Video: Premier David Burt Press Conference

September 12, 2017

Premier and Minister of Finance David Burt held a press conference this afternoon [Sept 12], speaking on economic matters as well as initiatives from the Throne Speech. The press conference has just concluded and we will have additional information later on, and in the meantime the 11-minute live video replay is below.

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  1. john p says:

    This was just a rehash of the Throne speech, what was the point?

  2. Zevon says:

    Nothing about independence. Until he confirms that’s not happening he can forget all about growing the economy.

  3. have some backbone says:

    The best, definitely the brightest in the past 5 years, EASILY!!
    Thank God above that an intelligent, confident and knowledgeable PREMIER is existent.The prior individual….. A TOTAL DISASTER.

    • Ringmaster says:

      You can’t compare the two. Michael Dunkley, with Bob Richards, was committed to getting the economy fixed from what the PLP left in 2012. A $300m a year budget deficit now down to around $130m. Unfortunately that meant no money left to spend on the “nice” things that David Burt has put in the Throne Speech. The debt is still here with the annual deficit. They have to be paid for and reduced. It’s easy to say we will do this and this and not have to say how it will be paid for. The deficit is still there and will be growing, so soon David Burt, or some other spokesperson, will break the bad news. Then you will see the disaster that has been covered up since July.

    • Fabian M says:

      Betty, your work is done

      And Bermuda will keep on paying…

    • local says:

      lol we all know u slow, with that comment!

    • Do Right says:

      Marc Bean was our best Leader

  4. local says:

    This PLP government talks about what the OBA did but never speaks about what they did prior to the OBA. The OBA was well on there way to growing the economy and the PLP as a opposition was no help, all they did was get in the way.

    • mixitup says:

      Then why are they not still in Gov’t? You must be some other ‘local’ because 20,000 plus locals disagree with you.

      • aboogiewitdahoodie says:

        cuz they treated it like a competition lol

      • local says:

        Because the 20,000 who voted for the PLP are looking for handouts and they know nothing about investing for the future. They also don’t know that sacrifice builds success. The PLP knew they had to lie and say whatever they could to make sure that they got in power immediate, like telling the people the americas cup which is the biggest event in Bermuda history was bad for Bermuda. The plp knew the OBA second term would have seen great things for Bermuda and its people so they did and said whatever they could to get them out. So my gullible small minded countrymen forgot that the PLP was just in power and was the worst in Bermudas history with the money, with so much overspending and money disappearing. To me it doesn’t matter who is in power cause i’m going to get millions monthly no matter what. But good luck waiting for ya handout mixitup!

        • princess says:

          Local no one is not looking for a handout, people where tired of the OBA’s boot being on their necks and tired of being under a dictatorship who were more concerned about the 1% and not the working class.

          If you really want to talk about a handout you will need to look at the special legislation that was implemented for the America’s Cup which was basically welfare. We have socialism for the rich and vulture capitalism for the working class.

  5. Jose says:

    The honeymoon will wear off as soon as we see we have been duped again

    • To Jose:
      Thank God above the oba has dwindled!! They never had a honeymoon. Only
      pure, unfiltered garbage!!

      • Ed Case says:

        Let’s see where we are in 3 or 4 years. This is PLP time to shine, it also their chance to screw up AGAIN.

        Their choice plain and simple . Let’s hope they have some backbone to do it right, and show us that we haven’t been duped AGAIN!

  6. Jose says:

    Counting the days until all the new fitness equipment goes into our public parks ?

  7. cpm says:

    Was that Ewart getting out of GP1 at the airport?

  8. LongBay Trading Inc. says:

    I feel really sorry for people like ‘have some backbone’. Sorry that you and so many others believe the fairy tale that has been fed to you by the PLP. Little do you realise the train that is coming around the corner that will hit you with the TRUTH. And make no mistake…………… is coming.

  9. princess says:

    LongBay Trading Inc. The PLP has shown they have a heart for the people while the UBP disguised as the OBA were coldhearted/heartless.

    • aceboy says:

      Can you provide some examples of the OBA being cold hearted and or heartless please?

      Is this what Burt was talking about revenge for? Because he says the PLP is not about revenge….I don’t see what they needed revenge.

  10. princess says:

    aceboy If I have to mention the UBP who were disguised as the OBA then you have definitely been living in a cave

    • bda says:

      “aceboy If I have to mention the UBP who were disguised as the OBA then you have definitely been living in a cave”

      In other words…you have nothing.

    • Double S says:

      In other words you can’t provide one example to evidence your allegations.


  11. BDALion says:

    To all those thanking God for David Burt…

    Don’t be so self-regarding, don’t you think God (if he did exist) has more important things to do around the world than input a Premier of a tiny island in the Atlantic.

    By that logic he’s busy taking care of elections in the other 250+ countries…