New Mural By Charmaine Friday In Hamilton

August 14, 2019

Charmaine Friday has completed the first mural under the City of Hamilton’s new VIVID Public Art Initiative.

Mrs. Friday’s work is titled ‘Bermudaful Treasures’ and was inspired by the children that she teaches at West Pembroke Primary school.

The mural can be seen on the taxi stand wall on Church Street.

VIVID Public Art Initiative Bermuda Aug 2019 (1)

“After countless school trips, I’ve had many tourists express their admiration for how well-behaved and put together our children appear in their school uniforms,” said Mrs. Friday. “I have been teaching for over 25 years and chose to highlight our Bermudaful schoolgirls.”

Over the past two decades, Charmaine Friday has been selling her artwork at Harbour Nights, Heritage Nights, Destination Dockyard, and countless hotels and craft shows across the island.

She considers herself an ambassador for Bermuda through the work that she sells to visitors. She has been told by tourists and locals alike that her art is “Happy Art.”

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Mrs. Friday is not new to creating art in the City of Hamilton either. Her first City mural, ‘The Future is in Our Hands,’ can be found on the south side of the bus terminal and depicts a myriad of iconic Bermuda scenes, traditions, and elements.

“The opportunity to help beautify our island home on a grand scale is always a welcomed challenge,” she said. “I hope that my love of vivid colours and whimsical Bermuda motifs help to brighten and enhance the City of Hamilton.”

VIVID Public Art Initiative Bermuda Aug 2019 (3)

The City of Hamilton Marketing Coordinator, Sideya Dill expressed how excited the City is to reveal the first piece under the new public art initiative.

She encourages the public to look out for more outdoor art installations as a part of the City’s public art initiative, VIVID, in the near future.

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  1. Congrats says:

    Such a talented artist. Can she add some boys?

  2. Leisha Choe says:

    Very nice Ms. Friday!

  3. Tania Stafford says:

    Charmaine this is just wonderful, thank you for this wonderful gift of creativity!

  4. Val says:

    I love it. Every morning when walking past it, I smile. It reminds me of my daughter and her friends -even the little hairstyles. Great job!

  5. MB says:

    Absolutely love it! My daughter’s favorite teacher!!! She’s incredible

  6. JohnBoy says:


  7. Carole Friday says:

    A great, talented artist and compassionate teacher. Wonderful. Charmaine.

  8. Kimberley Smith says:

    Really nice mural… nice to see their smiling faces. It will be great when that whole stretch of wall has been painted. Nice that a number of artists have been able to participate in the project.

  9. Catherine Dl says:

    This is brilliant – I really love so much about it. Thank you. As to the “boys” comment – I think it would be just perfect if the boys had their own mural, but they were all muddied up with shirts hanging out etc – it’s just how the boys are!!! Art just makes me smile.

    • Opinions Matter says:

      Interesting comment. So boys are only allowed if they are in a messy state as “that is how boys are”.

      Thanks for the insight.

  10. Jus' Wonderin' says:


  11. Cow Polly says:

    That made me smile and will continue to make me smile everytime I pass it. Well done Sideya and I love the rainbow too.