Minister Caines Attends ICT Forum In Trinidad

October 3, 2018

This week, Minister of National Security Wayne Caines represented Bermuda at the Commonwealth ICT Forum 18 in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

“The event, which took place from October 1 – 3, is considered the premier ICT conference of the Commonwealth, where senior policymakers, regulators and industry leaders gather to examine the most topical issues in the ICT sectors. Discussions focused on policy, regulation, technologies, operations, investment and multilateral cooperation,” a Ministry spokesperson said.

Minister Caines ICT Forum Bermuda Oct 3 2018 (2)

“Minister Caines was invited by Forum organisers to give a keynote address which took place on Oct. 2. The discussion was entitled: Bermuda Fintech, Regulated for Your Success.

The Minister talked about Bermuda’s pioneering efforts in the fintech sector, and following his presentation he noted, “It was a wonderful opportunity to represent Bermuda at the Commonwealth ICT Forum. Education, innovation and regulation were the hallmarks of my discussion.

“I had the opportunity to discuss Bermuda’s strength in the area of fintech and our implementation of three key pieces of legislation; ICO, the Digital Asset Business Act and the amendments to the Bermuda Bankers legislation.

Minister Caines ICT Forum Bermuda Oct 3 2018 (1)

“I also shared that we are an innovative, nimble, stable jurisdiction that work closely with our global industry partners to ensure success,” he added.

“One of the main messages that I offered to the attendees was that Bermuda is a well regulated financial centre and our priority is to enact responsible and safe legislation to support our insurance/reinsurance and financial services industries.”

“Minister Caines also participated in three panel discussions including, Broadband Planning for Digital Transformation, Regulatory Issues: Creating a Favourable Investment and Development Climate and The Way Forward.

Minister Caines ICT Forum Bermuda Oct 3 2018 (3)

Minister Caines concluded, “Overall, it was an energetic and productive forum and my Commonwealth colleagues were eager to learn more about Bermuda and what our Government is doing to generate awareness about fintech.

“As Bermuda continues to position itself in the fintech space, it is vital that we share our story with the global community on how to best move forward. This Forum provided Bermuda with that opportunity.”

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  1. wahoo says:

    I think that the suit would look a bit better if you undid that upper button dude. Good luck with the fintec thing though we need something positive from all this.

  2. eyes wide open says:

    was titty milk on the agenda

    • Can’t believe it. says:

      Bermuda is definitely a sick place. We specialize in demented individuals who take pride in destroying black men. Mr. Caines made a mistake and he apologized over and over for the mistake that he made. “0ther men” have made more serious mistakes without any apology. Within a day or so it is forgotten. Nobody on this island is perfect, we all come up short.

      • Picked Tink says:

        Oh stop. Please yes we have issues but nobody takes pride in destroying anyone. However, when a person (or party) shoots down everything and everyone like That does not agree with or look like you and acts like they are holier than thou. Well you can expect to be a target when you show your true colors.

        He is a grown man that acted like a child. Had he been a white male from the OBA and those women that he spoke to were black, you would be striking and marching!

        He acted that way while overseas on Bermuda Government business and on or dime. So if he cant act like a professional and be an example to others, (black or white) he should be made an example of.

        You speak of other men making more serious mistakes that were forgotten…tell us who said what, when and show us proof that it was forgotten.

      • eyes wide open says:

        it’s people like you on this beautiful Island that make this Island a breeding ground for hate and racial intolerance!
        If you cannot understand why I typed the above statement I have proved my point
        “Other men” have made more serious….
        argh,yes,of course,the Dr.and the Colonel to mention just two (well you did open the door).

      • LaV says:

        “Bermuda is definitely a sick place”

        Yes it is. The majority of the population are bigots. They even voted in a government who is trying to remove rights from some Bermudians. There is nothing more pathetic than a homophobic, bigoted, xenophobic government and the people who blindly follow them.

    • 2 Bermudas says:

      Ya boi shaved de beard so de titty milk don’t get stuck in it!

    • Enough is enough says:

      You need to let it go!!

      • He needs to step aside his reputation is shot

      • eyes wide open says:

        Enough is enough says:
        October 3, 2018

        You need to let it go!!

        tell that to the people of the #MeToo

        The Me Too movement, with many local and international alternatives, is a movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault.
        #MeToo spread virally in October 2017 as a hashtag used on social media in an attempt to demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, especially in the workplace.

  3. Question says:

    They’re still sending this guy to represent us?

    • Picked Tink says:

      Can’t get rid of him? Who would replace him?

      • Question says:

        Do they have a person that can be trusted not to sexually harrass shop girls?

  4. Really Caine’s who cares what you have to say. Why don’t you do the people’s work for once all you do is travel and accomplish a whole lot of nothing. Move out of the way.

  5. Res says:

    Loads of titty milk there ! ☺

  6. WSP says:

    If you didnt know any better you would think he was a tv evangelist.

    • eyes wide open says:

      you might have hit the nail on the head!
      tv evangelist’s are conmen out to get your money so they can have luxury jets and limos and big mansions

  7. Paul says:

    Only in Bermuda would this happen, anywhere else he would have been fired.

    • I agree, and now we have an opposition leader that did worst.

      • Question says:

        Perhaps you should take the english competency test.

        • Anbu says:

          Ha!!!! Careful. Oj might “loose” his temper with you. Lmao

      • eyes wide open says:

        Onion Juice,
        tell us what he did that was ‘worst’ than sexual harassment while on the public’s dollar as a Government Minister on Bermuda Business

      • po says:

        not as bad as the former good Dr

  8. Me says:

    The Rev Tiddy Milk is gonna shout sorry (preach )to them

    • And Cannonaire is gonna out preach him.

      • Picked Tink says:

        You criticize Cannonaire for conveniently never mention Dr. Browns jetgate? Gobalhue ring a bell? Google the two? Report back with findings.

  9. High road says:


  10. Not ADA says:

    so a vacation for another T****Milk convention (less cell phone this time)

  11. Vote no more says:

    No cereal bars there..
    We never get any updates from any of the travelling ministers, haven’t even seen the costs being updated.

  12. Mark says:

    Wonder how he disgraced the island this time?

  13. Cedar Stump says:

    Going for the spicy titty milk this time Canes ? Burnt yourself on the vanilla titty milk last time. A self proven embarrassment to Bermuda and it’s people. Who the h*ll voted for you ?

  14. Redrose says:

    Hope he did not find a cereal bar this time. Why is he still representing us?

  15. Stevie says:

    Titty milk gone to get a new suit. Maybe a shave too.

  16. somuchless says:

    Titty milk loves to travel, travel, travel. He goes here, he goes there and his passport is stamped everywhere. From east to west to north to south he covers the globe to tell the world that he’s crowned the titty milk king.

  17. Enough is enough says:

    I am so sick and tired of all the titty milk comments, let it go people, if you have nothing nice to say well don’t say anything at all.The bible says a just man falleth seven times and he rises up again

  18. Sad says:

    Why are we so cruel to Wayne? The criticism exceeds the offense. The statement was inappropriate to publish by him. I don’t think it justifies excoriating him to this extent. He is a Bermudian public servant. He has suffered a lot due to his error in judgement. I can’t see what good will come of treating him so badly.
    The OBA supporters are trying to squeeze all the “milk “ that they can from this. This will make him more mature and resolute hopefully.

  19. What says:

    Minister of Security solely focused on Fintech whilst there is a shooting every other day.

  20. captain to try crunch says:

    We should not let it go. He was traveling on public taxpayers money and made a debasing comment to women and shared it universally. This is wrong then reinforced by very bad judgement.

    We accept a lot of sloppy and amateur moves by politicians in BERMUDA because BERMUDA is another world. Sorry but this is a whole different level

    The PLP admin should be concerned that they have lost the support of 50% of the people of this country.

  21. aceboy says:

    Meanwhile Burt announces that the Bermuda government will be spending a fortune on making govt paperless. How much will Fintech end up COSTING this island?