Hiscox Launches New FloodPlus AR App

October 25, 2019

Hiscox, the specialist global insurer, has developed a new app – FloodPlus AR – that uses Augmented Reality [AR] to “illustrate the growing flood threat to coastal towns and cities from rising sea levels.”

The new app allows people to see how predicted sea level rises could affect Greenville, a suburb of Jersey City in the US, using a virtual topographical map.

Hiscox FloodPlus AR October 2019

“Rising sea levels could mean that significantly more homeowners are at risk of flooding than they think,” the company noted.

According to Hiscox’s analysis, “8.8% of properties in Hudson County, in which Jersey City lies, could be flooded if global sea levels rose by as much as some climate experts predict to be 2.4m by the end of this century.

“More than a third [36%] of these are not in a National Flood Insurance Program-designated Special Flood Hazard Area, meaning they aren’t mandated to buy flood insurance and, as a result, may believe they are not at risk.

Dan Alpay, Flood Line Underwriter for Hiscox London Market, says: “Rising sea levels represent a global threat, with the scientific consensus being that more communities and lives will soon be at risk from flooding. As a leading US flood insurer, it is important to highlight the issue, which this app does neatly using the innovative technology that underpins our FloodPlus product.”

“It is essential that coastal communities’ climate resilience is increased. But for those discussions and preparations to begin, the scale of the threat needs to be better understood. We hope that our new app will help that discussion,” says Alpay.

Hiscox FloodPlus AR is available to download from Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Hoping Hiscox is divesting from all fossil fuel investments and not intending to use this app to increase flood insurance premium sales and profit off of climate change.