Dellwood Middle School Staff Voice Concerns

October 8, 2019

Noting that Dellwood Middle School staff have voiced concerns related to staffing, instructional areas, supplies, IT and the physical facility, the Department of Education staff said they will “continue to work in concert with the Principal to rectify all identified issues at the school.”

A Government spokesperson said, “The Department of Education was made aware of a list of ongoing concerns from Dellwood Middle School staff on Thursday, 3 October, 2019. Concerns expressed related to staffing, instructional areas, supplies, IT and the physical facility.

“Upon receipt of these concerns on Thursday afternoon, the Department of Education made Dellwood a priority and mobilized their staff to address the concerns identified by teachers at the school starting Friday, 4 October, 2019.

“The Department was notified today, Tuesday, 8 October, that staff sent a letter last evening stating that they are working-to-rule. The Department is currently waiting for official notification from the Principal indicating the reasons for the work-to-rule as many of the concerns have been resolved.

“Please see concerns outlined on 3 October, 2019 by Dellwood staff along with steps taken by the Department of Education to address the concerns, below:

“Dellwood Middle School has a complement of 67 staff and is presently awaiting 3 identified teachers to fill positions for art, math and social studies. It is expected that that the identified teachers will commence their posts by the end of October 2019. Teachers have expressed concerns that they have had to cover the classes for these teachers. In the interim, the Department of Education is working with the Principal to provide short-term substitute teachers for these positions.

“Dellwood staff have expressed concerns that some teachers have to share classrooms. The Principal and Department of Education staff are actively working towards a solution. The Department of Education has assigned staff to the school to assist.

“Dellwood teachers expressed concerns about not having enough exercise books. Department of Education staff delivered exercise books to the school on 6 September, 2019 and again on 2 October, 2019.

“IT issues identified at the school included printers being off line, no internet access, and no access to computers. IT matters are currently being addressed by the Department of Education IT staff. Further, the school requested an additional photocopier and one was delivered to, and set up at the school on Monday, 7 October, 2019. Concerns about the phone system were addressed after a new phone system was installed over the weekend, as per a pre-arranged schedule. The Department of Education has assigned a dedicated IT Technician solely to support the school and to resolve any outstanding issues.

“The Dellwood facility sustained some physical damage as a result of Hurricane Humberto. Works and Engineering staff and external vendors have been on site since Friday, 4 October, 2019 to rectify issues. Significant progress has been made with addressing the physical plant matters.

“The Department of Education staff will continue to work in concert with the Principal to rectify all identified issues at the school.

“The Department reaffirms that its primary goal is to provide a safe, productive environment for teaching and learning.”

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  1. somuchless says:

    While these MPs are out traveling the world and doing hanky panky Bermuda continues to fail.

  2. imjustsaying says:

    Why am I not surprised. Every school year there’s an issue at a school.

  3. Incog neato says:

    Just curious as to what companies were asked to provide bids (RFP) for the photocopier and phone system? I bet none! Picked their favorite friends and move on. This is what 24-12 and all that marching got you all!

  4. TO: somuchless

    Sylvan Richards AND Patricia Gordon-Pamplin pilfered. Monies were taken from the Government pot to attend The Olmypics in Rio!! The Dunk guaranteed $160million on Morgan’s Point.Bob Richards had oba spend out $110 million on America Cup.
    You are correct. There is “so much less” thanks greatly and unintelligently to the vicious and selfish oba!
    Oba from 2012 to 2017 were the WORST serving government in History!!
    People were duped into thinkng that 2000 jobs would be forthcoming.
    The oba messages were all packed with LIES!!

    • Anbu says:

      How many jobs created under this admin? Jobs that people “have” not waiting for. Pamplin paid the money back, something not a single plp minister has done, ever. And no mate. No matter how much brown and burt wanted the americas cup to go over budget, it didnt. Not even close lmao. But do carry on. 25-11 right? Whats in your wallet these days?

    • Truth says:

      Sylvan is an will always be a UBP man his trip cost the tax payers $30,000 to Rio de Janeiro.

    • Edmund Spenser says:

      I’m not sure that the PLP being better at destroying jobs than the OBA were at creating them is something to be proud of.

  5. Dump site says:

    The worst serving government bermuda as ever seen was the brown administration in which burt was jr finance minister