‘Century Casinos’ Submits Joint Application

August 11, 2017

Century Casinos announced that it has jointly submitted a license application for a casino at the Hamilton Princess, saying the proposed casino will have approximately 12,000 square feet of gaming space with 17 gaming tables, 200 slot machines, an automated roulette machine on its main casino floor and more.

This follows after last month’s announcement by the Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission that the Hamilton Princess submitted a “substantially completed Casino License Application, in a bid to become the Island’s first Integrated Resort Casino.”

“The fully-funded application, submitted in answer to the Commission’s Request for Proposal process, was received before the close of the current filing period, July 21, 2017. The application provides the detailed plans to develop a casino within the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, located on Pitts Bay Road in Hamilton, Bermuda,” the Commission said.

According to a statement [PDF] from the company, “Century Casinos, Inc. announced today that it submitted a license application for a casino at the Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club in Hamilton, Bermuda jointly with the company, which owns the property.

“At this time there are no casinos in Bermuda. The Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission [Commission], following the enactment of the Casino Gaming Act in 2014, initiated the three stage application process for the island’s first casinos in 2015.

“The Bermudian government granted two ‘designated site orders’, one thereof to the Hamilton Princess hotel in 2016, completing the first stage of the application process. In total, there is the potential for four licenced integrated resort casinos to operate on the island.

“The second stage of the application process started in April 2017, when the Commission published a notice starting a three month period for filing of an application for a casino licence, which ended on July 21, 2017.

“The next step will be a hearing of the application on September 22, 2017. This second stage may end with the award of a provisional casino license by the Commission. The Company believes that its application for the casino at the Hamilton Princess hotel is the only casino license application in Bermuda at this time.

“The third stage of the application process will be the suitability stage. Only at the conclusion of this final stage will a casino license be granted, permitting the offering of gaming to the public, subject to the final approval of the Commission to open and operate the casino.

“The Company, through its Austrian subsidiary Century Casinos Europe GmbH [CCE], entered in a long-term management agreement with Hamilton Properties Limited, a Bermudian company which owns the Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club.

“Pursuant to the management agreement, CCE assisted with the license application and would manage the operations of the casino, should a license be awarded. In addition, CCE would also provide loan funding in the amount of $5,000,000 for casino equipment.

“The casino with approximately 12,000 square feet of gaming space will feature 17 gaming tables, 200 slot machines and an automated roulette machine on its main casino floor, high limit area and salon privé.”

Century Casinos, is reportedly based in Colorado, describes themselves as “an international casino entertainment company that operates worldwide.”

“The Company owns and operates Century Casino & Hotels in Cripple Creek and Central City, Colorado, and in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and the Century Casino in Calgary and in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada,” the company states.

“Through its Austrian subsidiary, Century Casinos Europe GmbH, the Company owns Saw Close Casino Ltd. in Bath, UK and holds a 66.6% ownership interest in Casinos Poland Ltd., the owner and operator of six casinos in Poland.”

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Comments (7)

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  1. Mb says:

    Where will this planned casino be located?
    No one has said!!!
    12000 feet….
    Requires lot of parking and adequate security etc and HP is already tight space
    Will they use ballroom and no longer rent for conventions?

    • Reuben says:

      It is probably stated in their applications, and will be some where in the part that just renovated of the hotel.

      Why would they need more parking? More then likely they are planning to have this casino focus on their guests so why worry about parking. Security will no doubt be increased when they need it and will also be part of the whole application process.

  2. McGooner says:

    Hamilton Properties Ltd, who own the Hamilton Princess, are presumably owned by the Green family. Why would they need a loan of $5m to obtain casino equipment? Just throwin’ it out there….

    • Vamos says:

      Why would they use their own money? They aren’t stupid!

    • Ok says:

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  3. Real Onion says:

    Done Deal…..trust me!

  4. Jiggs Bda says:

    Nice to see progress on this front… I think it couldn’t happen to nicer hoteliers than the Green Family… Thanks for believing and continuing to invest in Bermuda, best of luck!!!