Nov 12 Holiday Garbage Collection Advisory

November 7, 2018

The Ministry of Public Works is advising of the following changes due to the Remembrance Day holiday on Monday, 12 November, garbage that would normally be collected on Monday, 12 November will be collected on Saturday, 10 November.

The Ministry said, “As a reminder, Monday garbage collection areas include: Sandys Parish, Southampton Parish west up to and including Lighthouse Road from Middle Road to South Road

“Public drop-off hours for the Tynes Bay Waste Facility will be 9am to 12pm on Monday, 12 November. The public holiday waste collection schedule is posted here. For more information about waste management, please call 278-0560.:

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  1. Thank you for the communication!!

  2. Toodle-oo says:

    All the communications in the world will never make a bit of difference to some (actually many) people.
    I can promise just as sure as the sun is going to come up tomorrow that I will see people putting their trash out on Friday , Saturday and Sunday for Monday collection, despite the LAW that trash is now supposed to go out on the morning of collection day only.
    These slobs will then watch their garbage sit by the roadside (their gate) for 7+ days and get strewn all over by winds after the rats and birds have a good go at it . They will look the other way and say ‘it’s not my trash/problem now’.
    This new holiday schedule has been in effect for years now and people still can’t seem to get it .
    I think it’s way past time for Minister ‘get’s things done’ Burch to start coming down hard , VERY hard , on these people.
    ( I have noticed recently that in certain areas , but nowhere near enough , signs being posted concerning when trash ought to go out in relation to collection day)