New T-Shirts Aim To Invoke Pride, Show Culture

June 25, 2018

#Itsabermudathing has launched their new Bermuda T-shirt line, with the creator saying the designs “are meant to invoke pride in de rock” and “capture our culture through abstract designs which can only be deciphered by those that truly know and have really experienced Bermuda.”

Itsabermudathing Bermuda June 24 2018 (1)

A spokesperson said, “Summer time is here and #Itsabermudathing is pleased to announce the launch of its 100% authentic Bermuda T-shirt line.

“The #Itsabermudathing tag line is ‘wearable Bermie culture’ – a collection that features designs that are meant to invoke pride in ‘de rock’ as well as create a nostalgic feel for all Bermudians.

“The ethos of #itsabermudathing is to capture our culture through abstract designs which can only be deciphered by those that truly know and have really experienced Bermuda.

“Established by chance through a passion for graphic artistry, the creator of #itsabermudathing, took his time to perfect the designs ensuring that he accomplished his goal of making a signature Bermuda based line that he hopes not only makes his fellow Bermudians smile with pride, but supports our community.

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#itsabermudathing has partnered with the Big Brothers Big Sisters Charity and will be donating a portion of each sale to further their great work in the community.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Managing Director Patrina O’Connor-Paynter said, “Cup Match is an exciting time in Bermuda! The East vs West rivalry is huge and these t-shirts are sure to be a big hit!

“We are extremely happy to have partnered with #itsabermudathing. The brand has successfully and brilliantly encapsulated our culture in each attractive and innovative design. I hope to see a ‘sea’ of people wearing #itsabermudathing Cup Match Tees – we are calling on all to help us reach the goal of selling at least 500.”

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The #Itsabermudathing team decided to launch the line with their Cup Match 2018 collection, with the company saying: “What’s so exciting about #itsabermudathing is that each design really has such a deep rooted sense of Bermuda pride and exhibits the many elements of our culture. The goal is to share our tiny island yet big unique culture one t-shirt at a time in a way that invokes intrigue.

“Our designs say ‘Bermuda’ without using the word. We hope that our fellow Bermudians can find a design, or designs, that aligns with their style and ultimately expresses their inner Bermie vibe.

“Our partnership with and support of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda represents our passion for our home and our desire to continually cultivate positive community vibes and ultimately a socially healthy Bermuda”.

itsaBermudathing Bermuda June 25 2018

The deadline for ordering the 2018 Cup Match collection is July 1st, 2018. The collection can be viewed and ordered via

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  1. Clarke L jones says:

    Love them

  2. Not Adding Up! says:

    Awesome T-Shirt Designs. We should make every politician wear these every time they go to Parliament to do work on our behalf.

  3. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    You can tell only one segment of Bermuda created this….smh

    • Pure Madness!!!!!! says:

      Yes, you are so correct. The human segment…. (eyes rolling)

    • Not Adding Up! says:

      Huh??? So what? Every product, service or business has a target market. You can not be all things to all people? Especially, a new business.

      If you see a hole in the market that is going unfilled …go for it, and create a business. Some do and some criticize. that is what separates Entrepreneurs from what I call EntreMANURES!

      Do these shirts appeal to me…not exactly but I would (and will) buy them for my children and grandchildren.

      Maybe you should Buy the shirt that says “Nine Parishes, One Rock, One Love” and take a break.

      • Not Adding Up! says:

        Comment Above directed at Jus’Wonderin.

  4. Catherine Dl says:

    LOVE them – so clever!!!