Bench & Flowers Celebrate Spring In The City

March 24, 2019

To celebrate the arrival of spring as well as the first cruise ship call for the season in Hamilton, the City has again installed floral hanging baskets and spring floral displays throughout Hamilton’s parks and public spaces.

Superintendent of Parks, Steven De Silva said of the baskets, “Our staff have been very busy preparing floral hanging baskets, through the winter months, to have them ready for all to enjoy in time for the spring season”.

Spring in the City Bermuda March 24 2019 (1)

Mr. De Silva singled out the efforts of Marcus Ming, stating “We are very proud of Marcus and his expert development and care for more than one hundred floral baskets.

“He has thrown himself into this project, spending hours cultivating and caring, in a lone role, for a large number of labour intensive flower baskets. I am so proud of him, as I am of all my Parks Team. The team is a dedicated and experienced group who spend their days beautifying and caring for the greenery here in Hamilton”.

Spring in the City Bermuda March 24 2019 (2)

To also commemorate the arrival of spring, Mr. Carlos Brum, the City staff member responsible for the numerous mosaic planters dotted around Hamilton, has created a colorful City bench that has been placed in front of City Hall, on Nellie’s Walk.

The bench has been symbolically named “The Charlotte Bench” and acknowledges the work that Charlotte Rees, along with her sister, Helen “Nellie” Rees, performed around Hamilton to beautify the City through tree, shrub and floral plantings.

Mr. De Silva added, “Years ago the City dedicated Nellie’s Walk to Helen Rees in commemoration of her contributions, and it is only fitting that her sister, Charlotte, has something to honor her as well. Carlos has produced a beautiful bench for the public to enjoy.

Spring in the City Bermuda March 24 2019 (3)

“I’d also like to personally thank Pembroke Tile & Stone, who contact me whenever they have excess, damaged or leftover tile and material that might come in handy for our mosaic projects. They are a big part of the beautiful pieces Carlos is producing, for all to see and enjoy”.

Spring in the City Bermuda March 24 2019 (4)

In recent months the City’s Parks Staff have visited local schools, giving presentations to school children as well as hosting students at the City Plant Nursery, where they’ve received hands-on tutelage and knowledge about the importance of green spaces. Schools are encouraged to contact the City at if they would like to arrange a visit to the plant nursery [located on Laffan Street].

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  1. Trump supporter says:

    Plp wouldn’t of thought of this.

  2. Stephen Thomson says:

    I think the flowers are great. It spruces up the streets and makes Hamilton looks so much better.
    These touches matter .
    Thank you COH
    Now let’s pedestrianize Reid St from Burnaby to Queen with brick and cobblestone and small cafes and pop ups in the middle like so many towns and cities around the globe. Very inviting and shopkeepers win by attracting more foot traffic.

  3. Are you kidding me? says:

    Great job on those baskets….

  4. Pork & Bean says:

    Interesting how the City of Hamilton can get flowers in the city, but W&E cant seem to get the flowers growing constantly in a place called The Botanical Gardens.

    And you expect people to support the government take over of COH? If anything the COH should take of the running of the Bermuda Government!

  5. Ok says:

    Amazing work CoH

  6. Triangle Drifter says:

    Wonderful job COH & staff. Hope the public enjoys them. This will be the last year they will be seen.

    If the Botanical Gardens condition is any indication of how W&E would take care of Hamilton get ready for town to look like someplace in the US rustbelt.

    • CHRIS says:

      you can say that again. Botanical Gardens is a MESS.

  7. Nicky says:

    Well done to COH Superintendent of Parks, Steven De Silva and his team. Let us make a pedestrian friendly city!

  8. SARAH BURROWS says:

    Beautiful job!
    WEDCO any chance of this in Dockyard????

  9. Awesomeness says:

    This is awesome work by this young man. Marcus Ming keep up the good work I see you around the city doing great things. Nice to be recognized.

  10. Beautiful says:

    Good job Marcus and COH team hanging baskets are beautiful , keep up the good work.

  11. Toodle-oo says:

    The amount of skill and time that went into those benches is extraordinary !

  12. Justasuggestion says:

    Very nice to see, and the guys hanging them actually pair them off by color, I saw myself. Well done.

  13. Burrito Bill says:

    Looks so nice, but will just be sat on by the same guys who sit there all day every day, so nobody will be able to see or use the bench like every other bench in hamilton, which are typically always occupied by a host of alcoholics or people who ask for money…whats the word for that again? bu—-

    • PBanks says:

      It’s for public use, nothing stopping you from sitting on the benches when they’re free. Heck you may be able to share the bench if there’s room.