Corporate Beach Soccer Tournament In August

May 17, 2018

The Bermuda Football Association [BFA] is scheduled to hold their second Annual Corporate Beach Soccer Tournament on Saturday, August 11th at Horseshoe Bay Beach.

The BFA believes the Corporate Wellness Beach Soccer Tournament brings together players of all levels, while uniting a broader audience, and it is hoped this year will bring forth more teams to the competition and will continue building on the momentum and excitement from last year.

BFA President Mark Wade said, “We are excited to have the 2nd edition of the Corporate Beach Soccer Tournament. Last year’s tournament was a great success and we are looking forward to it growing this year.

“The tournament combines elements that typify Bermuda and its people. Pink Sand Beaches, Football and the concept of a village raising our children. Once again Big Brothers and Sisters will be the beneficiary of the proceeds.”

The 2017 winning KPMG team has echoed this call by stating, “KPMG will have at least one team in the tournament this year after the great time we had last year [plus being champions in back to back years is always fun].”

The primary purpose is to promote Beach Soccer/Football by providing an inclusive fun, family oriented and safe event, which provides families and fans with an alternative to regular soccer/football.

In addition, as members of the Federation Internationale de Football Association [FIFA], we are promoting an endeavor that all member organizations are working to implement in their respective countries, and as such, Bermuda wants to make its contribution to the international soccer/football community.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda [BBBSB] will again receive the charitable donations from this event. BBSB was selected because of their commitment to meeting the needs of the youth in our community.

The KPMG Team also added, “Having members of Big Brother Big Sisters on each team was probably the most enjoyable part of the entire day, and actually being able to meet the kids and play football with them was big.

“It is one thing to donate to community events, but to actually be able to participate and get to know the kids you are helping is fantastic. It was a great day out for a great cause last year-looking forward to more of the same in August!”

BFA Assistant Technical Development Director, Don Vickers stated, “All charities play a vital role in Bermuda, and it is important that we can find ways to work together to support each other and people we serve. Therefore, the more teams, the more tents, the more we enhance the playing environment, the more we collectively help as a community.”

Registration is currently open to any team that would like to participate. For more information please visit or contact Don Vickers at

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