Kerry Petty Was ‘Thoughtful, Kind, Artistic’

September 30, 2017

[Written by Don Burgess]

Thoughtful, kind, artistic – those are just a few of the words Kerry Petty’s friends used to describe the talented baker who was killed in a traffic accident on Thursday morning.

Ms. Petty was on her motorcycle on Middle Road in Southampton when her vehicle was involved in an accident with a car, whose female driver was “arrested on suspicion of impaired driving.”

Kerry and her daughters

Ms. Petty was the creative genius behind the baked goods at Rock Island Coffee.

Former colleague Katherine Summerville said it was difficult to put in “a few sentences who Kerry was and how important she was to so many of us.

“She was a mother, a daughter, a friend and a wife. She was funny and artistic and an amazing cook, she was extremely organized and hardworking, thoughtful and kind.

Jenny Faries, who also worked with Ms. Petty at Rock Island, said, “Kerry was the genius behind all those delicious baked goods at Rock Island, although she just had a baby recently, so was just working part-time.”

Ms. Faries added, “Kerry was creative, talented and witty. She always told it like she saw it, even if you weren’t going to like it. She was a totally dedicated mom and friend to those closest to her.”

Ms. Summerville added, “Everything she did was for her family, especially her two girls Amelia and Isla. Kerry was happy and unafraid; she was rooted and gave so many of us, her friends and family, support, kindness and gentle guidance throughout our time with her.

“To say she will be missed would be the greatest understatement.”

Rock Island will be closed at least until Monday because of this tragedy.

Friend Laurel Monkman, who also worked with Ms. Petty at Rock Island, said, “Kerry was amazing at balancing being super opinionated and hilarious. I have spent more time laughing with her than with almost anyone.

“She was so kind, thoughtful and a loyal friend. Completely devoted to her family, I have never seen her as happy as she was the last several months. She was so happy. A truly unique person, she has left a whole that can never be filled.”

She leaves behind her husband, Jared Hollis, and their two daughters, Amelia [10 years old] and Isla [7 months] and a fundraising page has been set up “in Kerry’s honour with the aim to raise funds to support her daughters and the tough road they have ahead.”

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  1. Ms. G says:

    Condolence sent to Mrs. Petty’s family and friends! God bless you all!!!❤

  2. aceboy says:

    So sad. Thoughts are with the family.

  3. Loyal Patron says:

    This is such sad, sad news. Kerry was such an amazing spirit, my heart dropped when I heard she was the accident victim. Thinking of her family.