Keith Smith Earns PSEA Excellence Award

October 16, 2022

Keith Smith, the Custodian at Northlands Primary School, has earned the Public Service Excellence Award [PSEA], with the Government noting that he went “above and beyond to prepare the school for reopening in September, single-handedly conducting numerous repairs maintenance, and cleaning of the campus.”

A Government spokesperson said, “Last Friday, Premier David Burt and the Head of the Public Service, Dr. Derrick Binns recognized Mr. Keith Smith from the Department of Education as September’s recipient of the Public Service Excellence Award [PSEA].

“Mr. Smith is the Custodian at Northlands Primary School. He’s being highlighted for going ‘above and beyond’ to prepare the school for reopening in September, single-handedly conducting numerous repairs maintenance, and cleaning of the campus.

“The PSEA is a programme that recognizes Public Officers who are demonstrating admirable service delivery. Each month an individual or team is selected for their significant accomplishments in the last 60 days.


“Since the school closed for summer holiday, Mr. Smith has been the sole custodian at Northlands, which, due to the campus size, typically requires a small team to upkeep effectively.

“Mr. Smith performed a range of tasks, including fixing and replacing doors, moving furniture, stripping and waxing floors, reinstalling AC units, and cleaning the campus.

“He has been described by the school’s principal as a giant who “performed miracles”, for the extent of labor, time, and care put in to ensure the school was fit for reopening.”

“Mr. Smith consistently demonstrates that he is just as committed to student success as the teaching staff are,” said Northlands Principal, Mrs. Tamicia Darrell.

“A safe and orderly environment is a mainstay here at Northlands as a direct result of the pride he takes daily to maintain the school’s cleanliness. He is always available and willing to ensure that every room is prepared to meet the needs of students and staff. We would not be able to run our school without him.”

In recognising Mr. Smith, Premier Burt said, “Often service staff go unnoticed and unseen. However, these unsung heroes add so much value to the lives of those who they work to support.

“The students and families of Northlands may not realise who Mr Smith is or the integral role he plays in the ecosystem of their school. But; I am incredibly honoured to share his story today so that more people can be aware of his outstanding and selfless service to Bermuda’s youth.”

Dr. Binns added, “On behalf the Public Service Executive, thank you for your diligent service to the Department of Education and the staff and students of Northlands. We are delighted to present this award to you today, and wish you continued success and accolades in your role.”

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