Column: ‘Been Busy Expanding Opportunities’

October 13, 2018

[Opinion column written by Junior Minister for Tourism Senator Crystal Caesar]

Since winning the General Election of 2017, the PLP, under the Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism has been busy providing opportunities for the people of Bermuda. These are opportunities for all Bermudians; the people who entrusted us with leading our island home.

The aforementioned ministry, of which I am the Junior Minister, has been busy expanding opportunities for our entrepreneurial-minded citizens and enhancing our appeal for Tourism investment.

With that said, let me outline what has been happening because all too often we do not highlight what is actually taking place and allow the ‘noise’ to create doubt.

The Ministry has accomplished much over the past year, including, but not limited to:

  • Introducing the Tourism Investment Act to not only make Bermuda more appealing for hotel investment but also which raised the percentage of Bermudians required to be hired for investors to qualify for tax relief
  • Doubling the guarantee capacity through BEDC to ensure new entrepreneurs have the opportunity to have increased access to start-up capital, enabling them to create jobs for themselves and others
  • Launching, through the BEDC, the Enterprise Incubator Program, an intensive, nine-month development program where 6 entrepreneurs honed their business ideas and implemented strategies for success
  • Introducing a Housekeepers Training Program with our hotels, the Bermuda Hospitality Institute and the Ministry of Workforce Development that protects entry level positions for Bermudians, provides employment to Bermudians on Financial Assistance and providing participants with certification from The American Hotel and Lodging Association
  • Creating a Summer Entrepreneurship Program for our Bermudian youth to cultivate and encourage entrepreneurship while creating an opportunity to earn money over the summer
  • In tandem with the Ministry of Finance, creating payroll tax relief for first time entrepreneurs
  • Launching the debt consolidation micro loan debt program
  • In tandem with the Ministry for Works and Engineering launching the Bermudian Beach Resort project
  • Partnering with Bermuda Heroes Weekend to insure the stability and growth of that event
  • Appointing a Director of Cooperative Economics to begin the process of laying the legislative and policy framework that will enable the growth of cooperatives and to lead on the facilitation of Social Enterprise within Bermuda

Despite these accomplishments, we recognize that still more must be done to get Bermudians employed, trained, promoted and making a decent salary in their own country. And there are many other wheels turning in the background to ensure that Bermuda continues to work for all. In the coming weeks, you can expect updates on other aspects of the progress we are making for Bermudians.

It is important to remember that the PLP did not cause a worldwide economic downturn in 2008 of which the whole world was affected and still feels the effects. The Opposition falsely likes to attribute that kind of power to the PLP and would it not be great if we did have it, but I digress.

But no, we are busy! Busy attempting to mitigate the effects of airport revenue that will not come to benefit the island for the next 30 + years; busy figuring out how to recoup the 100 million dollars that went to throwing a raft up for billionaires instead of funding education, seniors and creating long-term employment opportunities; busy working to balance the needs of the business community and the residents that welcome those businesses, work in those businesses and help those businesses to thrive.

The noise emanating from the Opposition ranks is there to confuse and distract. Rest assured, that your PLP government is very much on track to achieve our platform promises and develop a fairer and better Bermuda for all.

- Crystal Caesar


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Comments (34)

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  1. WSP says:

    Blah blah,14 months later still nothing,except hot air articles like this one.Nice try Crystal

  2. Mark says:

    The very first sentence is laughable. No need to read further. From the moment the plp/trump party took power they have done nothing for us. Who is this lady anyway? How many nobodies will they trot out to sell us bald faced lies?

    • steve says:

      Read the last paragraph.Same old Ignorant political food for the gullible. Funny you forgot to mention the Great Evil Fahey and pathways?…must be saving that one for your next op ed

  3. Love it says:

    Thank you senator. Again these ppl act like we didnt have a global recession where EVERYWHERE was affected. That’s what we had debt and couldn’t create revenue because no body was spending money at the time world wide. Recession is not quite over but if u listen to the obaubp you would have thought they fixed world hunger and the economy when in actuality they pretty much doubled the debt in less than 4 years. It took the PLP 14 to get to 1.4 billion in but after the oba got booted out now it’s up to 3 and rising. But let that lying opposition tell you otherwise. They spent over 100 million but want to act like they didnt even though the evidence and proof is their on an elitist boat race. Glad they are out. Getting rid of the UBP members on the outside and putting more surrogates in your party ain’t gonna do you OBA lot no good especially when you got a disgraced former premier as your leader. Wow some great leadership there. In Bermuda’s short political history he is the only premier to resign in disgrace and you oba followers want to act like the man in Gandhi. Mark my words the obaubp will NEVER regain power ever again dont care how many puppets they recruit.

    • question says:

      Everywhere else was in and out of recession in 15 months. Bermuda’s PLP recession lasted 7 years. While other countries were booming and growing their economies, Paula Cox was telling how great it all was while Bermuda’s economy was still shrinking by 7% a year.
      It took the PLP 5 years to go from $150m in debt to $1.4bn. At the point you were booted out you were spending $400m a year more than you took in.
      And here we are again, with the economy shrinking by 10% year over year, and Bert pretending it’s all normal.
      And not one single job created by the PLP.

      • Ringmaster says:

        No jobs and no new hotels, although the PLP were very good with blowing them up. On the other hand, Jamaica is seeing continued investment in new hotels, and increases in visitors and spending. This has been the case for many years. How have they managed to recover from the 2008 recession when Bermuda apparently can’t?

        The PLP’s best effort is giving their own millionaires even more money from the in debt Government money pit. Even the Bermudian Beach project was rejected by one of their own staunchest supporters.

  4. simple says:

    hey now that boat race made us 300mil remember plp been in power for 20 years and still havent bermuda a return yet and still waiting! tick tock tick tock!

  5. SayItAintSo says:

    I’m disappointed Crystal. This continued childish bashing of the OBA has to stop for us all to move forward. I’m starting to lose faith after hearing these same untrue or partial facts repeated over and over. You must think we are all stupid. I took the time toreview and ask questions about the airport deal. It’s far from perfect but what it should be doing is letting us concentrate on more important matters like education, public transportation etc. The PLP is spending too much energy on the airport just to try and keep us angry against the opposition. Get over it and move on make a difference like you promised. Same for the sailboat race. I’m tired of hearing the numbers that the PLP keeps throwing out. Even I can see the big picture and how the island benefited. It wasn’t for me but it was a step forward. What is clear is that the PLP is killing all the future benefits we should be receiving from this event. The money was spent and we should have continued the momentum in our own direction. I’m sick of the PLP personal vendettas when they promised to be looking out for us.
    Stop the trash talking and get on with the work you promised. If there was real progress you wouldn’t have to keep repeating these false facts. Stop thinking that we are all stupid.

  6. Grateful says:

    Thank you Senator for the updates and reminders. Please continue to reinforce what is being done and remind us of the failings of the previous administration. The haters would like us to forget it; just like they want us to forget the racist and discriminatory practices of the past.

  7. Dready says:

    I will never vote PLP again. No new jobs, new taxes, more expensive health care and politicians flying all over!

      • Anbu says:

        We know oj, we know. And u still cant fix the country lol. Keep showing how inept your party and its followers are tho. Almost 2 years and counting and zilch has been done to improve your life. Keep licking that boot bro.

        • Toodle-oo says:

          aah , but his life HAS been improved. He got a nice pay rise at the expense of the long financially strangled private sector.

  8. smh says:

    I’m really hoping the PLP begins to focus on substance and results soon.

  9. smith says:

    Thanks Crystal for keeping us up to date on what the party is getting done, don’t let some of these comments get to you,we will always have
    some people that will criticize no matter what.

  10. Predictable says:

    The ‘08 recession has ended everywhere else in the world except for Bermuda. The second greatest wealth explosion in modern times has been underway for several years. But not in Bermuda. And any criticism of the America’s Cup only makes you look smaller, partisan and petty. You deserve the continued shrinking of the economy.

  11. Lala says:

    The PLP grumble about the airport, however were they not the ones that sunk us into a never ending new hospital deal (or was that a hospital wing)…

    Get over it and start working for Bermuda (all of us) the island is falling apart in many ways and all we get is a dream of fintec (unfortunately Cayman is way ahead of us in many ways) and I can tell you it’s a nothing but a dream!!

  12. Red rose says:

    The plp promised to find a better deal with the airport. Did they? Do they deny it is creating jobs? Oba distracting? From what – falls in every major economic Iindicatir?

  13. Me says:

    Like has to say some dribble to validate her paycheck

  14. Sister Nancy says:

    Well she certainly made herself look very uneducated. Hopefully the next article she writes she gets the facts before she opens her mouth. Her and Famous are two of a kind.

  15. Dready says:

    Only people doing good now are the PLP politicians. Pay your taxes people they want the Travel, flashy govt car to drive round in and sharp looking suits.

  16. Realist says:

    A raft up for millionaires…daft! You cant make up such stupidity but it is written above. As for the airport…what a great opportunity to that is proceeding ahead without any of the over run drama the PLP is known for. Yes, create committees and use sound bites but nothing of substance has happened. The clock is ticking! You gave the OBA 4 years and you have the same to accomplish what they did.

    • Red rose says:

      Lol and what about burt’s Billionaire fintech friends?

  17. Triangle Drifter says:

    This is mostly a puff piece finishing with a juvenile rant. To be expected.

  18. Concerned Bermudian says:

    You need to stop your noise! Is this trashy commentary an example of how you got away with running a red light, in town, where there are many CCTV cameras in place hmmmmmmmm??????