Ariel Sands Listed For Sale At $12,500,000

July 18, 2018

The Ariel Sands property in Devonshire is listed for sale, with an asking price of $12,500,000.

The listing by Rego Sothebys International Realty says, “Located off Bermuda’s South Shore in Devonshire Parish sits Ariel Sands a one-of-a-kind development consisting of 14.5 acres zoned ‘Tourism’ of that 4.5 acres zoned ‘Woodland Reserve’.

Ariel Sands Bermuda July 17 2018 1

“The property’s most iconic feature is its stunning shoreline which extends 300 feet along Bermuda’s southern coastline with two unique natural salt water pools: the Ariel Sands. There are previous plans for a cottage colony including a number of villas, a hotel, restaurant, spa and gym and a natural spring spa.

“Historic intrigue adds to the allure of this property as its been claimed that Bermuda and it’s at times stormy seas were the inspiration for Shakespeares play ‘The Tempest’ and so, it is fitting, that this charming locale should take its namesake from the tempest sprite Ariel.”

Ariel Sands Bermuda July 17 2018 2

“Ariel Sands was originally owned in the 1840s by Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Melville Dill whose family ancestry dates back to 1630 when the Dill’s first arrived in Bermuda from Ireland.

“Inspired by its heritage and the convenient central location to the island’s favoured amenities including golf courses, restaurants and proximity to the City of Hamilton, the property was acquired by award-winning actor and producer Michael Douglas, son of Bermuda born actress Diana Dill.

“Having been completely cleared of any pre-existing works, the land sits in its organic state ready for immediate development.”

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  1. Sealed says:

    Like rats deserting a sinking ship.

    • inna says:

      We have SUNK and the rats offloading properties like Ariel Sands are only going to make the ship sink quicker!

      • Kimberley Smith says:

        If someone buys the property, they’re probably going to be doing something with it. Well, I wouldn’t buy something for $12.4m and then abandon it.

    • Harsh reality says:

      Actually this property has been sitting vacant for almost 10 years.

      • SON of SPARTACUS says:

        Yes Fabian blew the roofs off and it has been a long long time empty.

        • Harsh reality says:

          Actually you’ve misremembered. Fabian struck in 2003 and Ariel Sands closed in 2008. Fabian was not a factor in them shutting their doors. They had some damage from Fabian (so did most along the South Shore) but they were not shut down in any way because of Fabian.

  2. Sara says:

    Does anyone live in those condos? Is it open for tourists to stay there?

    • Kimberley Smith says:

      Those condos don’t belong to Ariel Sands I don’t think. They are occupied, yes.

  3. drew says:

    No one has faith in this economy..sell before you cant

  4. Mrs Brady says:

    If you’d given CZJ Status they would have stayed. They were great ambassadors for us and this is another loss for Bermuda.

  5. Daren says:

    I am Bermudian I moved my family off island….. see ya wouldn’t wanna be ya

  6. Onion Puke says:

    Nice Cup Match campsite for Onion Juice and the bunch.

  7. Navin Johnson says:

    Did CZJ apply for status or even need it…..

    • James says:

      Why on earth would she want it. The family already owns properties here. She does not need to work.
      What would it possibly give her?

      • Answer says:

        Not much. Pretty much nothing. It’s a bit like asking “what would independence do for us”? Nothing.

      • Mrs Brady says:

        You are obviously Bermudian.

  8. Not blind says:

    Notice how the property developed condos to sell and bank funds then no intention on building a hotel property. Now they sell to offload the remaining

    • Blind Igerunce says:

      Many plans drawn up.
      When investors cannot make a return on their money because the cost of doing business in Bermuda makes it impossible to eek out a return, then there is no point flogging a dead horse. There is only so many times you can lead a horse to water….. and I guess none would drink !

      If people think the likes of Arbitrade will save us, they are delusional.

  9. campervan says:

    14.5 acres of Prime Bermuda real estate for the price of a large town home in the smarter parts of London or NYC. Oh how Bermudas stock is falling.
    Any guesses what it will actually sell for and how long it will take?

  10. San Patrick says:

    What happened to the hotel MD was going to build for the OBA in the run-up to the election? Talk about foreign interference in an election. I would rather sink on this ship than be on a ship with DT and MAGA or be on a BREXIT.

    • What a difference an election makes says:

      What happened? The election happened that’s what. The fact that this is now being sold post election does not bode well for our future. Under the OBA we had hotels developing. Since the election, Morgans Point has had a major downturn and now this. Why? The PLPs financial track record speaks for itself.

  11. SON of SPARTACUS says:

    Sorry to see Ariel Sands on the block….. going cheap.

    Is Michael Douglas abandoning the project ?
    It is a shame, but perhaps the numbers didn’t add up. Real Estate values have plummeted in the past few years, whilst costs of doing business here have increased…..
    Electricity, Healthcare, Food, Building costs are all through the roof.

  12. Eve says:

    The Dill Bermuda homestead has been for sale for at least 2 years which confirms Michael has no interest in keeping his Bermuda heritage. Selling Ariel Sands completes his intent to close out the family heritage in Bermuda. Sad that an early Bermuda family and great ambassadors for Bermuda feel the need to leave entirely. The Ariel Sands property would be a bargain at $12M but look at the number of luxury properties for sale on the island and it is obvious the very wealthy have lost interest in maintaining a home on Bermuda. There has been minimal interest in the new residences at The Loren and The Cove which confirms too that the wealthy don’t want to risk buying in Bermuda. Cost of living is destroying the pink paradise!

  13. Elizabeth Rawson says:

    I worked in Front of House from 1981 for 5 years at Ariel Sands Beach Club,
    it is a beautiful property, an island gem, so sad to see its demise, I am now a Real Estate Broker in Florida, will forward details to investors, but the numbers have to work!!.

  14. Fran says:

    I stayed there for my honeymoon in May 1982. It was lovely . I remember the Ariel statue. Also remember a lady named Merle. I believe she was the restaurant hostess. Loved my stay there and the island. Very sorry to hear all this about the property and the island.

  15. Lynn says:

    My parents first brought us to the Ariel Sands on my sister’s 16th birthday; old enough to ride a moped. We came back 3 more times as each of reached 16 and then again on 2 more occasions, the last with my children. What a shame to see it totally gone. Best fruit punch ever and so many wonderful memories.