BELCO Requested To Provide IRP Proposal

November 19, 2017

Further to BELCO being issued with a Transmission, Distribution and Retail [TD&R] license on 27th October 2017, the Regulatory Authority has issued a notice requesting that BELCO submit an Integrated Resource Plan proposal [“IRP Proposal”] to the Authority by 15th February 2018.

A spokesperson for the Authority stated, “An Integrated Resource Plan, when approved and final, details how electricity demand will be met in the future.

“Consistent with Section 40 of the Electricity Act and the TD&R license held by BELCO, the Authority has formally commenced this important phase of electricity regulation. It should be noted this is the first part of the IRP planning process.

“The second part includes public consultation on the IRP Proposal and will include the opportunity for third parties seeking to provide electricity to the transmission grid [in competition to BELCO generation] to state their views and positions on the IRP Proposal and to submit alternative generation proposals.

“The IRP process, and the outcome, is integral to the development of the electricity sector in Bermuda, both in terms of securing competitive and reliable electricity supply to the transmission grid, as well as driving cost efficiency.

“Once the public consultation phase begins [following BELCO’s submission of an IRP Proposal], there will be full opportunity for views and proposals to be provided in relation to the role of both renewable and non-renewable electricity generation within the sector.”

The Notice of Request for Integrated Resource Plan Proposal is below [PDF here]:

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