Annual School Lunch Challenge Awards Held

March 26, 2018

Awards were distributed at the annual School Lunch Challenge recently, with the ceremony being attended by Minister of Education and Workforce Development Diallo Rabain and the Minister of Health Kim Wilson.

A spokesperson said, “An important Government initiative aimed at halting an alarming trend in Bermuda has received a boost, with awards distributed at the annual School Lunch Challenge.

“The Government’s Throne Speech promised to engage all sectors of society in a coordinated, strategic plan to arrest the rise of obesity and diabetes.

“The School Lunch Challenge is an existing programme that instills healthy habits for school students at an early age. It tasks young people to foster life-long nutrition practices.

“It is designed to inspire students to align with the Schools Nutrition Policy and learn how to prepare a healthy lunch box for school.”

All the winners Bermuda March 2018

“The programme for primary and middle school students was sponsored by The Argus Group and the Bermuda Dietitians Association in partnership with the Department of Health.

“The awards ceremony, held at the corporate headquarters of Argus, was attended by both the Minister of Education and Workforce Development Diallo Rabain and the Minister of Health Kim Wilson.

“The School Lunch Challenge is based on educating students about the Bermuda Dietary Guidelines and the EatWell Plate. This teaches them balanced nutrition and the practical application of a healthy diet, which is also a part of the nutrition component in the Premier’s Youth Fitness Programme.”

Kamryn Fox – West Pembroke School:

Kamryn Fox Bermuda March 2018

Winners: P1

  • 1st prize – West Pembroke – Kamryn Fox
  • 2nd prize – East End Primary – Holden West
  • 3rd prize – West Pembroke – Jaylon Glasford

Winners: P2

  • 1st prize – Dalton E. Tucker – Ayami Wilkinson
  • 2nd prize – Somersfield -McKenna Redcliffe
  • 3rd prize – Somersfield – Jackson LaHuta

Winners: P3

  • 1st prize – Somersfield – Nora Ferris
  • 2nd prize – Somersfield – Kylen Richard
  • 3rd prize – Heron Bay – Ja’miyah Johnson

Winners: P4

  • 1st prize – Heron Bay – Genesis Payne
  • 2nd prize – Somersfield – Paige Lindo
  • 3rd prize – Port Royal – Noah Amaradasa

Winners: P5

  • 1st prize – Heron Bay – Jahnai Caines
  • 2nd prize – Somersfield – Rose Paulos
  • 3rd prize – Dalton E. Tucker – Lyce-Julez Burrows

Winners: P6

  • 1st prize – Port Royal – Tristan Robinson
  • 2nd prize – Heron Bay – Jaliyah Caines
  • 3rd prize – Heron Bay – Donte Sousa

Winners: M1

  • 1st prize – Somersfield – Ava Gabai-Maiato
  • 2nd prize – Somersfield – Liam Foster

Winners: M2

  • 1st prize – T.N. Tatem – Ashonee Abdullah
  • 2nd prize – Warwick Academy – Blake Oliveira
  • 3rd prize – Warwick Academy – Kwame Naylor

Blake Oliveira – Warwick Academy:

Blake Oliveira Bermuda March 2018

“Based on the winning child’s placement of first, second and third, schools received combined cash awards.”

School Winning Totals

  • Somersfield Academy – [2] First [5] Second [1] Third $ – 1,425.00
  • Heron Bay – [2] First [1] Second [2] Third – $950.00
  • West Pembroke – [1] First [1] Third – $400.00
  • Dalton E. Tucker – [1] First [1] Third – $400.00
  • East End Primary – [1] Second – $150.00
  • Warwick Academy – [1] Second [1] Third – $275.00
  • T. N. Tatem – [1] First – $275.00
  • Port Royal – [1] First [1] Third – $400.00
  • Total amount of winnings – $4,275.00

Entrance Awards:

  • School Entrants – Entrance award
  • MSA – $50.00
  • Gilbert – $50.00
  • St. George’s Prep – $50.00
  • Victor Scott – $50.00

“Total cash amounts received by schools was $4,475.00.


  • Somersfield Academy – Denise Carpenter
  • Heron Bay Primary – Amanda Lohan
  • Port Royal Primary – Stacey Babb
  • Dalton E. Tucker – Ayesa Brown
  • Warwick Academy – Shelly Grace
  • West Pembroke – Gail Williams

Gail Williams – West Pembroke School teacher:

Gail Williams Bermuda March 2018

Minister of Health Kim Wilson said, “I am elated to be here this afternoon to congratulate the winners of the School Lunch Challenge of 2017/18. It is always a pleasure to attend award ceremonies for our young people and their achievements. It is exciting to know that the partners are committed to our school children.

“The partners that have made this possible are lead sponsor The Argus Group, Bermuda Dietitians Association, Nutrition Services, Well Bermuda, Healthy Schools, Ministry of Education and Workforce Development. I am pleased with the partners’ initiative to work together in our schools, with students and the parents for change.

“I applaud everyone’s consistent efforts as once again we celebrate the 4th year of the School Lunch Challenge awards success.

“This challenge teaches students about good health, healthy eating and allows them to implement what they learned and to put it in practice to create a healthy lunch. This can and will help lead them to healthy habits as adults.

“There are various health conditions that continue to affect Bermudians however, the reality is that many of these chronic illnesses such as obesity and diabetes could be avoided or managed by healthier lifestyle and food choices. When poor eating habits can start as early as childhood, we are more than moved to encourage our young people to make better nutritious food choices to mediate change. Good nutrition is a key component to maintaining good health.”

Parents, friends and sponsors Bermuda March 2018

“Students in P1 to M2 continue to take an interest in your health. Seek out healthy food options regularly as these foods will help you to grow strong and keep your brain sharp.

“I am proud of all of you and I hope that each one of you will continue with healthy eating habits for a healthy body as you get older.

“Parents, the School Lunch Challenge has been well received with participation from twelve government and private schools, and it aligns with the teaching of the Bermuda Dietary Guidelines and the Eat WellPlate. The school lunches are the practical application of the guidelines and form an important part of the establishment of a peer group’s healthy eating habits.

“Educators, I know my learned colleague Minister Honorable Diallo Rabain will agree that your encouragement and support of the School Lunch Challenge is a very important part of the success of this programme. My Ministry appreciates what you do to make Bermuda’s future adults healthy, productive members of society.

“Students, keep up the healthy eating, and find activities you enjoy for lifetime habit of eating healthy and active living. We need all of Bermuda to follow and I’m very happy that you are leading the way.

“At the Ministry of Health our vision is “Healthy People in Healthy Communities.” I want to say thank you to all of the participants, including teachers, parents, community partners and especially students…and my congratulations to the winners.”

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