National Sports Governing Bodies Hold Meeting

December 2, 2018

The Association of National Sports Governing Bodies [ANSGB] held their General Assembly Meeting on Saturday, December 1st at the CedarBridge Academy.

Delegates representing Bermuda Boxing Association, Bermuda Association of Motorsports, Bermuda Badminton Association, Bermuda Basketball Association, Bermuda Bicycle Association, Bermuda Body Building and Fitness Federation, Bermuda Bowling Federation, Bermuda Cricket Board, Bermuda Darts Association, Bermuda Equestrian Federation, Bermuda Fencing Federation, Bermuda Football Association, Bermuda Gymnastics Association, Bermuda Hockey Association, Bermuda National Athletics Association, Bermuda Netball Association, Bermuda Powerboat Association, Bermuda Rowing Association, Bermuda Rugby Football Union, Bermuda Sanshou Association, Bermuda Squash Racquets Association, Bermuda target Shooting Association, Bermuda Triathlon Association, Bermuda Volleyball Association and Special Olympics Bermuda met during this bi-annual meeting to hear and discuss sporting matters.

In his welcome remarks, Association Vice President Peter Dunne stated that the theme of this General Assembly was a ‘Call to Action – Sports Matter.’

“Under this banner we are framing our presentations and discussions as well as recognizing those individuals who have selflessly given their energy for the advancement of sporting Bermuda and the wider community,” Mr Dunne said.

“We are also asking all NSGB’s to contribute their voice and action to help advance sport in Bermuda. We understand that each of you has set aside time today to help progress the development of sport in Bermuda and we appreciate your willingness to be a part of the effort.”


Minister of Labour, Community Affairs and Sports Lovitta Foggo expressed her admiration for the work that sports does in the community sayin,  “I’m sure all of you can appreciate the great impact that sports has on a community.

“It unifies people across, even if you will, cultures, and countries because those who engage in sporting activities recognize the commitment and sacrifice it takes to become a well-rounded, high level athlete, sportsman or sportswoman.

“And so, we also recognize that when, through sports, you all go overseas and represent our country; that you serve as ambassadors for our country, and put our country on the map. And so I want to thank you all for all of your efforts that you provide in terms of keeping sports alive because without it, our community, our island would definitely be more at a loss.”

The meeting commenced with the ANSGB Volunteer Recognition Awards presented in conjunction with the Department of Youth, Sport and Recreation.

The Award was created as a token of appreciation to any person or organization who has served their sport of affiliation or sport generally in an exemplary manner in a strictly voluntary capacity, while demonstrating commitment and by upholding the image and integrity of sports through tireless and at times personal sacrifice.

The awardees for 2018 were Timothy Trott for 30 years of service to Basketball, Elka Gibbs for 15 years of service to Equestrian, Gladwin Ford for 50+ years of service to football, David Crofts for 3 years of service to Rugby and Martin Bolton for 25 years of service to Cycling.

Left to right: Julia Cook [received on behalf of David Crofts, Rugby], Gladwin Ford [Football], Minister Lovitta Foggo, Laura Bolton [received on behalf of Martin Bolton, Cycling], Kirista Rabain [received on behalf of Elka Gibbs, Equestrian] and Timothy Trott [Basketball]


Following the awards presentation, Norbert Simons and Jekon Edness from the Department of Youth, Sport and Recreation outlined the procedures for the implementation of the National Sports Recognition Policy, which all NSGBs presentendorsed, and the National Junior Athlete Sponsorship Programme and the process that all NSGBs must adhere when submitting their applications.

Delegates were also treated to a presentation from Mrs. Kelly Kratz of the “Positive Coaching Alliance” on educating and preparing coaches to deliver the right messages during their coaching programs. NSGBs were encouraged to support their coaches attending the programme which will continue in 2019 as the benefits are immeasurable.

In his Presidential address, David Sabir expressed thanks and appreciation for the tremendous sacrifice that sports administrators across the island at national and club level volunteer every day, week, month and year.

He encouraged everyone to keep learning and participate in programs aimed at improving our level of sport compliance, including best practice and the implementation of good governance structures in our NSGBs.

Mr Sabir raised the issue of betting on sports activities that have the potential to destroy sport through the manipulation of results or match fixing. Although no such incidents have come to the attention of sports authorities; delegates were advised to remain vigilant in order to protect sporting integrity in Bermuda.

Other matters highlighted were NSGBs participating in courses and workshops organized by the ANSGB, the Department of Youth & Sports, the Bermuda Olympic Association and other organizations which can benefit the continued development of sports.

NSGBs gave their full and unequivocal support to the National Sports Recognition Policy as well as the national colours of blue and pink which a number of NSGBs including the Bermuda National Athletic Association, Bermuda Triathlon Association and the Bermuda Football Association have already transitioned to and currently wearing these colors internationally.

The delegates were steadfast in their belief that we need to raise the level of national pride, distinguish Bermuda from the rest of the world and create a positive identity of uniformity when national teams travel overseas to compete and represent Bermuda.

Members were reminded and encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities and programs that seek to support their athletes, coaches, administrators and volunteers.

Keith De Silva, President of the Bermuda Hockey Federation, said, “It was great to see so many organisations represented today as it shows that they too care about their sport as well as sports in Bermuda as a whole. My daughter plays field hockey and through her passion I’m seeing a love of the organisation and sport that she plays.

“Having seen this in other organisations today at the General Assembly for the ANSGB, it continues to foster my belief that we can be a positive influence not only in our specific sports but in sport overall in Bermuda.”

Bermuda Basketball Association President Ricky Watts echoed similar sentiments, stating, “The ANSGB meeting today was outstanding. The Bermuda Basketball Association is totally committed to the ANSGB and the direction that we are headed.

“The Bermuda Basketball Association has benefited tremendously since the ANSGB has been in place and under the current leadership it will only get better.”


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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    WOW! All those sports in “There is nothing to do” Bermuda.

    All those sports that thrive receiving little or no Government support yet their participants pay taxes like the two that receive most of the, too often bad, publicity & get the bulk of Government funding.