Futsal: Assassins, ASFC, & Involved Win

June 19, 2019

Futsal returned to the Bermuda College Gym after a week’s break and a total of 39 goals were scored.

Game 1: Futsal Assassins vs Footy Kings

Second place Futsal Assassins were given a real wake up call by Footy Kings and at half time both teams were tied up at 2 goals each. Goals were hard to come by in the second half , but Assassin’s managed to score 2 goals to Footy’s 1, to win the game 4 to 3. Gernel Darrell was MVP for Assassins with 3 goals and Jonathan Ball was outstanding for Footy with 1 goal.

Game 2: RBR FC vs ASFC 2

Both teams started out slowly with RBR competitive early on in the first half of the game. However, their early momentum fizzled out and at half time ASFC 2 led by the score of 5 to 2. The second half was more competitive with RBR outscoring ASFC by 5 goals to 4, but it was not enough to overcome the gap and at the end, ASFC 2 won 9 to 7 over RBR FC. Justin Corday was outstanding for ASFC 2 with 3 goals and Morriko Iris was MVP for RBR FC scoring 2 goals.

Game 3: Team Involved vs ASFC 1

Third placed Team Involved started slowly against ASFC 2, but by half time they led 8 goals to 0. ASFC 2 rebounded in the second half and scored 4 goals to match Team Involved’s 4 goals. However, it was in vain and at the end of the game, Team Involved won comfortably by a final score of 12 to 4. Jai-Zel Smith-Deshields was MVP for Team Involved with 2 goals with ASFC 1′s goal keeper Dio Seymour most outstanding with a string of fine saves.

Games resume on Thursday 20 June, 2019 at the Bermuda College Gym starting at 6 pm.

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