OBA Congratulates BTA On Tourism Results

February 6, 2019

Following today’s release of the visitor arrival statistics, Shadow Minister for Tourism and Transport Leah Scott congratulated the BTA saying “the tourism industry has achieved 12 consecutive quarters of growth” which is “phenomenal, particularly at a time when other economic indicators are lagging.”

Ms Scott said, “Congratulations to the BTA, who, under the leadership of Kevin Dallas, has again achieved record breaking numbers for Bermuda.

“The statistics contained in the 2018 Full Year visitor arrivals report strongly reflect that Bermuda has enjoyed three straight years of economic comeback and uninterrupted growth.

“According to the report, the tourism industry has achieved 12 consecutive quarters of growth. This is phenomenal, particularly at a time when other economic indicators are lagging.

“While AC35 provided our economy with a much needed boost in our tourism numbers and revenue, the BTA has clearly demonstrated its ability to sustain our tourism numbers and tourism dollars, despite the fact that the PLP Government has not been able to provide Bermuda with anything similar to AC35, or any other economic stimulus, over the past six quarters.

“I note the 23 percent increase in Bermudian employment in the hotel industry over the period 2016-2018, and I hope that the number continues to rise.

“I also hope that those Bermudians with the requisite skill set, experience and expertise will persevere and crash through the purported glass ceiling in the tourism industry and take their place in all levels of positions.

“Mr Dallas says that we have a long way to go yet. However, I believe that if he, together with his team at the BTA continue to blaze the trail as they have been, it won’t be long at all.”

The 2018 Statistical Highlights from the BTA follow below [PDF here]:

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    Good work BTA! Elsewhere in the news, the PLP is congratulating itself for hiring another 500 Bermudians into the civil service showing the PLP is pro Bermudian and can create jobs for Bermudians. OK flippant but unfortunately probably true which is why taxes have to rise.

  2. DeOnion says:

    Thank goodness the oba created the bta. While fintech founders this produces real rezults

  3. Red rose says:

    Real progress. Not fintech fluff

  4. Rocky5 says:

    Crickets from PLP!!

  5. 2 Bermudas says:

    Where are you now Zane?!?!? Not crying about Bill Hanbury’s compensation now,are you?!? Pee El Pee, Pee El Pee!!! Hahaha!! Bunch of muppets with Zane leading the pack.

  6. kevin says:

    no their response to this will be guarded plp have already stated they want to take control back ….but 12 qtrs. of success a little tough to justify takeover……how will they congratulate something they had nothing to do with and still don’t …all of that money going into our economy and not into their friends and family program…
    Hats off to the OBA for the vision and thank you to the BTA for your hard work
    you may be our only hope

  7. Pay attention says:

    This is great BUT visitors we are attracting are NOT spending money in our economy. They are bargain basement attitude and Kevin Dallas has not expanded our reach into more lucrative markets. He does not recognize that butts in seats don’t translate into spend and cruise ship visitors don’t spend money on restaurants or retail. Time to get real Mr Dallas and get targeted products that visitors will spend money on!

    • sandgrownan says:

      It sounds to me like you’re an expert. I suggest you apply for a BTA job, or contact Mr. Dallas directly. Your erudite comments and unique insight would, I’m sure, be welcome.

      • Pay attention says:

        Work for the BTA? They are there to work for me as a hotel owner! They need to focus on bringing me clients that genuinely have money to spend on services and amenities versus these bargsin basement travelers on their bucket list journey!

        Own your own hotel one day and you will get what I am saying until then keep your Disney World Analysis to yourself!

        • truthertz says:

          Doubt you own a hotel.

          • Come Correct says:

            I’ll give away my left kidney if they own a hotel in Bermuda.

        • Bermuda Fan says:

          IF you do own a hotel….Maybe your hotel just sucks. Ever think about That? Or if it truly doesn’t perhaps hire some skilled sales people to bring in some leisurely or group biz. Everyone else seems to be getting along just fine

        • sandgrownan says:

          bwwahahaha..hotel owner? You’re lying.

    • 2 Bermudas says:

      I believe Mr Dallas said there is plenty of work to still be done you ungrateful person!!

    • aceboy says:

      That is just incorrect. Where are you getting your information?

    • Kevin says:

      I do recall the statement that these visitors translated into $400 million dollars into our economy ….the level of understanding in the public is pretty appalling there seems to be this attitude of picking out pieces from information to suit a an argument especially if you have to make one

    • red rose says:

      LOL! Did you notice that the number of Bermudians employed in tourism had risen? Or are you not interested in that? (erm …. how many fintech jobs has Burtcoin produced?)

    • Bermuda Fan says:

      Sorry, but you’re incorrect here… For Example Fairmont Southampton had a record year– highest revenues generated since 2007 & employing almost 900 staff when in high season (200 more than just 5 years ago). It’s not all about cruise ship passengers and their low spend as you have commented.

      As well– I’m sure all of the AirBB owners would disagree with you.

      Don’t be so negative! Geez

  8. mixitup says:

    Great work BTA! All of Bermuda is grateful for this progress.

  9. What would an intelligent, educated, in-tune, clever BORN BERMUDIAN thank the OBA for????
    Absolutely nothing.
    Nothing from nothing definitely equals NOTHING!!!

    • sandgrownan says:

      compare and contrast…

      PLP – 16-20 years, a record of dismal failure the details of which are well documented elsewhere

      OBA – 4-20 years. De-politicize tourism, let the professionals run it. Take grubby little politicians out of the decision making process. And here we are….three short years of steady, upward progress. Good news for Bermuda and well done the BTA.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Or maybe, let’s look at it this way:

      17 years to produce a bus schedule
      Adding $2b to the debt in 5 years
      Reducing the working population by 6000
      Can’t pick up the trash
      Can’t run a bus service

      16-20 years in power, and a record unblemished by success

      And this is partisan rambling, just cold hard facts.

    • aceboy says:

      I am a BORN BERMUDIAN and I do thank the BTA for increasing tourism!

      They did it without buying themselves brand new cars at the public expense too! Amazing!

    • CHRIS says:

      i got news for you. being born in Bermuda does not make you Bermudian. In fact, unless one of your ancestors (and only male ancestors if you were born prior to 1993 i think is the date) received status, you may not Bermudian! Second, you sound neither intelligent, educated, in-tune (whatever that is!) nor clever.

    • moron says:

      wow…. I would thank the for increasing tourism, decreasing our deficit and offering an alternative to a race driven propaganda machine that increased my personal share of debt by $40,000 (60,000*40,000=2.4billion)… see when you think about the government debt as your own it puts it in perspective mr. educated, intelligent, Bermudian

  10. Dready says:

    Don’t let Zane make any decisions with tourism and it will continue to prosper

  11. Warwick West says:

    Good job BTA !! Keep up the good work (and keep the politicians away!)

  12. Thank you BTA & Bill Hanbury says:

    Let’s not forget the vision and perseverance of Bill Hanbury who had to endure public humiliation at the hands of the PLP for simply doing a job which he was very much qualified for and for laying the foundation of an organization and team which truned out to be money well spent and great for Bermuda.

    We haven’t forgotten about you Bill–Thanks!

  13. truthertz says:

    Congrats BTA and thank you OBA!

  14. Let’s Go Bermuda says:

    Both parties have to drop partisan politics and find the next big thing for Bermuda that delivers visitor spending and jobs. AC is done, what next?