OBA: Those Who Rely On Buses ‘Deserve Better’

February 14, 2019

“When will the bus schedule and roster be joined together to have an efficient, bus service, which will also eliminate the bus cancellations,” Senator Dwayne Robinson asked, saying that those who rely on our public transport “deserve better.”

New Bus Schedule Planned

In December 2018, the Government announced that the new winter bus schedule would take effect on January 7th, 2019, with the new schedule designed to “temporarily reduce the number of buses required on a daily basis to a level that is sustainable, and in doing so deliver a reliable public bus service.”

In early January, the Government said the start date for the new bus schedule would move from January 7th to January 21st, saying the DPT and BIU were working to “address outstanding concerns surrounding bus rosters that include multiple days of night work.”

Yesterday the Government said that “representatives from the Ministry of Tourism & Transport, DPT, and the BIU met to discuss concerns over the scheduling of Night Work for the 2019 Bus Schedule; in particular the high concentration of night work in twelve of the eighty rosters.”

“DPT and BIU representatives have now agreed on a definition for night work,” the Government said, adding that the “membership accepted the revised rosters and agreed to implement the new bus schedule. The implementation work is now underway and a start date for the new schedule will be announced in due course.”

Senator Robinson’s Comments

Senator Robinson. who serves as the OBA’s spokesperson for Tourism and Transport in the Senate, said, “I want to take the press statement on the bus timetable and roster point by point.

“First the statement says ‘On January 11, representatives from the Ministry of Tourism and Transport, DPT and the BIU met to discuss concerns over the scheduling of night work for the 2019 Bus Schedule; in particular, the high concentration of night work in 12 of the 80 rosters’.

“My question is – who presented this unacceptable night roster in the first place? Driver – and passenger – safety should be paramount but clearly this high concentration of night work understandably met with opposition from the drivers and pushed back the implementation of a new roster and timetable.

“Then the statement says ‘the DPT and BIU have now agreed on a definition for night work, and will agree on a memorandum of understanding to provide assurance and clarity for bus operators and management’.

“What is the definition of night work and why is there an MOU? An MOU is not legally binding – as we have seen with the numerous fintech MOUs which have come to nothing.

“And we have this – ‘implementation work is now under way and a start date for the new schedule will be announced in due course.’ Mr & Mrs Bermuda are asking – when will the bus schedule and roster be joined together to have an efficient, bus service, which will also eliminate the bus cancellations?

“On the verge of implementing the new bus schedule is not a date. This matter has been going on since January 7. That is unacceptable. Those who rely on our public transport, Mr and Mrs Bermuda deserve better.”

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  1. The Future says:

    When will the OBA replace this Senator?

    • Vortex says:

      Utterly pointless comment.

      On the back of some pretty sensible questions on more PLP failure.


      • Hey Youngblood, you do know that you support an organization and its ideology that oppressed your Forefathers and legislate policies that disadvantage your peers do you.
        And if you were on the other side of the aisle, your OBA supporters would be calling you every name in the book. Millinials need to understand the struggle of their Heritage to appreciate the benefits they have today.

        • Retro says:

          Um , I believe the senator was criticizing the bus service. Do you think it’s fair or reasonable to question someone’s racial loyalty over such a practical and non race related issue . I get that injecting race into every aspect of Bermuda is a successful political tool but it gets a bit ridiculous when you can’t criticize a very obviously broken bus service . Stick to winding up white people . That’s your strength . Sort of.

        • Jussayin says:

          Do you vote for color or for a better Bermuda? I think ppl voted for PLP because they promote that they are for the Bermudian ppl (which is a diverse heritage of many ethnic races), but what have they really done for the ppl? – besides increase taxes on practically everything which we all soon feel even more if you read the new tax documents. Think b4 you vote ppl.

          • But it was and still is ok for most white people to vote ubp/OBA.
            And ya leader wants to talk about hypocricy.
            What a JOKE.

        • aceboy says:

          He is smart enough to see through the PLP propaganda machine bs. Brave guy. You on the other hand are like a little bird in a nest waiting for your PLP “mommy” to feed you more regurgitated worms.

        • Forefather Reply says:

          Let me address this. The forefathers that built the PLP would be turning in their graves in what is going on today in the PLP. They are not united, and only serve one cause.

          If you voted on the fact what the UBP did decades ago, and carrying it on your shoulders that has been passed down. You are bitter, selfish and ignorant. You never forget your past, but you have a service to not let it happen again. And dont let your better judgement be clouded. That is your responsibility.

          Are you one of those voters who go to the Poll when the PLP, says we are going to tax everyone unfairly, we are going to spent the money unwisely and we will run this island to the ground? im curious! Are the one who voted for this mess we seeing coming in our face?

    • Hutch says:

      You can’t argue with the message, so attack the messenger. Typical PLP.

  2. Mixitup says:

    Omg. I can’t with that title Bernews. Lol. Hilarious!. They can’t be serious.

    • Donderered says:

      Please tell me what the plp is serious about? It is not jobs, it is not about new construction projects, it is not about easing taxes as the econony slumps but it is about paying for more ministers and their fancy trips abroad

  3. 2 Bermudas says:

    I saw a person standing waiting for the bus the other day looking frustrated. I took a closer look and their bus pass holder around their neck had PLP all over it. I had a good chuckle. Hahaha!!

    • somuchless says:


    • Question says:

      They must at leadt be very much enjoying the higher healthcare bills and increased taxes they voted for, plus the weekly chore of taking their own trash to the dump by bus as suggested by Burch last week.

  4. Red rose says:

    Good questions, keep it up senator!

  5. Wahoo says:

    Keep banging ‘em.

  6. cedar stump says:

    Hold the PLP feet to the fire. They don’t like it.

  7. Triangle Drifter says:

    Not a word about what is good for the bus riders. It is all about what is convenient for the bus operators. What is this, a little driving club that gives people rides when they feel like it?

  8. somuchless says:

    So plp/biu when is the new schedule gonna actually start? Never I presume

  9. Dready says:

    Vote for the plp and more licks.hahaha!