RA: Smart Meters “Meet FCC Safety Standards”

June 1, 2018

In light of recent public concern around the safety of ‘smart meters’, the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda is assuring the public that the meters deployed in Bermuda meet United States Federal Communications Commission [FCC] safety standards.

‘Smart meters’, or Advanced Metering Infrastructure [AMI], are used to meter the use of electricity and to relay that data using wireless technology.

A spokesperson said, “BELCO is replacing their manual-read meters to ‘smart’ technology and will issue further information to the public in coming weeks. The installation of ‘smart meters’ and the choice of the device used is a decision of BELCO and the Authority authorized the use of radio frequency [RF] spectrum for smart metering.

“The smart meters use RF only to transmit data from the meters. The RF feature is not used to monitor electricity usage. The smart meters used in Bermuda homes transmit meter data once every four hours, which equates to a total transmission time of less than one second per day. During the other parts of the day, the RF transmitter does not transmit any RF signals.

“The Authority has confirmed that the meters now being deployed by BELCO follow the FCC Guidelines for Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields, as per OET Bulletin 65. BELCO Smart Meters have been approved by the FCC in 2015, as being compliant with its requirements.

“In light of recent public concern, the Authority is conducting subsequent specific Maximum Permissible Exposure [MPE] testing this month to ensure that AMI meters remain compliant with the previously approved FCC standards and will release a report when complete.”

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  1. Imjustsaying says:

    WoW! That’s really reassuring. LoL!

  2. lol says:

    Love how ppl complain about these meters but say nothing about how bad cell phones, wireless routers, baby monitors, St Georges, 2-way radios etc are….smh

    • trueDoh says:

      Right. It’s mostly people who never learned science in school and grew up not know how the world works. Then they get on the internet and believe things based on emotion and not fact i.e. the laws of physics. Now no one can tell them different. Last year “the earth is flat” this year “radio waves kill”.

      • Frederique Zug says:

        I am sorry trueDoh, but smart meters radiation does kill, why do you think there is a MANDATED DISTANCE TO COMPLIANCE for any radio transmitter,including smart meters???

  3. Imjustsaying says:

    They are all bad for you. : Cell phones emit radiofrequency energy (radio waves), a form of non-ionizing radiation, from their antennas.Exposure to ionizing radiation, such as from x-rays, is known to increase the risk of cancer.It has been suggested that radiofrequency energy might affect glucose metabolism. So trueDoh don’t be see ignorant.

    • Frederique Zug says:

      Did you know that the radiation level from smart meters will causes interference to people with shielded and UNshielded medical implants?

    • trueDoh says:

      “suggested” “might” LOL.

      Despite being exposed to non-ionizing radiation since the beginning of time this is the best you got? I call bs, I need to see your sources. Anyone that is opposing smart meters that is not Amish is a hypocrite.

  4. Kathy Cervino says:

    I wish more people would be concerned about the fumes BELCO is emitting every day with no future plans for the next 30 years to transition to renewable energy rather than the damn smart meters that would help us get there.

  5. SMH says:

    “don’t be see ignorant.”

    The irony is strong.

    Radio waves have been hitting earth since the beginning of time. Many other forms of radiation as well.

    Learn the difference between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, please. You still haven’t grasped it.

  6. Frederique Zug says:

    SMH, trueDoh, lol It’s nice to see you think smart meters are 100% safe.
    BUT, all I see is your words, do yo have something a little more CONCRETE?
    Can you give us the link to the FCC’s CERTIFCATION EXHIBIT?
    A copy of the DISTANCE TO COMPLIANCE or the DO NOT INSTALL DISTANCE is better evidence in a court case.
    We do not even know who you are, but we know who the FCC is, so please help us.

  7. trueDoh says:

    You are making the claim so please provide the proof. Not that there is a minimum distance, but that they are harmful to human health. Keep in mind the smart meters will transmit for 1 second per day. The health effects should be overwhelming to cause any concern.

    I saw Warren’s videos but that is not proof. There are too many unknown factors. Like he showed how loud it was and then pretended to sleep, like the noise didn’t startle him and cause the deviation in his heart rate. And the sound was conveniently muted so we would never know. Or showing the disturbance on the oscilloscope as if a blender couldn’t produce the same results.