CedarBridge Academy S1 Students Give Back

June 5, 2019

CedarBridge Academy S1 students engaged in a non-perishable goods drive during the months of April and May, with the goods acquired subsequently donated to the Salvation Army food pantry in Hamilton.

Mrs. Natasha Thomas, a CedarBridge Academy teacher and S1 Advisor, said, “I thought it would be an excellent opportunity for students to give back to the community, and to help foster an attitude and mindset that we can help take care of one another if we give back.

“Many of the students have friends and families that are direct benefactors of care packages provided by the Salvation Army, and it was really important to drive home the message that acts of service can help the very people that we interact with daily, and maybe even each one of us some day.”

Acting Principal Kenneth Caesar, Nizae Douglas, Kahlil Smythe, Mrs. Thomas; Amaya Todd-Smith, Ms. Kelli Edwards [Food Bank Coordinator], Glenice Simmons, and Mrs. Edwards-Adams:

CedarBridge Give Back Bermuda June 2019

When the idea was shared with the S1 Year Head, Mrs. Rhonda Edwards-Adams, and Acting Principal, Mr. Kenneth Caesar, they were in full support of the initiative. Over the course of the five weeks of the food drive, students brought in approximately 300-400 items, ranging from canned goods, cookies, cereal, bottled water, tooth paste and shampoo products.

There were a few students that went above and beyond the initial request to bring in 1-2 items; some of them brought in almost an entire grocery bag of donations.

A few student representatives of the S1 year group, along with Acting Principal Caesar, Mrs. Edwards-Adams, and Mrs. Thomas, hand delivered all donation boxes to the Salvation Army food pantry last month. Food Bank Coordinator, Ms. Kelli Edwards, was extremely thankful and appreciative of the efforts of the S1 students. During their visit, she took a few minutes to give students a tour of the food pantry, and explained that they service roughly 300-400 families every month, and approximately 1800 during the Christmas season.

Edwards noted that they currently receive donations from a few grocery stores, wholesale distributors, and individual entities who hold fundraisers for the food pantry. Unfortunately, over the course of the nine years that she has been at the Salvation Army, she has seen an increase in the number of clients and families needing assistance with grocery items, many of whom are women with young children.

Student Nizae Douglas said, “I realized that as fortunate individuals we take things for granted and sometimes we put less fortunate people down, which is wrong; but, after just a few minutes at the Salvation Army you realize the struggles that some families go through in Bermuda day, by, day. It’ll change your perspective of people and make you want to do more for them.”

Glenice Simmons, another S1 student, said, “It was a reminder that I should be thankful for what I have. Ms. Edwards shared an example that those who are less fortunate sometimes have to share a chicken leg and thigh with their entire family, cutting it up into small portions. I was mind-blown because every day I see people at school eating a chicken leg and thigh like it’s nothing.

“I am grateful that I had this experience because it helped me to be aware of the fact that there are people that are less fortunate and that I should be appreciative of what I have.”

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  1. Katrina Caines says:

    Well done CBA!

  2. Thankful says:

    I feel humbled every day and give thanks always and whenever I can I will help those less off than me.
    Well done CDA S1 students!