Photos & Video Replay: Harness Pony Racing

November 13, 2017

[Updated with photos] The Driving Horse & Pony Club hosted another round of harness pony racing this afternoon [Nov 13] at the National Equestrian Centre on Vesey Street in Devonshire, as their 2017/18 season continues. The event is still underway as of this writing, and we will update with the results and a photo gallery as able, and in the meantime the live video replay is below.

The 22-minute live video replay is below:

Update Nov 14, 11.56am: Disaster was avoided at the conclusion of Heat 7 of the afternoon, with Kayla Caldwell in the bike of Stay Tuned made a remarkable save at the conclusion of her race.

Caldwell a rookie driver had just won her first race of the season in the 1:10&1 – 1:13 Flat Class Heat Two, just after crossing the line Caldwell’s left wheel came into contact with Christian Truran’s in the bike of Thisbabyrocks right wheel with the bike tilting to one side, but she was able to keep the horse under control and was able to keep the bike upright.

Meanwhile Ryan Burrows in the bike of Simsfield Hard Times won Heat One of the 1:04&4 & Faster Time Bar Class clocking a time of 1:05&1, while Andy Stoneham and Custard the Dragon was second in 1:05&4 and Christian Truran in the bike of Itsallaboutme finished third in 1:06&1.


The 1:07&2 – 1:10 Time Bar Class Heat One was won by Casey Truran in the bike of Big Mean Machine clocked a winning time of 1:07&2, Jorde Smith in the bike of Major Medical finished second clocking1:09&4, LR’s Last Chance with Kelsey Durham in the bike finished 3rd stopping the clock in 1:10&1 and finishing 4th was Candyce Martins in the bike of Inwood’s Progress clocking 1:10&2.

Heat One of the 1:10&1 – 1:13 Time Bar Class saw Christian Truran in the bike of Thisbabyrocks recorded a winning time of 1:09 flat, while Demian Tucker in the bike of Spirit of Brona was second in 1:10&1 and Kayla Caldwell with Stay Tuned in the bike finished third clocking a time of 1:12 flat.The full Harness Pony Racing results are here [PDF].

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