudians with a good work ethic who make time and show up every day are guaranteed a job in Bermuda. The greater question is how many can tick all three boxes?

  8. Navin Johnson says:

    the PLP press release is fiction…..

  9. Coffee says:

    Separation , litigation and Americas Cup hype evaporation kinds of sums up the riches in rags environment created by this OBA/UBP failed experiment .

  10. Truth (Original) says:

    Wow. Talk about the kettle calling the pot black.

    If the PLP actually believe this nonsense, they are delusional.

    If this is just campaign rhetoric and they don’t actually believe it then they are willfully deceiving people.

    Either way, they aren’t ready to lead.

  11. Triangle Drifter says:

    The PLP really must be desperate. In the face of facts such as construction seeing a renewed surge in activity, tourism & the demand for labour on the up & up, all the related businesses busier, the PLP moans about the OBA doing it all wrong.

    They have some very vague promises about 2025 but no plan, certainly no idea how to fund these promises & not a word of how they plan to pay the $600,000 per day finance expenses caused by the massive debt that we have to pay because of the last spectacular PLP administration failure.

    All they have is catchy hollow slogans.

  12. DarkStar says:

    Again the PLP creates twisted lies. I would love to see where the figure of 2000 jobs lost comes from—-please show this number as an actual fact in writing from (I guess ) the Statistic’s department—–how many jobs lost during the OBA’s rule where in the beginning when Bermuda was still reeling from the PLP’s dismal leadership during the Brown years which for the first few years of OBA rule was still a recession, and then how many jobs gained as a whole over the OBA’s rule.

    The PLP is the party twisting any bit of truth to suit their agenda-they are basically grasping at straws.

  13. Truth is killin' me... says:

    You left Bermudians behind for 14 years. Now you just waking up?! Don’t bs my intelligence.

  14. BOOM says:

    read the damn thing he said EFFORTS at least they are trying and have moved us BERMUDIANS of ALL colors, races, and creeds FORWARD

  15. Oso says:

    This is nothing more than a poor dig at the OBA by the PLP. Many of the promises where broken due the fact they had to clean up the mess they inherited. Look at our national debt now, it has decreased substantially since the OBA came to power. We have made strides of social equality within marriage and have seen a reliance on international business reduce with the the use of sports tourism ( AC, Triathlon world series for the next three years) as well as having Bermuda being used a sports training venue during the winter months to reduce seasonality. It cannot be expected for a government to pull every member country forward when the people themselves don’t want to try and progress themselves. It’s time for Bermuda to stop with this sense of entitlement and start working hard for what they want.

  16. sandgrownan says:

    Oh..did I mention tourism dollars going to The Playboy Mansion….how did that “charitable” venture work out? the regressives talking about “failure”…they need to look in a mirror

  17. Poindexter says:

    PLP is paying to put ads on Youtube and many websites that force you to watch unsavory videos depicting OBA in a terrible light. It is a fear tactic and propaganda at best. Compare the PLP ads to the OBA ads, and you will see the OBA ads are positive, but each and every of the PLP ads are woeful and negative and demonizing. The PLP only has one interest in mind, and that is to brainwash their potential voters with lies and false information and conspiracy. Thankfully they have not yet played the race card which they do without fail every election. The PLP ads continually portray the OBA as holding back Bermudians, that there are 2,000 jobs lost etc, selling out Bermuda… these fear tactics are not only false and hollow and have no basis in reality, but they are a desperate attempt at winning an election based on lies, AGAIN….

  18. Gerald Herald says:

    PLP left ALL Bermudians behind when they LOST $5,000,000,000 and claimed they didn’t know where it went. Paula Cox and them throwing millions of dollars at foreigners in contracts. Where was the PLP’s moaning then? Hypocrites. PLP drained the milk from the udder of Bermuda, and left it so dry that GENERATIONS of youth here will SUFFER….

  19. Justin says:

    Say what you want about the OBA but nobody can deny that this island is moving forward. With the PLP we’d be going into reverse, again. Straight up.

  20. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    The best thing about it is even though the OBA have “potential” and actually (broken ground, etc) in actual fact the PLP have ZERO! They don’t even have potential…LMFAO!

  21. AD says:

    Ground will be broken by November 2011 for the new Park Hyatt Bermuda, Premier Ewart Brown said this afternoon.

    -October 10, 2010

    • James Rego says:

      And how many times did Brown repeat those words? Three times!

      • Zevon says:

        Plus his successor, Patrice Cantrememberhername, the PLP Tourism Minister after Ewart also promised the same thing. Failures. Empty promises.

  22. Skytrain says:

    Just food for thought. My next door neighbors who are Bermudian and in the taxi business just had rhe best two months of earnings in their history of over 10 years.
    This spokesman must have been off the island this past 2 months to have not seen what the tourism can do.

    • HOW MUCH for a gallon of milk?!? says:

      I don’t think hosting the AC is the same thing as general tourism. It was a one-off. Great time yes. Heady experience. But overall, temporary.

      • No way Jose says:

        The AC35 was a 5 week long event, and let me remind you and event the the PLP and its supports fought against. However the event had far reaching benefits regarding tourism. Every major Newspaper in our gateway cities highlighted Bermuda because of this event. You find me a major travel magazine, news network, morning show, yachting magazine, sports network, or travel show that did not talk about Bermuda and the Americas cup this past year and I will be very surprised. Even the Housewives of Potomac brought the show her and had the stars go out on the Team Japan boat.

        Some tourists come for the pink sand, some the blue waters, some the AC35, some the weather, some diving, some architecture, some fishing, some sports, some convenience, some to find love, and so on. We need to find as many things as we can to attract people here, and get them coming back.

  23. Yes Eye says:

    Yes lets go back to the PLP Tourism plan! Things were so much better. The PLP government was brilliant at revitalizing Tourism. Lets look at a few of their past triumphs. Please remind us at what the cost was and how many tourist actually traveled here for these. What was our return on investment again?

    Playboy Mansion Party
    Beyonce Concert
    Faith Based Tourism
    Globalhue Campaign

    Then there were the cruise ship contracts that they forgot to sign, which led to 12 less ships coming to Dockyard the following year! They forgot!!! Who does that?

    How many hotels closed during their 14 years? How many upgraded in 14 years? How many new hotels were built? Now lets compare the same to the past 4 years with the OBA. THese are the true indicators of consumer and investor confidence!

    However, , once again the most troubling thing for me is that they are simply saying they don’t like what the OBA has done, and say they can do better – but never say how.

  24. Remaining nameless says:

    Lots of PLP spokesperson articles of late. Who is this spokesperson? Not very transparent!

  25. SO Far SO good... says:

    Spin Spin Spin.. more of the same PLP BS and complaining with no offer of how to get BETTER results and faster.

    Didn’t the PLP pretty much subsidize the airlines and the half-empty aircraft that came in daily after the crash of ’08? I love how they question potential concessions by the OBA. SMH

  26. Let there be hope says:

    Really PLP? How soon you forget all your broken promises,And mismanagement of the public purse. The debt you have saddled our children with for generation to come. And all you do is mislead the people. OBA is not prefect, but they are the lesser of two evils.

  27. Common Sense says:

    The PLP benefitted their Friends and Family who became very wealthy, but the rest of Bermuda suffered

  28. Branch says:

    What exactly are the PLP offering? We’ve heard nothing, other than attacks on the OBA. No firm plans, no guarantees, just empty words and promises. Come up with something substantial of you own, and I’ll consider whether to vote for you. If not, I’ll be either a non-voter or OBA.

  29. Joe says:

    the Two Bermuda Alliance is mud slinging again !

  30. mdb says:

    The PLP have done what exactly that has benefit Bermuda as a whole? Oh, right…..nothing.

  31. the original swing voter says:

    please….were is your platform..I need to read it

  32. Kim S says:

    “The OBA has benefited one Bermuda, but, they’ve left the rest of us behind. Bermuda can do better. It’s time for a government that puts Bermudians first.”

    This simply is not true.

    • Kim S says:

      Correction, the first sentence simply is not true… that “The OBA has benefited one Bermuda, but they’ve left the rest of us behind.”

  33. Cow Polly says:

    What a load of tosh!

  34. LongBay Trading Inc. says:

    Maybe, just once, the PLP will declare the sky is blue and, providing it is daytime, I will show a bit of trust and look outside. Other than that, there is NOTHING, no hope whatsoever, that anything they say is true.

  35. Bermie says:

    We had 12 years of the plp putting themselves first and the rest of us got left behind the rest of the world

  36. wahoo says:

    Give me three examples of things that the plp did that created a boost for Bermuda and Bermudians during their terms in government to make it easier for you it can be in any sector not just tourism. Come on Onion Jizz I know you are checking in.

    • John says:

      But oyeah they had Beyoncé but oops that cost us a million maybe more we forgot about that it was during the “let’s blow the people purse years” from cristal to bust

      • No way Jose says:

        Actually the price tag for that concert series was $4 million and drew how many people here? 10, 20 maybe 50? Why would anyone in New York, Miami, Toronto pay to fly here to see Beyoncé in concert when they could see a better show, with more special effects and dancers, in their own back yard.

        It was a great PR political stunt , but was it a good tourist idea?

        They could have had much better exposure if they had given away 8,000 free airplane tickets at a value of $500 each.

      • James Rego says:

        @John, Beyonce concert cost the Bermudian taxpayers 3 million dollars and how about our 11 million dollar Cricketers?

        • aceboy says:

          Wasn’t there another $12m for football too?

        • wahoo says:

          $30M Port Royal and Faith Based Tourism “gate”. List goes on of things that make you say “whu..?”

  37. John says:

    Oops I am shocked even more