‘Lunch Wagon On Grass, No Vendors On Beach’

August 9, 2018

[Updated] Following a meeting today about the proposed concessions at Shelly Bay, it has apparently been agreed that it is “acceptable for a food truck/lunch wagon could be located in the grassy area adjoining the parking lot, but no vendors will be located on the beach.”

This is according to LaVerne Furbert, who told Bernews, “Our group met earlier today with Ministers David Burch and Jamahl Simmons and it was agreed that Shelly Bay Beach will not be included in the BTA’s Beach Vision.

“We agreed that it would be acceptable for a food truck/lunch wagon could be located in the grassy area adjoining the parking lot, but no vendors will be located on the beach.”

Ms Furbert said that in addition to the two Ministers — who handle the Tourism & Economic Development and Public Works Ministries — others who took part in the meeting included MP Derrick Burgess, MP Tinee Furbert, Alan Smith, Cheryl Ann Griffin and Esme Williams.

The topic of having concessions at Shelly Bay has been discussed lately, with the BTA in favour of the concept, while some have opposed it, and today’s meeting was held in advance of this evening’s event, in which the Bermuda Tourism Authority has invited the community to Shelly Bay Park “to experience a planned temporary concession area.”

We have reached out to the Bermuda Tourism Authority and Ministry of Tourism for comment and will update as able, and we also plan to live stream from this evening’s event at Shelly Bay.

Update 3.05pm: A BTA spokesperson said, “We’re continuing with tonight’s event. We’re not going to abandon the entrepreneurs. They’ve worked too hard.”

Update 4.55pm: A few photos showing the Shelly Bay area this afternoon. As stated above, the BTA will be hosting an event tonight, and we will be live streaming from it.

Update 6.32pm: Our stream is now live, you can view that here.

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  1. redrose says:

    So never mind new business and jobs for Bermudians, never mind welcoming our tourists, never mind adding to the economy, never mind tourism … pathetic nimbyism

  2. Wahoo says:

    Will the food truck be made responsible for maintaining toilet facilities or is that on the taxpayer.

    Thank you Laverne for interference.

    • Black Soil says:

      Laverne never goes to the beach. Funny that she kick Burt crypto-butt.

  3. Bolt Action Rifle says:

    Just put THE sign up at Shelly Bay Beach:- “LOCALS ONLY – TOURISTS & FOREIGNERS GO SOMEWHERE ELSE”

    • cicada says:

      I met with more than one tourist at Shelly Bay last week who had been going there for over 30 years, and who were very much against all the changes and who wanted the development stopped. I gave them the info to contact BTA so they could get their say.

      • Do it says:

        Oh shut your pot hole! You talk so much crap it’s hilarious! “I met tourists” yeah right! And I met God and he said you are full of s***!

    • Ortega says:

      Probably be bet better to put the sign at the airport!

  4. Rocky5 says:

    So all the other Bermudian entrepreneurs who were looking to set up at Shelly Bay have all been shafted by the PLP.

    • Well at least we were’nt promised 2000 jobs.

      • Onion Puke says:

        But under your nimrods leadership should be easy enough to shed another 1,000. Better learn how to make your own shoes from used tires.

        • Time Shall Tell says:

          Well, there it is. A relic from the past. The revival of the old Boogey Man scare tactics.. didn’t work then, won’t work now..

  5. Paul says:

    The flip flop ministers, have agreed to to go to cabinet and have the Shelly Bay fiasco removed from the list of beaches that were advertised,
    I wish they would make a decision and stick with it.

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      That fixed mindset you wish for is what got the last government ousted.

  6. NO MEANS NO says:


    • F!@# you. Thats de slave era.
      Thats why your party lost de last election, with that ideology.
      F!@#ing Trump trolls !@#$%

      • Double S says:

        Actually slavery still goes on until this day you ignorant fool.

        • Ya, its called cheap labour in the disguise of nannies, chefs, landscapers,farm labourers and construction workers.
          But I wont allow you Right Wing liberals to disrespect my ancestors for the era they lived in and thanks to Organized Labour we as a People wont go through that $#!+ again in this Island.
          Who’s de ignorant fool now?

          • NO MEANS NO says:

            You realize that there is a world outside Bermuda lol

          • Double S says:

            “Who’s de ignorant fool now?”

            Still you, you moron.

            Actually slavery still exists in this world, not the made up nonsense you just spouted.

      • Onion Puke says:

        There’s that Grade 10 education!!

        • Time Shall Tell says:

          As you try a childish play on words with his name, you try to talk about grade 10 mindsets? It’s lost on you huh?

          • Onion Breath says:

            Time Shall Tell:
            You’re either Onion Juice, of you’re working beside it.
            You too are a homophobic, racist, misogynist, bigot.

            Typical plp/trump supporter

            • Time Shall Tell says:

              OK son, anything else you want to get off of your chest? No, I am not Onion Juice, I am in no way affiliated with him & there are actually times I don’t agree with him. However, nowhere in any of my posts or statements on Bernews would give an impression of where I stand on the unrelated topics you bring up. So, this makes me question why you would run off at the mouth randomly accusing me of things you have no clue of.

              I have no fear of homosexuals so no, I am not homophobic.

              I am regularly in mixed circles of all races as I have no preference either way or the other. You would never see or hear me judge anyone based on their race, so I am by no means racist.

              You have no clue if I am a male or female, so how could you call me a misogynist?

              You’re calling me a bigot yet you’re on this insult tirade on the sole grounds that I called you out for calling someone childish all while you were childishly mocking him?

              If you would have paid attention to any of my political posts, you would know that I hold no political position as far as parties go. I have criticized the shortcomings & achievements of both parties equally. Had you of known me as you claim to based off of the unfunded insults you have thrown my way, you would know that I actually don’t like party politics & think it does nothing more than stagnate the progress of the island as a whole.

              One thing I can 100% stand up & say that I am in no way a Trump supporter.

              So, there you go, you’re 0/8 in your insults, you, however, did prove my original point on your mindset though.

  7. Um Um Like says:

    Do west-end residents have any say in this?

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      No, now go home & keep that cup polished for next year..

  8. jt says:

    They should have proposed ATV rentals.

  9. chart says:

    LOL scared of Laverne

    • Harry Buttle says:

      It certainly looks like it on the interviews.

  10. Eveslate says:

    It feels like old school backroom politics prevailing over a respectful forward thinking creative initiative.
    Why cant the make way for the future, they are holding us back from being a better island.

  11. cantbelieveit says:

    How is it that LaVerne and the others were given such a platform to speak and then protest and then go directly to Burch? Its beyond insane. She will protest anything and the PLP will listen. There is no democracy in Bermuda anymore.

    • Now you know how it feels after OBA catered to their base.
      Get over it.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Says the guy who thanks to the ‘doubling of the debt’ wasn’t made redundant like he should have been .

      • Onion Breath says:

        The OBA catered to all Bermudians.
        The bigoted, homophobic and xenophobic plp caters only to ‘certain people’.

        Get off your high horse, you’re nothing but a troll. A bigot, a racist and a fool.

  12. Sorry Sir says:

    Well this is putting the buggy before the horse.

    So good ol’ LeVerne went to her gummit buddies.
    Unfortunately, BTA I believe has the final say.

    Although I agree Shelly Bay should be left alone.
    I get it. There’s not much public beaches in central. All the good beaches are private property to the “Other Bermuda”. You wouldn’t believe how many good beaches are privately owned.

  13. Still Laughing says:

    Soooo this means that once again, young Bermudian entrepreneurs have their ideas trampled on just to appease those who are terrified of change and to also show their ignorance as to how the economy works. And one wonders why our young men and women are leaving our shores to find a better life!

  14. Ortega says:

    Why do the SB5 get their way but the ATV protesters get told their concerns don’t matter?

    Haha, Bermuda’s future looks very bright indeed!! Can’t for the life of me understand why more tourism and international capital isn’t flowing in?!?!

  15. Double S says:

    I swear Burch said the other day that he and his Government were all about lifting up small businesses. Guess Laverne and Co. matter more than they do to him now. Disgusting.

  16. Double S says:

    PLP = Standing Strong for political insiders

  17. Pondering says:

    have a look at Tobacco Bay. While it is great that there’s a successful business there, the beach is totally unlike what it was. No longer a peaceful respite, it’s now packed with loungers, blasting music and full of party-goers at the concession, and the parking’s impossible. I think an open bar is not a good idea at the beach. Perhaps it could be moved away from the area where tourists/locals just want to enjoy the sea and sand.

    • Rocky5 says:

      Just put up a LARGE sign at the new Airport – “Tourists NOT Velcome HERE.”

    • Harry Buttle says:

      Unfortunately that’s what tourists want. Beach side bar/restaurants have always been popular with the tourists (and locals alike). Unfortunately that’s not what the locals want – and by doing that you keep the place chronically boring. Visitors don’t want quiet idyllic beaches – they want something to do as well as lounge.

      If anyone wants Bermuda to revive its’ tourist model, being able to sit next to a beach, drink a beer and rent a kayak is key to their enjoyment of the island. Don’t send them to another beach – it won’t work. People are lazy and if you snub them at beach 1, they’re unlikely to be interested in beach 2.

      Oh well – enjoy your quiet beach.

    • mrs smith says:

      Clearwater is jus around the corner xxx maybe a mix of the two types of beach might help

    • BermudaRat says:

      Thank you, Pondering, for bringing up Tobacco Bay which is another example of a beach being ruined. It has been encouraging to finally see Bermudians objecting to one of our most valuable resources, our beaches, being destroyed by over commercialization. Be very vigilant and watch out for the next beach that will be designated for entrepreneurs. Keep our beaches beautiful to avoid becoming environmental disasters like Horseshoe Bay and Tobacco Bay.

    • PBanks says:

      The beach bar was dropped very quickly from the list of options for Shelly Bay and nobody objected to that.

      With the recent turn of events it looks like the only thing to settle is where and how will replacement restroom facilities be set up.

  18. Can’t win says:

    As far as Lavern is concerned I believe her issue is personal as she can’t stand Kevin Dallas
    I believe had there been another individual who looked like her and was the head of the BTA the outcome would hv been different
    One minute it’s all about young Black Bermudians getting ahead now their own is slapping them in the face.
    Let’s see which beach is protested next.
    Will they fight as hard
    Probley not

  19. Just a suggestion says:

    If there was a way to stop economic growth, or encourage Bermudian youngsters to get off their backsides and make a little bit of cash during the holidays with a lemonade or ice cone stand this is not the way to do it. People go on about two Bermudas’. This type of selfishness is one cause. I don’t have a say though, I live east of Whitehill. What a joke

  20. 235 says:

    Is that it! All this backlash against those that took a stand on behalf of the community. I for one, (and there are at least 1500 others that we know of) are very grateful to those who stuck their necks out on our behalf. On behalf of our children, grandchildren, Hamilton Parish residents and the peoples of Bermuda, we thank you.

    Success isn’t always green. As a community of people, we have compromised too many of our values chasing the dollar.

    Thank you PLP. Thank you BTA. Thank you community activists.

    Breathe people breathe.

    • Too little says:

      Ok but stop complaining when we have to pay more tax because there is no tax coming in from a valuable asset like our beaches! Dumb a$$!

  21. Onion Puke says:

    Way to go Lavereneeeeee! You and Cornel Major “Sleepy” Burch should solve all the world’s problems with your narrow minded tactics. If the BTA was a PLP idea (like they could have a good one) you’d be down there with balloons saying how wonderful it is! You two would not recognize progress if it said hi to your face

  22. joe says:

    While I am not necessarily in favour of adding much commerce to Shelly Bay (maybe in a limited way), I do not agree with the process that Laverne Furbert and cronies have used, that is, bypass direct consultation and negotiations by going to Cabinet friends and seeking favour.

  23. simple says:

    everything the bta touches is pretty much successful! o well bermudians lose out again!

  24. Micro says:

    Thought the whole point was for the vendors to be located on the site of the old building?

  25. Rocky5 says:

    25 – 11. SHUT down Tobacco Bay, Horseshoe Bay, Shelly Bay, St. Catherine’s Beach, Snorkel Park, Hog Bay Park ATV’s! BERMUDIANS had ENOUGH of these ANNOYING foreign Tourists!! They should only be allowed on PRIVATE beaches!! Next thing they’ll want to have another Big Sail Boat Race HERE!!

  26. Stormy daniels says:

    Wonder what Mrs furbert thinks of the 75k that PLP provided Somerset cricket club with?

  27. George Jones says:

    This is a local beach for local people, we’ll have no trouble here.

  28. Comfortably numb says:

    Tail wagging the dog, Burch and Simmons need to grow a pair.

  29. Onion Breath says:

    It’s Shelly Bay. It’s the worst beach in the world…you all can have it.

    Let’s face it , it’s popular with some locals because it’s almost impossible to get wet above the knee at this awful place.

  30. Eve says:

    BTA comes up with their vision of what they want at Shelly Bay and goes ahead with all the planning as if it is “done deal”. They line up potential vendors and make promises to them of financial assistance which in turn has the vendors investing some of their own money in preparation for final approval. BTA knows their version/vision is almost guaranteed to get approval before they announce it. Working for or with the BTA is the most lucrative position on and off the island!

  31. question says:

    It’s a great beach if you like broken bottles and used diapers.

  32. don't forget says:

    Make sure to leave room for people to bring their big ass sub-woofer and speakers.