Shops Join Forces To Promote West Hamilton

December 19, 2017

More than a dozen shops have joined forces to promote the western side of Hamilton as a great place to do Christmas shopping.

Tomorrow [Dec 20] the shops, based around Par-La-Ville Road, Bermudiana Road and western end of Front Street will put on a special block party shopping night with discounts and a prize draw.

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Peter Lapsley, who runs &Partners, said: “There are some established businesses in this part of Hamilton, but also quite a few newcomers and we are all complementary to each other, so we decided on a collaborative approach that would benefit us all this Christmas.

“People can do all their Christmas shopping in this one area, and we want to draw to people’s attention that there are a lot of boutique-style places and some really interesting shops here offering a huge variety of goods.”

The block party starts at 5pm and will go on to 8pm. Each store will be doing something festive with special offers on the night, and there will be a prize draw for a $750 gift certificate covering all the shops taking part.

Shops West Hamilton Bermuda Dec 19 2017 (2)

Alexandra Mosher, who runs Alexandra Mosher Jewellery on the corner of Par-La-Ville Road and Front Street, said: “Every time someone buys something from one of the participating shops they can enter into the draw.

“Hopefully this will be the template we can use for future events as this area has so much to offer. It’s great that so many people have come together with one aim – to promote this as a good place to shop and do business.”

The shops taking part are: Alexandra Mosher Jewellery; Boutique CC, Blucks, The Chef Shop, Coral Coast, Davison’s, Energize Fitness, Milan Milan, My Closet, Nonna’s Kitchen, Orchid Spa, Sisley, Urban Cottage, Walker Christopher Goldsmith, Yo Cherry and &Partners.

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  1. sage says:

    Drinking in public, only legal for the well heeled, no brown paper bag necessary. Great message for the children, this addictive and dangerous drug is good for you and totally socially acceptable, one absolutely must have a glass of champagne for a photo shoot advertising a block party. Well done.

    • wahoo juice says:

      Wow aren’t you a treat? If you don’t want a drink don’t have one.

    • Point boy says:

      Pull your head out of the sand.
      I’d bet it wouldn’t be any of those pictured driving home drunk. But my money whould be on thousands of others. No exaggeration

    • JJ says:

      I’m sure they are not drinking on the street, it’s probably just for the picture. Why be negative??!! Unless your a hater or have nothing else better to do. Happy people promoting there businesses for the event. Support and not hate. Thankyou.

    • Maurice says:

      The photo is showing the individuals holding glasses of a beverage. The glasses are no where near their mouths. How do you know its alcohol? Where you present to sample the beverage in the glasses?

    • Toodle-oo says:

      You all must be new to reading her oh so predictable rants .