Govt To Issue RFP: Human Resources Review

November 13, 2017

The Government said they wish to “implement a new human resources structure, and is seeking an independent human resources specialist” to “undertake an independent and comprehensive review.”

The Government said, “The Ministry of Cabinet Office with responsibility for Government Reform is committed to promoting good governance, and ensuring that the operations of the Bermuda Government are effective, efficient, open and transparent.

“In that regard, the Ministry has issued a Request for Proposal [RFP] for the provision of professional services for skills analysis. The aim is to ensure that the appropriate individuals are accurately placed within a new centralized human resources organizational structure.

“It should be pointed out that in addition to the Government’s main Department of Human Resources, there are ten other smaller Human Resource units throughout the organization.

“With that in mind, the Government of Bermuda wishes to implement a new human resources structure, and is seeking an independent human resources specialist to provide Professional Services to undertake an independent and comprehensive review of the current Human Resources functions.

“The public should be aware that in 2011 the National School of Government identified deficiencies in the government’s human resource functions and indicated that restructuring was required.

“The public will also be aware that the SAGE Commission made a similar recommendation. Matters such as service delivery, succession planning, talent management and the fragmented delivery model have all been cited as areas of concern within the Government.

“Interested parties and suitably qualified bidders are encouraged to submit their submissions no later than 30th November, 2017. The RFP documents can be found on the Government portal, starting tomorrow [November 14th], here.”

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  1. Beenthere says:

    About time! The Government HR Department is a joke. Why does it take 6 months (and sometimes longer) to fill a position? It is laughable; and everyone knows who the problem is but nobody wants to honestly address it. No leadership!!