‘Dedication & Hard Work’ To Achieve Dreams

June 10, 2019

[Written by Don Burgess]

Danyel Thompson is living large in California having appeared in a TV show, and now making commercials, but she wasn’t always on easy street and is proof positive that hard work and a helping hand can help elevate a person.

Ms Thompson told Bernews her teenage years were filled with some people “expressing on a daily basis that I would never amount to anything” and said “this impacted me greatly.”

Danyel Thompson 06081

She also had many days of going hungry while attending school.

“My social life consisted of borrowing my best friend’s clothes for any occasion,” Ms Thompson said. “I absolutely hated grub day at school and sometimes would fake an illness just to avoid the look on the school mates faces as they could tell I was poor, at least in my mind.”

On the day she graduated, Ms Thompson and her family were homeless having shuffled around from various friends’ houses.

She explained they ended up moving into her dad’s mom’s house after she passed but there some issues with them staying there, even though the house has been vacant.

Ms Thompson said she felt embarrassed by the situation and didn’t let her friends know about how her family was barely surviving.

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Things began to turn around for her after high school when one of her co-workers offered to assist her with college.

“That was pretty much the turning point. He told me, “let me make it happen,” and he made it happen.”

She then started at Gilbert Technical Community College and “once I got to North Carolina it was strictly business – my goal was to make everyone proud of me and trust that I won’t fail them and in return, they will want to assist others after me. I treated school like a job and strategically set up my school schedule to mimic a full workday.”

That offer of helping Ms Thompson transformed her life. Not only did she get her associates degree but also went on to earn a bachelors from Guilford College and masters from New England College of Business. And because of the help she was given, Ms Thompson is paying it forward by mentoring and encouraging others.

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A recent move to California for her husband Calvin Thompson’s job set their life on another transforming adventure.

“The moment we arrived, I went to work. I am dedicated to connecting with people, and that’s what we did. Meeting the right people provides us the opportunity to film for a TV show,” she said.

Danyel Thompson 06085

After doing the reality show – she isn’t allowed to name the show as it hasn’t aired yet – she said “then the calls came again – the network loved our energy as a couple, would we like to do commercials next? But, of course! We are making our presence known at some of the popular wineries here in Temecula, California, and the people are loving our vibe!”

Ms Thompson said “it’s a humbling experience” but added it is due to “dedication and hard work” that the results have come from and encourages others not to give up, that they too, with some help, can achieve their dreams.

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  1. MB says:

    well done you should be proud of the new life you have risen to through hard work
    I keep saying in an island of just 60k our people especially our youth should not have to grow up this way, there is too much wealth for anyone to grow up hungry and homeless
    Our government needs to show greater vision and leadership in social agenda and not be so focused on parochial divisive issues that lack a big picture

  2. Jamar Dill says:

    Danyel! Always rated you! Always been cool, always smiling, humble, down-to-earth, and just an overall great person!

    I’m happy everything is going well for you and your fam!

    Doing big things. Congrats on all the success.

  3. St. David's says:

    Congratulations Danyel. You are an incredible role model and show how a helping hand unlocks potential and talent.

    And love “set up my school schedule to mimic a full workday.” A simple strategy for success.

  4. What a Blast says:

    Congratulations that’s awesome. All the best in the future and praying many more blessings to come your way.

  5. Dee says:

    Inspiring – All the a Best to you!!!

  6. Rise says:

    Great story. All the best!